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The Pirate's Romance
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Writer SugarAndSpice
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The Pirate's Romance
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May Death Never Stop You
Nov 12, 2017
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!wyG8yIMoQlHONfDJk0dcposted on PENANA

What's the worst thing I can say?copyright protection55PENANAf0Cm1YRXpA

Things are better if I stay?copyright protection55PENANAGV9n4H5Q5W

So long and goodnightcopyright protection55PENANAbNKZ2oJnoW

So long and goodnight..copyright protection55PENANAzEXb0ZaSWz

It was a rainy april afternoon when Mr. Charlie Addington died from yellow fever on the island of Haiti. A week later Soldiers came from faraway to come for the funeral. His old buddies dressed in black stood by the fences hold purple lilies, Mr. Addington's favorite. The time passed quickly until it was time to start the ceremony. Small raindrops fell from the sky, catching on the men's hair. The women stood under black umbrellas and you could hear the raindrops bouncing off of them. That is when Miss Victoria Addington walked out onto the field and all the men turned towards her. They smiled as she passed, the old buddies of Charlie patted Victoria on the back. She didn't smile and didn't cry.. She just stood there while looking at the coffin.copyright protection55PENANAtCvCZAj4qp

Victoria had never been the girl to cry at things like this. The rain fell harder when the ceremony started. Nobody stepped up to say anything, nobody moved at all. Victoria looked around at all the people, they all stared at her. Why did it have to be her? Why right now?! She had just turned 16 and this was the worst time! Her mother wasn't here and she had no other family members to take care of her. Her father's friends won't take her, why would they want a girl. All she could do was chores, nothing a man could do.  Victoria wanted to cry but the tears just didn't fall. But she had to be the one to step up.copyright protection55PENANA1CcMCfalCz

"Thank you so much for coming.." she said while stepping to where everyone could see her. They frowned at the ground and some started to cry. "He would have wanted you all to come.." Victoria said while looking into people's eyes. They quickly looked away when she did this. To some, Victoria is very intimidating. "He was a loving husband and caring father.." the raindrops fell harder. Still nobody moved, only Victoria. She walked around, looking at everyone. The silence was killing her. These people really didn't care that much? "Do you have nothing to say..?"  she cried out. Victoria's voice slowly got louder,"He did nothing good on this damned earth?!" Victoria said while stopping in front of a group of men that were in the army with him. "He never did anything, or saved anyone..?" tears started to roll down her cheeks. Not from being sad, but being enraged. Why weren't they saying anything? The thoughts were just to much..copyright protection55PENANAibdfneey6b

"I can't be here.." she ran off towards the beach clutching her stomach. They just let her run away, not saying a word. Victoria needed to be left alone with her own thoughts. When she got to where the rocks covered her, and where the water reaches at high tide, she cried. She didn't know why, was it because of her father's death? Or was it because the people didn't care? The water was sloshing back and forth, as the storm raged above The rain fell harder than ever. They felt like sharp knives on her delicate skin. Her hair fell out of the bun and covered her crying face. Victoria just needed someone to understand her..copyright protection55PENANA7zNDcMdwRE

"Sweetheart.." said a voice from behind the rocks. Victoria flinched when it sounded, but then she recognized the voice. "Why are you here..?" Victoria asked quietly. She pulled her leg up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Her black dress caught sand and water while it came up to her feet. "I couldn't leave you alone.." the voice got closer until a teenage boy came out from behind the rocks. "Go away Gabriel!" hissed Victoria. "You're really gonna deny your best friend?" he said while sitting down next to Victoria. There was silence for awhile, until he said something that was not the smartest thing to say at the moment. "My father said that you can't keep the Boat.." Gabriel blurted out. Just the sound of his voice made Victoria quiver. Then she realized what he had said. First her eyes got big, Second she jumped up and started yelling at him. copyright protection55PENANAVTg8FSnQe0

But of course, Victoria was always stubborn, so Gabriel was use to it. "Sweetheart.. I'm so sorry.." he stood up and wrapped his hands around her waist hugging her tightly. "Are you serious?! You know how much that boat means to me!!!" Victoria said while crying harder. That ship held the best memories of her life, and she wasn't just gonna let it go. She laid her head on his shoulder, crying into it. Still the rain fell, and still the world turned. "You know I love you, right?" he said quietly into her ear. The words shook Victoria to the core. He had never ever, in the 16 years she had known him, has ever said that.. Victoria just stood there in his arms for a little while. She looked up into his deep golden brown eyes.copyright protection55PENANApxcDMzR17Y

Victoria had loved this boy for a long time. The thought of him just made her want to love him more. But when he said these words, she knew that his words were true. Nothing could have made Victoria more happy on this very sad day. Maybe this was the thing she needed to not end it all. The waves came up to their feet and soaked their shoes. Together they stared into eachothers eyes and knew that this is where they wanted to be..  "I lo-love you Gabriel Tempest..." she said while moving closer to him. His dark brown, curly hair fell into his eyes as he moved into kiss her. Gabriel's lips touch hers and a connection sparked between them. They held the kiss for awhile until Victoria pulled away. "I ha-have to get home.." she said weakly. The kiss had a lasting feeling and she tried to hold on to it for as long as she could. "I'll see you tomorrow.." Gabriel promised. Victoria gave him one last kiss on the cheek and turned away and walked up the hill towards her house.copyright protection55PENANAdfy0TKN6gF

