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Amulet of the Elements Journey to Destiny
Writer Manner Hall
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Amulet of the Elements Journey to Destiny
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Manner Hall
Dec 2, 2017
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!dJR8MtaDoT3FQCUE0MnVposted on PENANA

  Lady Secretar had made her way into the palace of the Adyntien's; her hands folded elegantly into the swell of her sleeves. Being a woman of poise, the Queen stood silently, admiring the throne room and all of its glory. The room alone held more worth than her entire castle, even still, the wise old dragoness felt no difference in rank. King Zumaridi sat upon his throne, his onyx strands pulled atop the center of his head. The girth of his hair remained held tightly by golden ropes, allowing the rest of its glory to cascade down his chest and onto the floor beneath his feet. Yo'jalil thought back to a time when age had not yet been so etched upon his features. She stepped forward, offering a curtsey of respect before she, at last, was addressed.copyright protection37PENANAe5UQvjF6F7

Zumaridi stood and moved to return a bow in kind. He knew why the woman had come to visit his lands, though it was safe to say he was not pleased with such a visit. The man saw his tail of hair swept behind his shoulder and took hold of her hands. A soft smile pulled at the corner of his lips before he began speaking. "Lady Talon, what a pleasant surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Yo'jalil gave a firm grip towards their joining. "I have come to visit you in hopes to break words of pressing concern. It would seem that current events come to promote discord. I would see our wisdom and friendship block the path trouble may set foot upon."copyright protection37PENANAJTRA1D4cgs

The man pulled away, moving to a nearby table to gather two goblets. He saw them filled and motioned her to the round table centered in the room. Accepting the invitation, Lady Secretar took a seat. She took a sip of the wine and fought her features from turning sour. She did not wish to offend the man and his most favored indulgence. "So, Yo'ja, tell me of your troubles and perhaps I may be of assistance. Though, it is a rare occurrence when the strength of your mind finds it has been outwitted. What could there possibly be in this world that you can not fix, that I may stand able to?"copyright protection37PENANA5k7VW1AXOX

She set her drink down and allowed her finger to rim the cup. "There have been whispers, those of concerning affairs. One's I would see put to rest if able before a war erupts between our great houses. It is known that Lady Alexandria has come to meet an untimely end. One many nations lay blame upon her widower king. If such things prove true, it would indeed be a scandal. The beast would have secured his death and that of his father. Which forces me to believe the rumors are a lie and nothing more than the opinions of lesser men, a truth not to be ignored."copyright protection37PENANAT23OTy7zFN

The King gave a nod while reviewing his thoughts. " Either way, it does not matter how she came to die. She is gone from this world, and with her, the safety of peace between this land and your own. The treaty of peace stated that when she came to breathe no more the debt of blood would be paid in full. Your brother in marriage agreed to such terms and saw them cemented in his blood upon the parchment. I do not know his reasoning; perhaps he felt that my legacy would fall and he would be set free of his burden. Ramsra Ray'zore is a foolish being, one who never has been known for thinking out his plots in comfort of long term victory."copyright protection37PENANAGoGxYHb3Ts

The Arctic Queen chuckled and continued. "A fact well known of most males of our breed. They feel as if because they stand adorned in scales, they are invincible. I know this to be untrue, I watched as my husband fell to the might of demi god men nearly four times smaller than himself. None of us are truly safe; we become even more at risk of extinction when our race stands divided among our own. I have grown to be quite forgiving, your son came to damage my ship and yet you do not hear me demanding repayment. I overlooked his actions in hopes to allow the two of us to attend to more important issues."copyright protection37PENANAvZMDVJFvGt

The man smirked and shook his head. His son always seemed to be making trouble for himself. "If it is coin you seek you shall have it. As you well know, it is of little matter to me. Though I must admit, I am interested of what you truly seek within my walls. I am boldly assuming that it has nothing to do with riches or loans." He gazed into her eyes, searching for a passion long absent from them. "Perhaps I will hear them out if, you were to grant me something I have wished for many years."copyright protection37PENANAtAvwoo5wYK

