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Writer lovepenguins1984
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Nov 14, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!hKeXVLoswMFm0Tjuwcb2posted on PENANA

Your tongue is a spool of silkcopyright protection19PENANAXZGaDqo779

Spinning all your lies, so many facts you hidecopyright protection19PENANApoTEmOpKhV

How do you live with yourself?copyright protection19PENANAwWixPB1lOd

How do you sleep at night? knowing you create so much plightcopyright protection19PENANAoLd5VRvkYC

Your very voice a dischord to my earscopyright protection19PENANAuo1n2ncs8u

Can’t even stand the sound, like some wailing houndcopyright protection19PENANAnEqGcgieC6

How can you be you, ever so comfortably?copyright protection19PENANAr1SF6NwC8u

I wonder what temperature it reached to make your heart freezecopyright protection19PENANAeCTf0WCdoK

You became the parasite, and I was the hostcopyright protection19PENANAHMp8sBoKQ0

You became all the things that you hated mostcopyright protection19PENANARh1JW8xsKF

I can’t believe I saw any good in you beforecopyright protection19PENANAXZiRfjNRwc

Couldn’t see my own mistake, didn’t recognize you were so fakecopyright protection19PENANACeY2mrELcu

I can’t believe even now I’ll blame myself for thiscopyright protection19PENANAL3MNNJWkcG

Yet I’ve made myself better, you made yourself a scarlet lettercopyright protection19PENANA09Gi1VCON8

There’s no point in wasting time your deaf earscopyright protection19PENANA1pnZsJr7uD

You’re just a lost cause, a cold vapor in this fog.copyright protection19PENANACgHo4u71Oj

Now you’ve crossed the line, hurting who I lovecopyright protection19PENANAHOto7ujJj6

I’ll not cry when you fall if this push comes to shovecopyright protection19PENANASkwfkYZL6t

All that scheming has rotted you, made you inside deadcopyright protection19PENANAoIK66PAeQo

All that scheming’s going to heap this karma on your headcopyright protection19PENANAyyd1Wkwf3Q

When it comes to life it’s just about you getting what you wantcopyright protection19PENANAlVbRavQahW

Building up your treasures, lonely fleeting measurescopyright protection19PENANADGEoMLdmZ3

Your kingdom built on things that amass to nothingcopyright protection19PENANALyCYzyj6Nm

eventually slipping through your hands, flowing grains of sandcopyright protection19PENANAW9i81tERDV

Your plots are coming ‘round to bite youcopyright protection19PENANAOhBtFnfTKe

I’ll just say I said so, cut the cord and let it gocopyright protection19PENANAXwNzum7OtV

I’m no sadist but I hope you’re taught a lessoncopyright protection19PENANAbq5ty6WcYA

And the destruction you’ve caused forces you to confessioncopyright protection19PENANA7NRIgx6vqR

I’ve only tried to do what’s right, constantly you forsake itcopyright protection19PENANAKonxXRU5Gn

It’s up to you to choose right, but you’ll refuse to take itcopyright protection19PENANA1RN6kmchyb

I’m grown tired of praying if I’m honest, simply donecopyright protection19PENANARGYJpegvKH

Nothing more I can do, only you can choosecopyright protection19PENANAmv5J23BX9h

I’m tired of this dog and pony show with youcopyright protection19PENANAla98gtvtL3

Forced smiles to get along, tired of this same old songcopyright protection19PENANAEDKCm9RDEC

I’m tired of your rehearsed act of smokescreenscopyright protection19PENANAl17rLavn7E

Just be real with me for once, you’re not fooling anyonecopyright protection19PENANAFsPOB6i6z4

I’m tired of being tired of being tiredcopyright protection19PENANAaeHUR43JII

Because of my past emotions going astraycopyright protection19PENANAl4KsvvC0TK

I’ll have to deal with this in my own way.copyright protection19PENANAFzcunNBGUb

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