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Secrets Of A Scorpion
Writer AliceTheWriter7
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Secrets Of A Scorpion
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Chapter One
Oct 7, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fuG7HLqUXvTMTPEFpZi1posted on PENANA

I was born to be a hero. OK, maybe my obsession with dressing up as Batman and Spider-Man as a young child somehow fell on extreme measures. The nodding of approval from my late mother kept my childhood innocence sane until the wretched day that no-one ever wants to remember. The screams, tears, confusion, a rush of emotions that flooded my tiny body and the painful look written across my father's face as he tried to speak as his hands trembled. Since then, going to hospitals have always caused me to think back to that moment and bring me to anxious thoughts and uneasy questions. Now, I am a grown adult woman in an ever-changing world but that doesn't mean I'm not afraid of anything, the list of fears are stacked up out of sight in my mind.25Please respect copyright.PENANAGXPa8zLpSI
copyright protection21PENANA8S3uvNF5HE

So, why did my cousin somehow get the point across to me that working in care and medicine was a pathway that I should consider? Instead, my mind was fixed on a career in teaching nursery children how to read, write, count to ten. But when work experience at a local hospital came up, I somehow took it. I survived it, somewhat, but that did leave me with more questions than answers. Did my destiny lie in looking after the lives of other people?copyright protection21PENANAZW8G3QrtLp

One morning as I was leaving to visit a relative, my mobile phone somehow blasted out a ringtone I hadn't used in a long time, Barbie Girl by Aqua, what a joke. A cryptic call from a friend inviting me out to dinner which I decided that because of the term YOLO also known as you only live once, I accepted the offer. Not realising how chilly the autumn day would be, my legs turned red and numb with the weather shock. copyright protection21PENANAZEbSuPyTOQ

After seeing the relative, my aunt who is more like my second mother to me, I ended up at the popular bar Hobson's where the folks that worked 9-5 five days a week would come out in huge numbers and drink in the start of the weekend. Smiling as I embraced my friend, we sat together away from the hustle and bustle of the groups of loud, mouthy men arguing and laughing over the American football scores from the past weekend.copyright protection21PENANAUXIYrdM7jt

"Did you know there's going to be a new shopping centre opening in the town?" my friend spoke with excitement in her voice, "Apparently, there's going to be new department stores, bowling alley, a cinema, lots of things to do!"copyright protection21PENANAMipUZsLqWw

I can remember trying to smile back at my friend and make her feel relieved that I was actively joining in with the chat, "My neighbour did mention something about it a while back but I thought he was joking!"25Please respect copyright.PENANA9DOv5NVzg9
copyright protection21PENANAQVb2OFRmzG

The gossip lasted for ages back and forth between us about new guys moving into a new house down the road from my friend's apartment to work and to a story about a tabby cat who thought that a cardboard box was something to roll around in.25Please respect copyright.PENANAqQQ52RmF2O
copyright protection21PENANAduEVs59eds

A hushed silence bought everyone to attention when two guys walked into the bar, not smiling and wearing frowns across their faces which visibly showed deep lines across their foreheads.25Please respect copyright.PENANAyIMnSVWEkO
copyright protection21PENANAHZL6ULzGcw

"Who do you think they are?" I asked my friend, "Never seen them round these parts before."25Please respect copyright.PENANAnusbZxYV7f
copyright protection21PENANAd2so4g4WDD

She shrugged her shoulders, "God knows, but something tells me that trouble may be about to start brewing up."25Please respect copyright.PENANA5y6VD8NZNP
copyright protection21PENANADQ8hMAnWPA

Without any sign of warning, one of the guys took out from his black coat what was revealed to be a handgun, "Give us all your money and beer or else we'll shoot."25Please respect copyright.PENANAOmyBJqxF4S
copyright protection21PENANApwAaDvVdb7

Screaming followed by the loud crashing of chairs falling over made me wake up immediately with fear, I needed to act fast and no screw ups. In one corner of the bar, I noticed a wooden baseball bat, perfect for whacking someone in the face with. Crawling along the carpet on my hand so and knees, I slowly grabbed the bat and tiptoed up behind the gunman, clenching my fist as I did so.25Please respect copyright.PENANAurmWCmtBhA
copyright protection21PENANAJoabNfsSb5

It felt like an eternity but somehow my heart pumped hard and fast with adrenaline as the side of the bat struck the gunman with a loud crack. The gun tossed high into the air as he slumped to the floor nursing his cheek as my friend and others hidden behind the bar gasped in shock at what I had been able to do.copyright protection21PENANAvPWE6IftF4

