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    TOPAZE O'Conner
    TOPAZE O'Conner
    Greetings and salutations. I would like to say that I am a very experienced author but that wouldn't be quite true. I have participated in NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) for several years in a row but as of yet have not had the courage to pitch my novel. I have become busier as of late and thought to try my hand at writing via my cell phone. (I seem to be on it more than my computer as of late) I do so hope that you enjoy yourself when reading my tales.
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Black Knights First Osculation.

An accident brought the child to his world.  The Oracle claimed she was the light to reawaken a darkening world. Charged to protect her he found her blood calling to him weather it was her child like innocence or her all too alluring adult pull could he remain the ever dutiful protector?  

Sleep never came easy for her.  Her earliest memories though suppressed haunted her every sleeping moment.  Childhood phantoms rose to choke the lore out of her.  Her childish fantasies threw a hero with the speed and strength of a god and the fangs of a demon into the mix.  She had transferred this roll onto her foster parents friend.  For every life threatening event that has happened to her she felt him always there, in the shadows.  Now the most sought after surgeon specalizing in cardiovascular and neurology she had been scouted by the top teaching hospital in the world and she was just the right person for the job.  The perks of this position were her ambitions realized.  The only hitch, is the result of her ambition wroth her life or the lives of the many?  Will her fantasy step from the shadows into the light of reality?

(This novel is raw draft with no edits as of yet.  Started for nano wrimo and not completed I continue it here for my own enjoyment.)

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