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    I am a widow and mother of 2 of my own and "Mother" of four by choice. After seeing one of my "kids" on the site I decided to explore for myself.

    I hope everyone has a blessed day, and God Bless
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Raising Hope

Book One of A Trilogy in the works.

Allison Craft had one main rule for anyone that wished to rent the apartment about her floral shop. It was simple:No kids, and no pets. So when Mark Lancaster asked about renting her apartment, she knew it wouldn't work, because of his six year old daughter, and two year old blue tick hound. However, just as she was about to send them away, something in the little girl's face touched a soft spot, filling her heart with warmth and bringing about a familiar ache that never seemed to go away. Allison had to admit that Mark was cute, but the country boy was nothing but bad news, just like every other man. She had gone through it once, and she didn't plan to do it again. So why in the world did she find herself spending more and more time with little Hope, even letting the girl help her pick out flowers for arrangements. And what was the one thing Hope wished for on every star, but swore she couldn't tell. 

This will be updated as often as possible, but please keep in mind I do have a household to run and responsibilities to uphold. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.