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Why would anyone want to read about me?
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Co-Writer MarsianWarrior*
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Why would anyone want to read about me?
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First of all
Oct 6, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!qFwAE0zWcQyHTWlgSkCwposted on PENANA

I thought my first blog should be about something important so it is. This is something that has been debated since the beginning of time, so I'll explain it. Geek/Nerd33Please respect copyright.PENANAisoLTMSkKW
copyright protection29PENANAt81jZfGQnM

Nerd: The lamer of the two, a nerd is that one kid in school that knows all the answers without even trying while everyone else is studying their ass off trying to understand it. Like their IQ is one thousand or something. Nerds are the type of people that always have greasy hair and always dresses nice, they are really good at the important things in life, like Math or Science, the things that we the geeks don't give an eff about.copyright protection29PENANAUNsqo7rX4D

Geek: A geek is a person that knows everything about every show or every book and gets obsessed with it. Lord of the rings? You cannot pass the Geek on this one. Harry Potter? Even JK Rowling knows less about rolling with wizards than the geeks. The Flash? You'd be quick to run if the geeks want to talk about it. You get my gist The geeks are normally lazy from binge watching entire shows on Netflix daily.copyright protection29PENANANCkHzGYr0A

There you go, the BREAKING NEWS the debate has finally been settled. Your Welcome earth. The Geek took the tartis and stopped WWIII33Please respect copyright.PENANAXyzig8YezZ
33Please respect copyright.PENANAPxuyvjgJOP
copyright protection29PENANAXuJYOIdvyA

Comments ( 2 )

ckh - The differences between geeks and nerds are real. Don't think anyone has seriously debated about them but this is real breaking news here. 

All the alternative facts can just get out.
2 months agoreply

MarsianWarrior - Did u get all my puns? XD
2 months agoreply