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Why would anyone want to read about me?
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Co-Writer MarsianWarrior*
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Why would anyone want to read about me?
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Creepy ass dreams PART TWO
Oct 10, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!oGkAKydMilprqCyQsJw4posted on PENANA

Be prepared to piss your pants. This 100% true and accurate.12Please respect copyright.PENANArGJofZUEH8
copyright protection8PENANA0WGcjdjBA0

Dream #2copyright protection8PENANAjYGDyrcLdv

So you know in dreams when in the dream you have a background that you know you have and without that background the dream makes no sense? This dream was like that. So the background for this story is that a few days prior I had seen that a creepy demon baby serial killer was In the news. Got that down? Let's begin.12Please respect copyright.PENANAzunrXNCDxp
So me and my older bro and his friend were all playing soccer out in the front yard facing the road. So then a yellow baby car (you know those things you push with your feet?) drove by. And I saw a creepyass baby driving it. It is that type of thing that looks happy but wants to kill you and is happy doing it. Like Annabelle.12Please respect copyright.PENANAThu8IeVAav
So then I was freaking out I was like, "GUYS THAT IS THE CREEPY DEMON BABY IN THE NEWWSS!!!" They were like, "yeah right, suck a duck."12Please respect copyright.PENANAGCbp1roV56
And then the world started to slowwwww. I saw the baby killing all our neighbors on our road slowly and brutally like putting them in a giant blender, but in fast motion. I started freaking out but no one believed me. 12Please respect copyright.PENANA4EAr6xfIbN
But then the baby arrived. Everyone thought it was really cute but I knew better. "Its an effin killer baby!!!!" I would say. And they would say "Yeah right, suck a duck." Back at me. So then they all left looking for the babies parents and I was left alone with the baby. 12Please respect copyright.PENANA755CdOR9o1
The baby turned his head toward me, smiled evilly, and raised a bloody knife. It chased me all around the house, then I ran up the stairs, but then the stairs grew in size. There were millions of steps, but I just kept running. Then all the stairs disappeared before an endless void. I was gripping the one stair left, and then the baby appeared, his knife turned into a scythe, and he scythed me off the edge into the bottomless pit.12Please respect copyright.PENANAE4EQtFhSBm
Ewwww. I WARNED you that you were gonna piss your pants, clean that up! That's effin NASTY.12Please respect copyright.PENANAYF1z776mQh
copyright protection8PENANA7DXyfvpIeV

...And that is why I don't want kids. 12Please respect copyright.PENANA9XmfAA3rJr
copyright protection8PENANAMeRsqbGJMg

Peace out, homies.12Please respect copyright.PENANAtow7e0NvSo
copyright protection8PENANAK5eqJNRWz5

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MarsianWarrior - Uhh, hey guys, I noticed that there weren't really any likes or comments on like any of my issues. (Besides you CKH, good job)
Since the lack of likes and comments, I am wondering if this is worth continuing, so please so your support and like and comment. Thanks :)
Peace out, homies.
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