She cut her eyes towards him, knowing what he spoke of. "I have not called anyone to my bed since the slaughter of my mate, nor shall I. I have no want or need of such small things anymore." The pair came to laugh together, memories of the past giving their hearts warmth. "Small you say? I do not remember such a realization when we shared a bed. You never gave complaint when we were so deliciously entangled." "When does any woman when her body proves nothing more but a vessel of purpose towards excelling goals. I will not sit under your roof and lie, I did enjoy our time together, but I also take heed of the issues our lust came to bloom as a burden upon the backs of our children."copyright protection37PENANAjE9Zc8HobB

The Lord of Emerald Isle rose and moved to gaze from the window. He could see his son flying in freedom; such a sight filled his breast with pride. " So I am certain you have come here to beg me to still my hand in the movement against your daughter in laws brother? That is a very steep favor to ask of a dragon such as me, especially knowing my right to his blood and the blood of his father and any tied to them." The elder dragoness cut her eyes in disdain at his remark. She stood and moved towards him. "To move against them would be to move against me. Do you truly want a war with the house to whom holds the ear to the Gail's? If not for me and my loyalty with them your freedom and that of your children would have long past. I could easily sway them from peace to war if need be. I know you are not a man who survives solely on his ego and pride, you hold wisdom as your ally as well. It would be a travesty to prove me wrong after all these years."copyright protection37PENANAQHBCkwlZ22

The man turned to face his guest, a soft sigh coming to pass his lips. "So now you begin your attempts to intimidate me. A foolish move Lady Talon." The soft flesh of her hand began to stroke his cheek. "I am no longer a talon; my husband has been absent my side for many years. While I shall always bring honor to his memory, I stand a Secretar as my father before me and nothing more. I do not intend to speak ill threats; I simply relay a promise to you. One of your future if you move against my son and his extended family. I do not wish unnecessary blood spilled over years of a feud that came before we both drew breath."copyright protection37PENANAsvCY10n6xl

The sound of commoner's screams came to slither their way through the stone walls of the keep. Hearing them, the King parted from his conversation with his forgotten lover and sprang open the windows. His people were in a panic, frantically rushing through the streets to pile into houses too small for them. Zumaridi looked around as slaves too dropped their baskets and fled the lines of work they were condemned to working. They looked like ants so far below his suppressing gaze, with their panic came the realization of what caused it. From the west came the thrum of dragon wings, ones wide and powerful commanded by a woman who struck fear into all.copyright protection37PENANARQ01Qc9xBl

The sun seemed to have summoned the creature; it scales gleaming as radiant and gold as the valuable rooftops of the city. Upon its neck sat a mane of tar like hair, its gleam as bright as a polished stone of obsidian. A deep and rolling roar came to travel the wind like a stampeding herd, the power behind it forcing all to witness it to bend knees in worship. The people of Inos stood watching in awe while some coward in fear and wept tears of remembrance. The wyvern banked left his wingspan causing a grim and dominant shadow over the land. His jaw vibrated with the sound of his war cry; the beasts handler, however, remained silent. There between the motion of his shoulders sat the woman known as the Abyssal Tyrant. Her tall and slender form hidden behind a bodysuit made of malachite hued dragon scales. Her face was forever shrouded by a black mask, made from the finest of lace which left only the color of her eyes to be seen. Atop her head rested a braid of silver age, with streaks of white intermingled between each strand.copyright protection37PENANA9r2K3ngpmj

The being rested on the back of her mount a mere speck of color nestled between a wingspan of over four thousand feet. With staff in hand, the woman urged her Wyvern towards the ground, his feet causing craters to form as they came to land. Both wings came to find rest atop the soil of Inos, a majestic roar once more announcing their presence. The Tyrant saw herself freed from her saddle, and began to levitate. It was not long until she floated down onto the ground, driving her staff into the moist soil causing the land to quake.copyright protection37PENANArPO4NQ5aWC