As Victoria opened the old wooden door, the smell of fresh baked cookies filled her nose. On the table in the kitchen was a platter full of chocolate chip cookies. She closed the door and locked it, the click of the lock made her shiver. Victoria passed the plate of cookies and headed up to her room on the second floor. She passed her father's old room and felt the time slipping away. He was so young when he had died. Victoria looked away quickly, tears welling up in her eyes. The door to her bedroom swung open when Victoria pushed it. The emptiness and the silence made her more depressed. For once in her life she was all alone... Victoria plopped onto her bed and tried to find  comfort in the soft blankets. Nothing seemed to be going right, except for Gabriel.. But she felt like their love wouldn't last long...copyright protection55PENANAKcy1kdUI38

She lit a candle by her bed and moved onto her pillow, still the softness didn't comfort her. "Agh!" Victoria groaned in frustration. She threw her pillow onto the floor and just sat there for a moment. Something crinkled beneath her head, she flew up from where she was laying. On her mattress was a letter, one of those kinds with the red seal. She looked at curiously and then picked it up. Victoria tore it open with her fingernail and began to read it.copyright protection55PENANAJtFV6svYuD

Dear Victoria,copyright protection55PENANAWHTuIMfvTw

By now I must have passed away.. Or of course you wouldn't have found this...copyright protection55PENANAaEIIF3WzMZ

She saw it was her father's handwriting before she saw the first line, still she continued.copyright protection55PENANAIvtnqAQVyl

It pains me to see that this has to be read.. I'll let you know now that I love you, because the adventure to come will be a big one. You probably don't understand that at this moment, but you will soon.. I'll ask you one question my beautiful girl, are you ready?  I know you are a intelligent, confident woman now, that will be able to do the adventure to come.. I've never, in a million years thought of the prices you would have to pay for my idiotic behavior... But they're probably already on there way.. If you want to be alive to see tomorrow I need you to run, faraway.. Also by this time Gabriel's father already said you cannot keep the boat, but be wise my beautiful girl, take it..copyright protection55PENANAzv2s0Kefg7

Don't stop to look back on our once home. Don't stop to say one last goodbye.. Take my word for it, you don't want to run in with these evil people. I've taught you how to sail, now just use what you've been taught.. Everything you need is on that boat, food. water, maps.. Go down to Port Royal, find Alexander Bradford, and ask him what to do next.. Don't trust anyone, always stay on your feet, never stop anywhere for too long.. Again my beautiful girl I love you more than anything.. And may my death never stop you from being what you can be... Until next time my love..copyright protection55PENANALqMu9rx50j

-Charlie Addington  copyright protection55PENANA5JOy6f8XbH

Her tears fell onto the soft paper, she knew what had to be done.. She got up from the bed and grabbed a satchel. Victoria stuffed it with a bunch of trinkets and clothes she would have to live with for now. The sound of voices could be heard from outside the front door, that just made her work faster. Victoria raced into her father's room and opened a trap door near her father's bed, in the little area sat a bag full of gold doubloons. The burst of a door being opened sounded around the house, then the shouting of many men. Victoria stuttered for a moment, not knowing what to do. "HERE SHE IS!!!" said a very tall man, he was standing in the doorway. His face looked like it had been burned many of times and his clothes were all ripped. Men came racing up the stairs to see.copyright protection55PENANAiKclcc5rsm

Victoria stumbled backwards away from them trying to think of an escape plan. She looked towards the window and saw it was half open.. Fear for her life flashed before her eyes, she had made her decision. Victoria pulled open the heavy window and... jumped out. The men just looked down after her. Never had they seen a woman do that.. Slowly the Men realized she was getting away. "GO YOU IDIOT!!" yelled the tall Man. They all jumped out, running after her. This was the fastest she had ever ran. Her dress got caught on the branches of fallen down trees. They scraped at her knees and left bloody marks. The men caught up to her and pulled at her dress trying to rip at it. The tall man ripped of the bottom, leaving her with an under skirt and a corset on. "AHHH!!" Victoria screamed. They all tilted their heads to look at her. Again she keeped running all the way down to the shore and saw her father's ship. Victoria's shoes got soaked but still she ran faster towards the ship.copyright protection55PENANAzeMlIVMf1N

On the deck sat someone who she couldn't see well in the night sky. She ran up the dock at reached the boat .Victoria climbed up the ladder and made her way towards the person sitting on the deck. "This is trespassing! I will have to kick your ass if you don't move!" you could really hear her british accent when she said this. Victoria walked a bit closer to this mystery person until she was about 5ft away. The person stood up and was definitely taller than her. She could hear the men running towards the beach. Victoria stepped back and ran into the person knocking them into the side of the ship. "Calm down Sweetheart! You'll kill me!" Victoria knew that voice anywhere. "Gabriel!!!" she exclaimed. He pushed her off of him and stood straight up. "I knew you'd come... You ready love?" Gabriel said while walking up the steps and taking the ship's wheel.copyright protection55PENANAz6wnFDDOAO

"I think so.." Victoria said while looking up at him, confused and frustrated. The ship started to move out into the sea. The men stood out on the dock yelling at her. She didn't understand how this happened, or how Gabriel knew about this, but she trusted him...Or should she? The one thing she knew, this will be one hell of an adventure!copyright protection55PENANAvTyIeLUkcn

 Author's Note~ Hey everyone! I hope you loved the story!! I'll try to be updating once a week or more!! I love all of you guys so much! Until we meet next time!copyright protection55PENANAGLBt6jpTzq

Note: The lyrics belong to Helena (May Death Never Stop You) by My Chemical Romance!copyright protection55PENANAG8xdwdR91s

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