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A fools magic
Writer crazy normal 1864
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A fools magic
A - A - A
A stranger that seems familiar
crazy normal 1864
Nov 29, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!44qqwy8m5Om55Sf0yBB1posted on PENANA

I discretely flung open the door and to my surprise, it was my friend who came by the store often we hugged and he congratulated me and we talked for a while whilst the guards I invited in with him started to slowly join in but were mostly confused to what we were saying  because we mainly talked about herbs and medicinal terms, at around mid-day the official and the friend left, the guards also left with him with a new found knowledge of herbs. I was happy I was now a known person in this kingdom, not that I want before but now, I am part of this kingdom and happy to be so. I started getting ready for work, changing into the uniform that the people that I worked with wore. it was a blue dress with a light brown sleeveless coat that went down the sides and a green piece of fabric around the waist tied in the bow at the side the guys wore a blue shirt and a light brown tailcoat with blue trouser pants. in the summer the girl's dresses are much shorter and are sleeveless as well as the coat the guys have shorter pants and can take their coats off. By that point, i was getting my horse out of the stable and starting to get ready for the journeycopyright protection60PENANA8gVtK6qvh5

It took less than 5 minutes to get into the city and 10 to get to the place where I worked. they had a stable round back so I put my horse there fed her some hay and went inside to start my shift tying my hair up in the process. those who I walked past greeted me with happy smiles my boss came up to me and said " thank the god's everything becomes a whole lot easier when you are around" we giggle for a while then I said " well you know I do what I can " he walked off and I continued rushing down the hall to get to my room. I share a room with a guy called Vincent he usually bearly notices im there, im 23 he's 30 so I don't really blame him. I have been working there for a year now though I have gotten offers from other herbologists to work with them, I like it here so I always decline. I sat down on my wooden chair with a soft cushion supporting my back and got to work making some cold medicine. because one or two of those always come past. it wasn't long till one did. but around the middle of my shift, someone peculiar came in.copyright protection60PENANANlaeMGNV3S

he was a young man with silvery-blue eyes and dark brown hair he was wearing a hooded coat. with a somewhat fancy shirt underneath he was wearing thin glasses. I thought I knew him but I couldn't pinpoint where he had a sword at his side with the hilt wrapped in a deep red cloth. I asked him whats wrong. he pulled out his arm. it had a massive deep cut on it I ravaged through my drawers trying to find the right Things to help it after putting on a spell that stops the blood from pouring out. I pulled out the rest of the herbs I needed. then I grabbed the crusher and started grinding them together pouring in a bit of water as I did so. then rubbing it on the wound. the paste quickly made his arm numb by then he was sitting down on the chair that was at the end of the table. I grabbed out a string and a needle from a drawer on the table and began sewing it shut. when I was finished I put on more paste then bandaged it. I then asked if he was ok and he was. just a bit shocked on how fast I managed to fix him up. he then asked for my name " Elizah" I said he did not give me his name though    copyright protection60PENANAJpXPhdPPPr

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DARKwriter - Good story dont stop writting!
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