Catching the gun carefully, I shook with disbelief as it was still loaded. In confusion, my little finger ended up pressing the trigger and a gunshot rocked upwards towards the ceiling. copyright protection21PENANA44BFfeabsm

"Whoops," I said, "Wasn't meant to do that."copyright protection21PENANAjcLtozIQrU

My friend then screamed with all of her might, "Look out, he's behind you!"copyright protection21PENANAWWJTBPCQjh

I jumped but it was too late, the other guy was clinging onto my body in his arms and trying to wrestle the gun off from my grip.copyright protection21PENANAUomv3BKeMd

"Get off me you bitch!" I cursed trying to find a means of escape.copyright protection21PENANAA5pmzNViEm

"No chance of that princess, you're dead and buried." the guy smirked showing off in the process a gold hoop earring in his right ear.copyright protection21PENANAcBjWuUL7K5

A loud smashing of glass suddenly sounded from behind both of us as another guy climbed through the broken window, "Well, what do we have here then?"copyright protection21PENANAoFtKbxmVM8

In the distance from outside, I could start to hear sirens as the noise got louder until the wailing of them made my ears ring.copyright protection21PENANA8neyJNlE50

"Just who the hell are you?" questioned the gold hoop earring guy, "I have a hostage and don't you dare try to save her."copyright protection21PENANA1iBke6f0e0

The new guy laughed, "Well dude, I think you picked the wrong girl to mess with."copyright protection21PENANA5DFzoQ7KMT

It was then my turn to be confused, did I even know this guy? I had graduated from University two years ago, maybe it was someone from campus that I used to have lectures with?copyright protection21PENANASUg7s0UOE0

Before the gold hoop earring guy could reply, I saw my chance and with one kick in the direction of his groin, he released his grip and we both tumbled down to the floor.25Please respect copyright.PENANARm9XiM56LT
copyright protection21PENANAPGir0wyfwM

"Run!" the new guy yelled at me, "I can handle this."25Please respect copyright.PENANAVzftaZUHEY
copyright protection21PENANAfCpVcNLjxx

Turning towards the direction of the main counter, I could spot my friend hiding behind a ice-cream freezer trembling with fear. Reaching out to grab her hand, another gunshot pierced the air as we ran quickly out of a back door of the building towards some houses and parked cars seeking some form of shelter from the bad guys.copyright protection21PENANAdqsuyVusK9

"Jeez girl, that kick." exclaimed my friend, "Where did you ever learn to do that?"25Please respect copyright.PENANAz9qW52izEz
copyright protection21PENANAtzPL0Qhy6O

I nervously giggled, "Um, watching The Karate Kid?"25Please respect copyright.PENANAavVjte5zkQ
copyright protection21PENANAlmrKhDy3X6

Both of us then laughed but not with a loud volume. A front door opened from next to where we were sitting and out popped a elderly woman.copyright protection21PENANAAaw3F4Z9xJ

"Are you two girls alright? I thought I could hear gunshots?" she asked.copyright protection21PENANAj0j8MjY4S4

"Just shocked, there were gunshots," I replied, "But we are going to call for a taxi now to get us home."copyright protection21PENANASdqjYIXwLU

She nodded, "Take care of yourselves OK?"copyright protection21PENANACm59pKeoUL

My hands quickly tapped the number of the taxi firm and almost instantly, both of us were able to book one quickly to reach us.copyright protection21PENANA8dMrmyLkCD

"We still haven't heard anything." my friend noticed.copyright protection21PENANApvRQPPyNmj

"Yeah, very true, don't know if that's a good thing or not." I added.copyright protection21PENANAHYFN75ylts

When the taxi pulled up after a short wait, we climbed in and pointed out the address of my apartment on the other side of town away from the bar.copyright protection21PENANA7CGU32tOn6

"Stay at mine tonight OK?" I whispered to her, "It will all blow over in the morning."copyright protection21PENANAsMCjDr9bev

Noticing her once lovely, neat looking blonde curls were now a sweaty, frizzy mess, she replied, "Thanks, that would be the right thing to do."25Please respect copyright.PENANAsgqIKBHEjm
copyright protection21PENANAvWtaKBgiXK

"It will all blow over, don't you worry." I repeated.25Please respect copyright.PENANADSv3OB67bL
copyright protection21PENANAL5mrZputeR

That statement would sure enough come back to haunt me. copyright protection21PENANAzGEb0hDasS

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