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Hope's Bright! Restart
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Co-Writer Azaliea*
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Hope's Bright! Restart
It Begins with a Rumour
Nov 14, 2017
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!O2YqaADh8NRE6PIuzv8Nposted on PENANA

Blaze Tooronga slumped across the table and yawned.copyright protection54PENANAyHCIJoJN0P

“So bored,” he sighed, banging his head on the table.copyright protection54PENANAQOROf1oSjw

It had been a slow day at Twilight Heart; there had been no visitors and hardly any jobs or requests to do.  Many people were apparently in the same boat. There seemed to be more people hanging around the base than usual, which made him feel uncomfortable.  It had been a part of Twilight Heart for around six years, and he still felt like an outcast. He sighed again.copyright protection54PENANAGaaN0ThApp

“Are you alright Blaze?” Brittany asked him, pulling her light brown hair behind her ears.copyright protection54PENANAnY6ZGQopEp

Blaze sat up and smiled, “Yeah, I’m great.”copyright protection54PENANAfue6it8Hms

He was lying of course, but his fake smile made Brittany nod with relief and walk away. As he sat slouched back into his chair, Blaze thought that his initial problem wasn't that he was bored. After all, he could go out somewhere to find something to do. However, he was so exhausted he didn’t have to energy to do anything. He had another restless night, and even though he hated being at the base, it was worse to be at home, where he was at risk of falling asleep and having to suffer through all those nightmares again.copyright protection54PENANAe3DpQDj8dI

Blaze nearly hated everything about his life, especially since being abandoned by his mother. Nothing ever seemed to go right. He was thankful to Master Isaac Tooronga for adopting him and taking care of him; it was the nicest he had ever been treated. However, it didn’t stop him from feeling terrible. Blaze usually hid his pain from everyone with a fake smile and a kind attitude, even if he really hated everyone around him. Only Master Isaac really seemed to notice that he wasn’t as cheery as Blaze claimed himself to be.copyright protection54PENANAxAGEAmuZM8

Blaze stood from his seat and walked towards the small bar to get a drink. His sunken eyes darted towards people when they began to whisper as he walked past them. He sighed as he noticed the look of detestation in their eyes. Blaze still couldn’t understand why the older members of Twilight Heart hated him so much, perhaps it was because he was terrible at controlling his power and damaged alto of stuff. He believed that if he was a stronger person that maybe they would respect him more. If he had more power nothing bad would ever happen.  He sat on a stool in front of the bar as he waited for Brittany to return.copyright protection54PENANAo1CC8V5hCs

“You seem to be in a mood today,” someone said from beside him.copyright protection54PENANAJQvngm0zud

Blaze looked to his left to see Ray Normonda sitting next to him. He sighed at Ray’s arrogant smirk. Out of everyone Blaze knew, Ray was the one he spoke to the most. That didn’t mean he actually liked the guy, being the famous travelling rock star of Twilight Heart, Ray was the typical womanising hubristic prick.copyright protection54PENANAh1OYGpkao7

“Hello, Ray, not surrounded by the usual flock of women today.” Blaze said with an annoyed tone.copyright protection54PENANAjM9WohRuzu

“I may be handsome, but I can’t always please my fans,” Ray claimed, arrogantly flipping his cherry mahogany hair with his right hand. “I get your reprehensive tone though; I completely understand how easy it is to be jealous of someone like me.”copyright protection54PENANAWilsFBOGai

Blaze rolled his eyes. Everything about Ray was the typical cliché of a stereotypical teen heartthrob. He had short hair with a long fringe on his right side, had a cross-shaped earing on his left ear and four small hoop earrings along with the top of his right ear. He always hanged around women who threw themselves on him and Ray claimed to love each and every one of them. In short he was a presumptuous moron who only really cared for himself.copyright protection54PENANAUrkIp08Kbw

“Whatever, you say, Ray,” Blaze muttered.copyright protection54PENANASvi1rHjjbS

When he attempted to ignore Ray, Blaze heard some people talking from behind him.copyright protection54PENANAO7b9zRLoxV

“Hey did you hear that rumour?” One man whispered, failing to keep his voice quiet enough so that no one could hear him.copyright protection54PENANAGsn1bN1jyd

“Which one, I hear a lot of rumours.” Another growled.copyright protection54PENANAPqI8raPKu0

