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Why would anyone want to read about me?
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Co-Writer MarsianWarrior*
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Why would anyone want to read about me?
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Type of assholes on snapchat
Oct 12, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fIo7Eb6MQ5rfLEghtnWWposted on PENANA

Mmm, how about everyone?20Please respect copyright.PENANAW80ViiKjuH
copyright protection16PENANABXlgP2iKvR

Asshole #1: The clingy asshole. The clingy asshole is that one person that responds literally the millisecond you send something, and they don't even send something worthwhile!! They just send a snap of their shoes or their homework and shit (at least shit would be interesting). 20Please respect copyright.PENANAW5EORaXGtB
copyright protection16PENANADLz2SedZ03

Asshole #2: The redder asshole. The redder asshole is the person that leaves everyone on red... EVERYONE!!! If you don't know what that means it means someone opened your text or pic and deliberately not responds. That, my fellow assholes, is something that you DO NOT DO!!! Literally if you send something worthwhile like "Hey bro, wassup?" They will just leave you on red. I'd bet you money that if you were dying, and sent a snap for help, they would just leave you on red and do nothing. Stupid assholes.20Please respect copyright.PENANAwzNuUSpzpo
copyright protection16PENANA4rjQ5z7zX3

Asshole #3: The-never-has-a-phone asshole. The never has a phone asshole is the asshole that takes over three hours to respond... EVERY TIME!!!! They don't leave you on red, it just takes them four hours. Even if you are having a conversation. If you are dying, you do not want to snap these assholes. 20Please respect copyright.PENANA9mwaiOt28X
copyright protection16PENANAwz1RPRT8Bp

Asshole #4: The sorrowful asshole. The sorrowful asshole is the person that always posts absolutely depressing things about themselves in their stories. They are like "I am having a bad day please send something encouraging." But she has a bad day every day cuz she posts it every day. She also says things like "I wish me weight was low as my self esteem." And I just ignore that, cuz what am I supposed to say to that??? I barely know you.20Please respect copyright.PENANAK43pSVzQB3
copyright protection16PENANAZfayh2Nu1N

Asshole #5: The strange asshole. These assholes are the assholes that don't give an eff about what you think about them. They post the strangest things on their stories and just as strange things to you. Like a drawing of an ass, or a dick. And then they post vids of themselves failing at dancing on their story. These are really strange effin assholes.20Please respect copyright.PENANAr8DfCx817y
copyright protection16PENANAy6eSXks4Up

Asshole #6: The meanass asshole. The meanass asshole don't give an eff about you, or your problems. They don't even add you back, so you cannot even snap them. And if they do accept you, all they do is not respond for 5 weeks and then leave you on red. Stupid assholes.20Please respect copyright.PENANAphUWrcLUfT
copyright protection16PENANA8qYaiO1bXC

Asshole #7: The alright asshole. The alright asshole is the guy that rarely leaves you on red, but takes a while to respond to not be clingy depending on who sent them something. Snapchat is not their first priority, but it is not their last either.20Please respect copyright.PENANASZXVpQQZGs
copyright protection16PENANABWRLv9OiDQ

So these are the assholes of snapchat, which one are you and what is the most annoying???? Let me know :P. Peace out, homies.20Please respect copyright.PENANA28AGncdvel
copyright protection16PENANA6cXk4UFwZz

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