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On Break
Borderline Crazy
Writer TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
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Borderline Crazy
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Nov 13, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OJ693KWEAfvFmYQE6dVQposted on PENANA

CHAPTER THIRTEENcopyright protection77PENANATbiipfo9w7

By lunch, I had probably set a record for getting most stares. My friends had tried all their best to support me that even Veena surrendered her precious apple to me. We sat down on our usual table. Veena, Pete, and Charmayne were in front of me while Caleb sat beside me.copyright protection77PENANAAkRGuVqqz0

I picked the apple Veena gave as Caleb started telling us his latest adventure in the mountain. I took a bite of the apple as we listened. But- the apple was suddenly taken from my hand and I looked up to see Aly about to bite into it.copyright protection77PENANAG5F23wHaJD

“Ah!” I screamed as I stood up. “That’s mine!”copyright protection77PENANA0DOjVezkn5

Aly simply threw me a smirk before biting into the apple. Logan and Spencer were behind him and he signaled for them to leave as he continued to eat my apple. That was when I realized that the whole cafeteria was quiet. I looked around and saw that everyone was watching us.copyright protection77PENANAsXqkEUf4lO

I glared at Aly but he just smiled at me as I sat down. He dropped on the open seat beside me and flung an arm around my shoulder as he put the apple down on the table. He then gave my friends a smile.copyright protection77PENANA51TL4XhM71

“Forgive my rudeness the first time we met. My name is Reed, Seraphina’s brother,”copyright protection77PENANAp8EerAt1UQ

The gang stared at him with mouth agape. I kicked Veena in the shin and she glared at me. I kept gesturing to Aly and her mouth formed into a silent ‘o’ as she gathered herself and gave Aly a smile and a hand to shake. Aly quickly took it and shook her hand.copyright protection77PENANA6nOwHsrWxM

“My name is Veena,” she started. “Sera’s hottest and most outgoing friend,”copyright protection77PENANALDOFoTCFFJ

As soon as Veena broke the ice, everyone took turns introducing their selves to Aly. After shaking everyone’s hand, Aly picked the apple up again and started to eat it. I glared at him but I hadn’t removed his arm around my shoulder.copyright protection77PENANAH5RlkjVNkQ

“That’s mine,” I groaned at him.copyright protection77PENANAErdsYVVqRt

“Too late,” he smirked at me.copyright protection77PENANAdC62iuVUaB

“What are you doing here at our table?” I groaned as I looked around the cafeteria that was still watching us.copyright protection77PENANAERHvd1P8Oa

“You said lunch, remember?” he answered as he finished the apple. “That I should take it or leave it so I’m taking it,” he continued, dancing the core of the apple in front of me and the gang laughed at us. I glared at my brother. I hadn’t meant for those words to be taken literally. It was a deal just to shut him up earlier. And now, I regretted it since that apple was sweet.copyright protection77PENANAYsCcVA7R1Z

The rest of the day passed by in a blur. Aly had stopped being harsh to my friends and by the end of the day, I knew their fear of him was slowly subsiding. He opened the car door for me again as I waved goodbye to my friends.copyright protection77PENANAkeCrgUWcO6

“Do you have job this Saturday, Aly?” I asked during dinner.copyright protection77PENANAOsYvYbxOkm

Aly looked up from his plate and thought for a minute. He munched a piece of his steak as he stared at the ceiling. “No. I don’t think I have any that day. Unless they call. Why?”copyright protection77PENANAYjOAvKbDBd

“Well. . .” I drifted off; thinking about the movie I wanted to see. “Can we go to the movies? There’s one I want to watch,”copyright protection77PENANACWreoI8kVX

“Sure. We’ll go then. We can also eat out after the movie. We haven’t dated in a while, have we?” he answered and asked as he continued to eat.copyright protection77PENANArJqpfoBNdV

I bowed my head low as a blush crept up my cheeks. I knew Aly hadn’t meant anything by it. After all, we dated several times before so what made it different this time? Was it the fact that my heart had started to beat erratically for him?copyright protection77PENANA9beYMKIYnk

Aly noticed my silence as he asked what was wrong. I shook my head and hoped that my blush had long since vanished as I lifted my head to give him a smile and told him that Saturday’s a date. He gave me his lopsided smile as we continued to eat.copyright protection77PENANAbZhDeFlm0g

Now, I can’t wait ‘til Saturday.copyright protection77PENANAjr0KRg8s3l

Was it normal for a sister to be this excited for a date with her brother? I knew it wasn’t. But- why was I? I tried kidding myself that it was because it had been almost three months since I went out with Aly since he was busy with his job and a lot had happened.copyright protection77PENANAocxCaknTjK

