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Amulet of the Elements Journey to Destiny
Writer Manner Hall
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Amulet of the Elements Journey to Destiny
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Manner Hall
Dec 2, 2017
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!UX8opejYMmvv3JICqS2Pposted on PENANA

The sun came to shine elegantly on the golden bell rooftops of Emerald Isle. Each baked brick castle and house stood radiant and firm against the swirling green sands and scorching heat. It had been the color of the oceanic substance that had given the country its name. Everywhere the eyes could see, sand in the likeness of emerald dust lay scattered, leaving one to admire the jewel like nation. Unlike most desert cities known to Evernia, Emerald Isle sat on the edge of the Sea of Porta. It was cooler in climate than its cousin lands the Isles of Sek. Beyond its wonder and mysterious creatures, Emerald Isle was home to the Adyntien breed of dragons. They were a vicious and conceited race that bore pure blood, held untarnished by the gene pool of others. The Adyntien's were and had been since their creation, powerful in the acts of magical ability. Alongside those gifts, each born to an Adyntien father was granted certain powers no others held. Out of the many clans of draconic's, only the Adyntien breed walked in their real forms without worry. No other would dare command them to live in fear of who they were, not even the Gails of Judgement.copyright protection62PENANAorsTzWjTwP

The dragons of Emerald Isle walked on four legs, had massive wings and a thundering roar that could make a mountain bend. Most of the royal family were adorned in myrtle scales that came to blend with the softest of golds. Others, however, had scales tinged in the hues of rare and exquisite gems. No matter the color their scales held each had knee length hair that was as black as coal with pythalo green endpoints. In their culture, it was forbidden for a male or female to cut their tresses, doing so was believed to stunt growth and allow turmoil to pass into one's mind. It had been this law that forced Nefarious Argon'atsu II to rise from his bed and make way towards the garderobe.copyright protection62PENANAPrMXPcc8bY

He stood seven foot six, with pale flesh and golden eyes that held an ethereal glow. His vision was hazed with sleep, he saw his fist to rub his eyes, before diving face first into his wash bowl. His clawed hands made way through the oiled and silken strands of his hair as he came up for air. He grabbed a Fa'Ra'Fet bristled brush and began to untangle the long tresses that came to glide behind his stride. Honestly, Nefarious loathed that part of his morning routine. He looked over to his bed and smirked, as he watched the four women within it begin to stir. They had been his wives for the night, each resembling the beauty of his one true love, Hexonia Talon. He saw his hair restricted into a long and ombre braid, the green endpoints coming to sweep the alabaster flooring beneath his bare feet.copyright protection62PENANAvHuyqdbQ5e

Nefarious was the third born son of King Zumaridi Argon'atsu III and his Queen Acrimonia Argon'atsu. He was one of six male heirs born to the Argon'atsu line. First had come Zumaridi Argon'atsu IV, then Acrimonious, Nefarious, Calamitous, Pernicious and finally Iniquitous. The Prince also held three sisters as his own, Rancora, Heinia and Mahlevola. Out of his eight siblings, the youngest Heinia had grown to be his most favored. As far as the throne of Emerald Isle went, Nefarious was next in line to rule. Despite being the third born, Nefarious was next in the line of succession to rule as both his elder brothers had met untimely deaths. To the rugged and sought after Prince, he prayed for the day his father would at last fall into the arms of death.copyright protection62PENANAGuF9nf5H8C

He made his way to his bed, gathering a Was Scepter in hand. Its endpoint began to nudge each woman on her rear end, urging each to slip away from the grasp of sleep. He stood there silently for a moment, gathering one final look over them all before at last, he came to speak.copyright protection62PENANAwY3jVTw81H

"Come now girls, it is time to get up and leave my presence. You all know the law, no women of the night are to be inside a royal chamber once the sun rises. I fear you are all quite late." His voice was light and enchanting, but still, held a distinct demanding tone that required no less than perfection and obedience from who ever it was commanding. Each of the whores rose, giving a bow of respect to their master. For several moments, as was custom to their use, the women let him admire their nudity before making their way into the halls. In Emerald Isle, sex was viewed as a part of daily life. It was not frowned upon or seen as a delicate situation unless you were born of the royal hierarchy.copyright protection62PENANA7xoB5POhFT

As the stained glass door of his chambers came to shut, Nefarious moved to his balcony staff in hand. The City of Inos just below him, already bustling with the noise of slaves and their masters. He could view the churning waves of the sea, and the bright white foam that curled about its break. The golden and green stained sand beamed with the glow of the morning sun. The scent of the fresh cold air came to cascade into his lungs with a chilling relaxation, it was the perfect morning for a flight. Even though he was used to the harsh arid climate of his home, Nefarious held an absolute respect for the early mornings, and the cool comfort they gifted to the city.copyright protection62PENANAvmnavLqBtz

