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If Only
Writer lovepenguins1984
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If Only
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Oct 9, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!YprbqLz5VOysZC1V2ciFposted on PENANA

how many of us drift along?copyright protection46PENANAs843f0YiOd

caught in the fogcopyright protection46PENANAcNDEY3qy8l

grasping for straws? copyright protection46PENANAnGNmjPil2A

holding on to ghosts of our past copyright protection46PENANA0vI5yY5whT

chasing dreams,  awakecopyright protection46PENANAKuGn8Eqycy

so we believe the lie copyright protection46PENANAUAfIWyyfUA

we tell ourselves "if only"copyright protection46PENANAQU5y0Ex5bO

If only we got that job, that promotioncopyright protection46PENANAZViGirlI0y

If only I had that special someone copyright protection46PENANAhU8xD55bkZ

If only I were prettier, smarter, stronger, tougher copyright protection46PENANAMaUSJUwg0I

if only I'd done things differently copyright protection46PENANA50DoGVP1EP

if only things were easiercopyright protection46PENANAAWKItoNzA8

if only I knewcopyright protection46PENANAymitf2nMjo

if only I didn't know copyright protection46PENANAuoo7M53C6H

if only they still loved me copyright protection46PENANArHDcp6AdFb

if only I'd taken that chancecopyright protection46PENANAlexEHNG5zZ

if only we'd stop thinking "if only" copyright protection46PENANAu3oSbaXeM4

sometimes the thing we want most is the thing that destroys us copyright protection46PENANAVeLzrbG2om

life is worth living but not living to be someone elsecopyright protection46PENANAdKALoiy5o7

or changing someone else or some  aspect of someone elsecopyright protection46PENANA4SbsLmDJAq

we need to face opinions with factscopyright protection46PENANANwFz56LL89

face knowledge  with wisdom copyright protection46PENANA7lUH6i0Fno

face our demons head on copyright protection46PENANAMshYV2kyLV

face separation with unitycopyright protection46PENANAZzrE9wLUhU

face darkness with lightcopyright protection46PENANA3ogY6ng72E

every day you live in the past50Please respect copyright.PENANAiyZinDWi6z
copyright protection46PENANAwP6NN1P8AB

is a day you're not present copyright protection46PENANA3Abufk10ei

every day you worry about the future copyright protection46PENANAViHbgOzwVB

your troubled past becomes presentcopyright protection46PENANAbrrhfej5mU

every day you live in fear copyright protection46PENANAGquRVJbWKq

your courage witherscopyright protection46PENANAfGIXSYLrvH

every day that you sear copyright protection46PENANA3G9uXpIhu5

is a day content fadescopyright protection46PENANAbbwG3rqfoa

perserverance isn't just hanging on, it's pushing forward copyright protection46PENANAFDRnAJlmaQ

positivity isn't naivety, it creates hopecopyright protection46PENANA4dwdHuCqM7

faith isn't a crutch, it's life supportcopyright protection46PENANAwXi2Dlu3AS

love isn't weakness, it is the ultimate  strengthcopyright protection46PENANAegv6D6PYt0

realize what it is you love mostcopyright protection46PENANAPxemLVRomD

fight for it to free yourselfcopyright protection46PENANAvTANVe9qiK

cast off those shacklescopyright protection46PENANAix0ODDVtCo

if thencopyright protection46PENANAtsVHPGDG40

could you truly  live? copyright protection46PENANAjATUoP9xfr

Comments ( 2 )

TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown - Aww. The feels. :(

Thumbs up to this poem. Youth and adults should read this. It hits me right in the heart and mind. Good job.
7 months agoreply

lovepenguins1984 - Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Ita encouraging to know that something I've written can move someone! 
7 months agoreply