“Do you remember that legend that came out forty years ago? The one about the Illumina Feya?” the first man asked.copyright protection54PENANACi8OsIFd7d

“That item known as the Crystalized Fairy, what about it?” the second man stated.copyright protection54PENANA8NFwOQjQ9R

“The rumour is that its no longer a legend, that the Illumina Feya is real and that it’s location isn’t too far from here.”copyright protection54PENANA4ZhM7JXXtr

“no way 's real, that legend is nothing but a poor man fantasy.”copyright protection54PENANAY6K7VcPAqX

“Illumina Feya?” Blaze said to himself. “What even is that?”copyright protection54PENANANzKt5zjoqt

“Oh, I have heard of that before!” Ray claimed, attempting to engage in conversation again. “It’d be pretty cool if this rumour was legit.”copyright protection54PENANAgusyhzhewL

“Really, I’ve never heard of it.” Blaze stated.copyright protection54PENANAGuSqCNDro4

“Seriously have been living under a rock or something?” Ray laughed.copyright protection54PENANAobD9FIJY7a

“Something like that,” Blaze smiled, trying to hide the fact that Ray was getting on his nerves.copyright protection54PENANAroFUWWtdb0

“It's totally awesome.” Ray continued. “So basically the Illumina Feya is a magical item that appears to be a beautiful fairy encased in a glass prism.  The legend states that the one who finds the Illumina Feya will be granted great fortune, that when she opens her emerald green eyes, she will grant any desire wish.”copyright protection54PENANAZSvRj7EWz2

“Oh, that does sound pretty cool,” Blaze said dully.copyright protection54PENANA0YeE8TmSSu

He sighed. A magical item that granted any wish was too good to be true. Even when Blaze told that to himself, he could help but imagine the possibilities if it did exist. Since he was a child, Blaze wished that he could have just a little bit of good fortune. His entire life had been utterly miserable after all. It would be a dream come true if he could find the Illumina Feya. If he could any wish, he wouldn’t wish for anything stupidly sentimental like family or friends, things that would never be in his reach. Blaze would wish to become strong. To gain enough power to protect Le Alba from the CSOG, if he was that strong maybe he would be able to live a peaceful life. That way he’d never be hurt again.copyright protection54PENANA2kSHePEI2P

“So you brats are interested in the Illumina Feya.” Someone grumbled.copyright protection54PENANAI2HeT0mxXV

Blaze noticed that the two men he had heard earlier were standing behind them. One of them was very tall, nearly seven foot. Blaze was one of the taller members being around 185cm and this man completely towered over him. The other man was a short, pudgy man and was usually quite lazy and hardly did anything more than hanging around the base. They were a couple of the older members of Twilight Heart around their mid-thirties, that Blaze hadn’t even bothered to learn their namescopyright protection54PENANAAYUPC2JZVB

“I have no need for a wishing fairy. I’m already handsome and super popular after all.” Ray gloated, flicking his fringe again. “But Blaze seems to be interested.”copyright protection54PENANAuXWmFabkSe

“Nah, not really,” Blaze laughed awkwardly. “I just thought it would be to have any wish granted.”copyright protection54PENANAaBgSQ9TcHQ

The men began to laugh, “Oh yeah, is that so?”copyright protection54PENANA8iP37s5Qr1

“I’d have to admit it would be nice to anything you could ever wish for.” Ray agreed, “Just imagine being filthy rich and having any women you could possibly dream of.”copyright protection54PENANAsWZoiFzuZs

“Like you, two losers have a chance of finding such a rare item.” The pudgy man sniggered.copyright protection54PENANAI94Z1U9U7Q

Blaze attempted to ignore them. There were quite a few of the older members who often treated the younger members quite poorly. More often than not Blaze was one of their usual victims. They never showed their true colours in front of Master Isaac of course. Whenever he was around the older generation acted kindly and treated everyone else with respect, but once Master Isaac left, their behaviour became sour and cruel. It was best to just ignore whatever they said, no matter how hurtful their words were. Ray, on the other hand, had a humongous ego that wouldn’t allow any insult to his name.copyright protection54PENANALg9Bjh3p7v

“And What’s that supposed to mean?” Ray snarled.copyright protection54PENANAqArpYK4ye3

“All we’re saying is that even if such a miracle existed, there would be no way young Oviri such as yourselves will be killed before you could even get close to the Illumina Feya.” The tall man claimed. “The CSOG has been chasing that foolish dream, powerless and immature idiots like yourselves would never stand a chance.”copyright protection54PENANA0Xd4WfZ5a6