His thin and rose colored lips gave a kiss to his scepter before he set it aside on a nearby wall. The Prince climbed up the railings of the balcony and stood proudly overlooking all those who humbly kneeled beneath him. Each morning, this had been his routine. Rising, forcing his body slaves from his chambers and taking to the wind in order to keep his aerial abilities at their peak. Many of the commoners of Inos knew of his daily schedule. Hundreds if not thousands of people would gather around the gates of Acenath Keep. It was believed that out of all the Argon'atsu offspring, Nefarious was the most pulchritudinous and bodacious.copyright protection62PENANAd0xhjsaQAb

Eyes from below looked upward, chanting words of encouragement to their next ruler. Without warning, Nefarious leaped from the balcony and let his arms spread wide as he fell. Like a comet falling from the heavens, his weight against the wind caused him to catch fire. With its heat came his transformation. The orb of flame began to grow in size, and suddenly the gleam of celadon scales could be seen. A strike of golden rays came to span over the city, shadowing the onlookers who had taken a pause from their duties. The fire's fade left a dragon in its wake, one that was two thousand feet long with a wingspan of over four thousand feet. The winged serpent flew with grace, his golden wings a symbol of his rank among his kin. Stripes of ochre ran through his limbs, tail, and body, making script like trails around the permanently implanted gems of turquoise that littered his massive size.copyright protection62PENANAyIJXjOM86s

The dragon flew over the Temple of Abasi, the primary place of worship in Inos. He took a moment to look at its stained glass roof, golden pillars and dragon statues made of pure emerald. In the back of his mind, he knew he needed to make a trip there, and hope that the gods recognized in Emerald Isle would hear his prayers. Nefarious made his way towards the sea, allowing his wings to lap at the waves as he passed over them. To his surprise, there was a ship making its way towards the docks of Port Isiray. Nearing the shallow of the water below, Nefarious came to land several feet away from the ship. The wind was carrying it at a steady speed, and the longer he looked he realized where it had come from.copyright protection62PENANA1BOpMjbcUE

The sails of the ship held the sigil of House Secretar. One large foot came to take hold of the bow of the ship, stopping the movement of the large vessel in its tracks. Waves began to fly into the sky, soon after slamming onto the deck. Lady Secretar made her way out of her cabin and came to stare down the large and impressive beast. Her body moved with a charming elegance, her milk toned flesh easily visible through the lace like gown she wore. Her neck bent back as she looked upward nearly seventy feet. At last, she met his eyes. "Lord Nefarious, what a pleasant surprise. I see that you are surveying your lands early in the morn. As delighted as I am to see you, I fear I have come to speak to your father."copyright protection62PENANAL8FipZLzPm

Nefarious leaned down, mindful of his head. He was nearly five times larger than the ship, and while he had no quarrels with Lady Secretar, he was In no mood to have an eye gouged out by a sail. "I see, I believe by now my father should be enjoying his breaking meal. Is he aware of your visit?" Yo'jalil shook her head. "I have come without proper invitation I am afraid. Though I am certain he will have me, we both share quite the history together." She looked over the cracking wood within the male's grip. "Especially since his son has come to damage my property." The Prince looked down and took note of his strength. He chuckled. "My apologies Lady Secretar, I suppose the materials of your land are not used to the might of an unbroken dragon. The metals and woods here in Emerald Isle are weathered to withstand the force its inhabitants hold. No offense to your side of the world, but, not every family can be as willfully unbent as we. Tell me how is your daughter in marriage, Lady Talon."copyright protection62PENANALo4ulnj7vp

Yo'jalil bit back the next words she desperately wished to say. In any other time, she would have put him in his place, but she remembered her son needed her aid. "I suppose you are right, unlike your kind we fear death and the law kept in place by the Gails of Judgement. I believe you are just too far from their reach. As for my daughter in law, she is doing well. Enjoying the time she has been giving with her loving husband. Now if you will excuse me, I have urgent business to attend. I would humbly ask that you set my boat free and give us a bit of a push. It would seem the winds have fled us for the time being." "As you desire." He set the ship down gingerly, before pushing it off towards the docks.copyright protection62PENANAAx0oXMI9YC

He watched them sail and anchor before he took to the wind once more. An inevitable jealousy came rush through his veins. Hexonia had been promised to him, and yet, she was held captive by the name of his lessor. Talon was on his list of those to kill, and with Alexandria found dead, his plan to recover she who actually belonged to him was now in his grasp.copyright protection62PENANAOKKt39sOJh

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