I buried myself with my assignments and projects that were stack as high as the Eiffel tower ‘cause I missed school for a month. I made sure to rest my hand once in a while since the doctor told me too. There were fewer circumstances where it would go numb but I still couldn’t lift up a pitcher full of water with it.copyright protection77PENANAdvKv8Yaulb

The doctor told me to have faith because it can still be fix by rehabilitation but- I wasn’t rising my hopes.copyright protection77PENANALFCMpu2yW6

There was nothing more painful than getting your hopes high and watch it shatter in pieces.copyright protection77PENANATlirYtMlm6

It was before dinner that I finally conceded to stop working for the day. I stretched my arms above me to remove the stiffness from sitting half of the day. I walked out of the room to look for Aly. I saw him in the kitchen; cooking our dinner.copyright protection77PENANA5ABQ5JOge9

He was shirtless and I couldn’t help but stare at his corded back. He looked so strong, so lean, and I suddenly gotten the urge to ran my hands along his back; to feel him beneath my palms. My breathing hitched up as a sudden desire built up in the pit of my stomach.81Please respect copyright.PENANAGAGpDhFhP6
It was alien.copyright protection77PENANArZO3LdxOLu

It was new.copyright protection77PENANAUFQd7OGU93

Suddenly, he turned to me and I saw him smirk- obviously catching me staring at him. Unlike some people who’ll find it weird with their sister’s staring at them, Aly even raised his arms on his side as he wiggled his brow at me.copyright protection77PENANA0fDB6IlUYA

I threw him the first thing my hand had gotten a hold off and it was a little too late before I realized that it was a mug. Eyes wide with fear, I watched as it came hurling towards Aly. But- instead of it crashing into him, Aly had caught it with no trouble.copyright protection77PENANA4pATtm71aT

“Nice catch,” I complimented as a smile broke in my face.copyright protection77PENANAv5ymiGaZBk

He winked at me before he put the mug on the counter as he turned his stove off. He busied himself with finishing the dinner as he told me to sit down and wait. I followed his order and sat crossed-legged in my usual chair.copyright protection77PENANA2BAFdGozBm

“Put a shirt on please,” I started as I tried looking anywhere but him. “It’s distracting, I mean- unethical,”copyright protection77PENANA9FMJyg5Fhg

Aly laughed as he put the plate of food in front of me before he quickly put on his shirt that was hanging off his chair. He was about to take a seat when the doorbell rang. I looked up at the hallway in confusion. The gang hadn’t told me they were visiting so it was impossible to be them.copyright protection77PENANAyNl79EOjDp

Before I could stand up, Aly was already on his way to answer the door. I listened to him as he opened his door and I heard a man greeted him.copyright protection77PENANAEF1eleUJOv

“Who is it, Aly?” I shouted at him.copyright protection77PENANA6XbTHJ9Npq

“Just someone from work,” he answered.copyright protection77PENANA3Yep6n3VHH

My brows raised in shock. Work? I bit my lips to stop myself from smiling like the Cheshire cat. I’ve never seen a single one of Aly’s workmates. And at the moment, one was at my home. Silently, I stood up from my chair and took a peek.copyright protection77PENANAklnlzIAuso

Aly was talking to a man who looked much older than us. He was probably Eden’s age or younger. He has gold-blonde hair that fell to his nape and eyes so blue they looked like violet. He looked behind Aly and saw me before I could even hide.copyright protection77PENANA0ymbr4VARl

He gave me a smile before he greeted me. “Good evening. You must be Gretel,”copyright protection77PENANA1VjflqDoll

“Huh?” I gave him a confused smile as I returned his greetings. “It’s Sera actually,”copyright protection77PENANA6GGt1gbCLD

He laughed at me. “Pardon me. It was an inside joke. We like calling this kid Hansel in the office,” he answered, patting Aly’s head like he was a little kid.copyright protection77PENANA1LcnXDrSej

Aly pushed the stranger’s hand away and glared at him but the man simply gave him a laugh. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sera. I’m Polaris,” he must have seen the look on my face because he laughed once more. “Yes, I know it’s strange,”copyright protection77PENANAdgexwAYaZj

“I didn’t say anything,” I protested.copyright protection77PENANAv5Zcy1tKEe

“It’s written all over your face though,” he answered and blood rushed to my cheeks in embarrassment.copyright protection77PENANAoF0A3XevPt

To change the subject, I asked him if he was going to stay for dinner. He refused the offer saying that he still had some work to do and just dropped by to tell Aly something. I realized they were going to talk about business so I excused myself and started for the kitchen.copyright protection77PENANAO3J3AgDyqC

They started to talk before I could even leave. And, without meaning too- I heard a few words that Polaris had spoken.copyright protection77PENANASVHS7gTA0x

“Your lead is nothing but a cold body,”copyright protection77PENANAPodPYgMdLC

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