“And you think you guys could? Face the music, you’re not very powerful yourselves.” Ray snarled with an arrogant smirk. “You’re pretty pathetic if you that jealous of my strength, I would outclass all of you anyway.”copyright protection54PENANAWVm6xGnB5v

Blaze sighed. He couldn’t help but agree with Ray. He wanted nothing more than to put the old guys in their place and shut them up for good, but he really couldn’t be bothered with getting involved. He didn’t want to make the situation worse.copyright protection54PENANA6v5yU4jZCx

“Want to say that again you little punk?!” the tall man growled. “Only morons like yourselves would think such a stupid legend is real.”copyright protection54PENANA3DvgHsvHxG

“Let's not fight about this,” Blaze said.copyright protection54PENANAOuBbA9RXKW

Blaze fake a smile, hoping to diminish the tension. Instead of causing a fight, which would make people hate him even more, Blaze decided to take a peaceful approach, despite wanting to attack the men and beat them until their bones snapped like trigs.copyright protection54PENANAtRryqmDJmf

“All we’re saying that it would be nice for such a legend to exist, even if it's impossible. There’s nothing wrong with having a little hope.”copyright protection54PENANAhpSMGAeciM

The men laughed again. It was a hollow and mocking laugh that almost seemed fake.copyright protection54PENANAS6huhRD8Po

“Of course you would say something like that.” The tall man said. “You have to hope for something as ridiculous as the Illumina Feya because you’re just that pathetic.”copyright protection54PENANA5ifxRFTuog

“You’re a good for nothing delinquent,” The pudgy man agreed. “Even if you just happened to find the fairy it would probably break as soon as you touch it.”copyright protection54PENANAKGGDsmeHzw

Blaze frowned as the mind became came to a halt. Their word began to eco as they continued to laugh. Blaze lowered his head as his fringe covered his eyes.copyright protection54PENANAtrCKWUCA3s

“That’s a little harsh,” Ray pointed out.copyright protection54PENANAY8LeFCTz6i

“Who cares, we’re just speaking the truth.” The tall man stated. “I mean there is no way the Illumina Feya would grant someone like him good fortune.”copyright protection54PENANAPRYwurSI8s

“Yeah,” the pudgy man concurred. “Everyone hated Blaze since the moment he arrived. He’s weak and ignorant and fiendish. He is so hated even is mother abandoned him.”copyright protection54PENANAeBURmQMYqP

“Hey, that’s going…” Ray began.copyright protection54PENANAqpXbDDOxcV

Blaze stood from his seat, slamming his fists on the bench. He did not look up as he clenched his teeth. He was silent for a while before he spoke up.copyright protection54PENANAQ2MPyggrZo

“I’m going to find it,” he said bluntly.copyright protection54PENANATd0N5nERm5

“Oh really?” The pudgy man sneered.copyright protection54PENANAHMuEY8iNGu

Blaze said nothing and began to walk away. He walked past the men, completely ignoring them.copyright protection54PENANAIwxul6LCyK

“Who do you think you are treating your elders with such disrespect!” The tall man yelled. “Just what do you think someone like you can accomplish?”copyright protection54PENANA1rY2f3pTVL

Blaze stopped. He growled under his breath, he had had enough of sitting around and listening to their insults. He did not turn to face the men as he answered their question.copyright protection54PENANAYCythxCzki

“I said I’m going to find the Illumina Feya.” Blaze said in an insipid tone. “I’m going to prove that I’m not weak or pathetic, even if I have to fight the CSOG. Once I’m done I’m going to shove your words down your throats.”copyright protection54PENANA42PCxbIjNg

Blaze began to walk again. Once he reached the door and opened it, Ray began to chase after him.copyright protection54PENANA3OI1RX5gR0

“You’re doing something stupid.” He said, “You can’t just…”copyright protection54PENANA1QDAkU7Wur

Blaze turned to him and snarled. The vicious look in his emotionless sunken made Ray freeze in his place.copyright protection54PENANAfyu4a2gTl3

“Leave me alone,” Blaze growled, before slamming the door behind him.copyright protection54PENANA9oSSqJQw0H

58Please respect copyright.PENANAb58F9jIpc3
copyright protection54PENANAx1yaCS5JPz

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