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Writer The Yobanashi Girouette
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Splinterwick and the City of Peace (Teaser)
The Yobanashi Girouette
Oct 7, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!3gxBLLKmIYp3WydyEeVRposted on PENANA

There once lived a poor man on the outskirts of a town.copyright protection18PENANADs8OSHcgdd

He woke up early in the morning, the same as his neighbours.copyright protection18PENANA1gtzSekDB2

He earned his bread as a peasant, the same as his neighbours.copyright protection18PENANAC16yzj7ey2

He came home to his family at the end of the day, the same as his neighbours.copyright protection18PENANA6bvfZoWcE9

He was not too fat, nor too thin.copyright protection18PENANApGqSfj7zWI

He was not too tall, nor too short.copyright protection18PENANACyJJ7j2exA

However, there was one thing that set this man apart from his neighbours.copyright protection18PENANAhEMMTLbPXP

This man owned a Dragon egg.copyright protection18PENANAZmvqfLKmkG

He kept it hidden from those around him, but sought to hatch it and raise it himself.copyright protection18PENANA5XfPGn8JCG

However, the man was poor, and thus could not feed the Dragon when it hatched.copyright protection18PENANAjTk6GeRR3P

The man's Dragon slowly starved, in spite of the man's efforts.copyright protection18PENANAH3cdurYeOi

Then, one day, a stranger wandered into the town.copyright protection18PENANAVTgbIWyRFa

Sensing the man's plight, the stranger bestowed riches upon the man, and raised him from the dust.copyright protection18PENANAxZ4S5L6XDa

Exalting, the man lavishly spent his newfound wealth upon the Dragon, feeding it feast after feast.copyright protection18PENANANkd0xIrvWg

Munch Munch, Chomp Chomp, Gobble Gulp.copyright protection18PENANAOS953S1BJH

The Dragon ate everything the man gave it, and grew bigger.copyright protection18PENANAMhHQ9NCfKf

Still, the man continued to gorge the Dragon, delighting every time its size increased.copyright protection18PENANAqyzEy7m0Di

Munch Munch, Chomp Chomp, Gobble Gulp.copyright protection18PENANAgsaqxdizP1

Eventually, the Dragon grew so big and hungry, that the man could no longer satisfy it.copyright protection18PENANAhBiYssL4Iw

To appease it, the man used his entire fortune he had come across to feed it, but it was not enough.copyright protection18PENANAk84UMD18DF

The Dragon roared and growled, calling for the man to cure its insatiable hunger.copyright protection18PENANArT7BkFPCeF

In desperation, the man fed his friends to it.copyright protection18PENANAEvhXuKpgP7

Munch Munch, Chomp Chomp, Gobble Gulp.copyright protection18PENANAM9fR32u5a8

Yet still the Dragon hungered for more.copyright protection18PENANAKC2Sdmx3ZM

Next the man fed his relatives and family to the Dragon.copyright protection18PENANAIDi0ANKZ3z

He thought to himself, "Surely, now, the Dragon will be satisfied".copyright protection18PENANA6PImHMpcRz

Munch Munch, Chomp Chomp, Gobble Gulp.copyright protection18PENANAkCbnupJ2tI

However, the Dragon would not be filled.copyright protection18PENANAPcl8cWVWVY

The man then spoke to the Dragon. He asked it:copyright protection18PENANAv2Oepv0OIS

"What is it you further ask of me? What more must I give you?"copyright protection18PENANAo3uAqZ092t

Then the Dragon ate the man.copyright protection18PENANASRFeZSaVO6

Munch Munch, Chomp Chomp, Gobble Gulp.copyright protection18PENANATk9HzydAnV

The Dragon's name was Greed.copyright protection18PENANAsLYWmpVmyX

*******copyright protection18PENANAQrPvFPnQKc

"Well, how did you like your bedtime story?" A man said, poking at a sputtering fire.copyright protection18PENANAWDx6l6EyG2

"I didn't like it one bit" a child said, pouting.copyright protection18PENANAu8Ot5aS1xr

The man was tall and thin, as if he had been stretched out by his years. Although he didn't appear particularly old, his features looked as if they had been weathered by rough living, adding years to his appearance. He had coal-black hair, faded grey eyes, and both a sharply pointed chin and ears. His clothes were rough and faded, with nothing but patches and faith holding them together at certain places, which, combined with his unshaven face and worn boots, spoke of a life of travel. On his head he wore a tattered peaked cap of a navy hue, and he kept a knitted red scarf wrapped tightly 'round his neck in an attempt to ward off the cold.copyright protection18PENANAZnTOTyDgpo

The child, wrapped in a blanket across the fire from the man couldn't have looked more different. She looked about the age of six, with glossy brown hair, shining green eyes, and cheeks that still held the rosy tint of childhood. Despite the shabbiness and apparent poverty of her companion who slept in his outfit, she was dressed in her own tidy pair of pajamas, with a change of clothes laid out next to her for the morning.copyright protection18PENANAtm10sn77WN

"Feh, a good tale like that is wasted on a brat like you" the man said, laying back against a tree and covering his eyes with his hat.copyright protection18PENANA9rWYU18N2F

"Papa, why don't you tell any happy stories?" the girl asked, poking her head out from the blanket.copyright protection18PENANAe138QWHud6

"It's not a matter of happy or sad stories." The man said, lifting up his cap. "I just tell true stories. If they're sad, I guess that's simply because the truth is often sad. Besides, I told you to stop calling me that. My name is Splinterwick. Nicholas Splinterwick."copyright protection18PENANASGsUHVhO3d

"Too long!" the girl said, frowning. "Papa is Papa!"copyright protection18PENANABcEybzAjmC

"Look kid." Splinterwick said. "Just because I found you doesn't make me your dad, alright? I'm only going to take care of you until I can find someone who'd take you in."copyright protection18PENANAZBE2JvZqZc

"Papa is Papa." The girl repeated, yawning and sinking back into the blanket.copyright protection18PENANAxST0MAV3oY

"Feh, have it your way, I don't really care." Splinterwick said, shifting his position. "Just go to sleep already, if you're too tired to walk tomorrow, I won't carry you."copyright protection18PENANAh0bWymv9GS

The only response the man received was soft snores coming from inside the blanket.copyright protection18PENANALGuqJeWIFW

"Asleep already?" The man yawned. "I suppose I should follow suit."copyright protection18PENANAVcOOcAo8EN

"Good night, Primrose" the man whispered.copyright protection18PENANA7VOjRnGnwn

"Good night, Papa"copyright protection18PENANAgi3KINYFvD

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