The civilians fell into the dirt, their foreheads pressing into the mud around them. The woman took heed of her surrounding and began to make her way towards the bridge that led to the Keep. Zumaridi's mouth came to form into a dark and rebellious smile, his gaze turning to lock onto Yo'jalil. "You are not the only dragon to hold power at their disposal. Come, witness my greatest ally at my side. I fear your unannounced visit has run into a meeting of proper planning."copyright protection37PENANAvOsvQiIZQj

With a nod, Lady Secretar followed. It was not until the pair had come to reach the greeting room that she realized who stood before her. So many songs and tales had been told of this woman and her battles. Her name was indeed fitting, for over three thousand years her wrath had been felt. No one knew how she had come to survive the tests of time being a mere humanoid creature and none dared to ask. Some believed her to be a myth, while others simply thought that her children had taken on the original beings station. She was a sorceress, one of unmentionable power and a disposition fit for that of a rabid and ill trained dog.copyright protection37PENANAl0LoKOL1e8

The King of Emerald Isle bowed to only one being, and now she stood before him. His regal attire came to be adorned in filth as he came to kneel in respect. The orb of her staff came to rest beneath his chin, slowly rising him to standing. The woman's voice came to be heard in an alarming tone; it was deep, raspy while somehow lulling any who heard it into submitting. "It seems that you have forgotten our meeting Lord Argon'atsu. I must remind you that I am not one to be kept waiting. Your hesitance in greeting me upon landing is quite insulting, considering your debts to me." The hidden Drake came to shiver a bit in fear. "My humble apologies, I pray you will accept them so that we may return to our meeting to discuss the body of your letter to me." The Sorceress turned to look at the woman at his side. She was not a common or familiar face that further fueled the fires of her anger. "Who is your companion? A new mistress perhaps? She seems a bit aged for your tastes."copyright protection37PENANAkFX9KKZPVW

Yo'jalil bit back the remarks she wished to speak, knowing each word could make or break her efforts of peace. "I am Lady Yo'jalil Secretar, a valued ally of your humble servant. It is a wonder and honor to meet you." The foreign queen spread her gaze onto the Wyvern who sat idle, waiting for his mistress' return. "A gorgeous mount you claim, it was believed that all Wyvern's had been extinct for many years. May I be so bold as to ask its name." The Tyrant smiled and saw her vision turned over her shoulder a moment. "His name is Impious, a loyal member of my family and a valiant warrior of the sky." Lady Secretar gave a nod. "If my presence gives offense, I can take my leave in order for you and Lord Argon to conduct your business." The woman shook her head. "Remain you may be of some use to me. Your son, he is known as Lord Talon if I am not mistaken?" "Indeed, what need do you have of my only son?"copyright protection37PENANArqKUWBdFA4

The Tyrant urged the pair forward and began to make way into the castle. "It is rumored that the Keeper is under his command. A being I have much interest and knowledge of. I would have an audience with him and his wife to see my wishes granted." Yo'jalil picked up her pace and continued. "What wishes do you have in mind? Surely if they are within reach of my son's rank, he will see them aided." "Have you both failed to hear of the attacks near the southern border of Barukana? Many have come to perish in the flame of a dragon far larger than any currently known to Evernia. I have reason to believe that the fires have been set by a good friend of mine. One I would see presently to exchange long conversation. Many think him a being of destruction, but this is only because he can not communicate properly with the common folk. He is looking for something, and what he seeks is under your son's orders."copyright protection37PENANAZW4KkPz6RN

Lord Argon walked before them stopping both women in their tracks. His brow furrowed and he, at last, came to interject. "You mean to tell me that the attacks on the outer cities where by your hand?" The woman in green rolled her eyes. "I swear if not for all the wealth I have provided for you Zumaridi you would have no crown. Why would they be constructed by my hand when I yet hold family within the territory? I know of the dragon, as many do he is a trusted friend and ally to me. I would see my debts of war and victory repaid to him by aiding his search."copyright protection37PENANAebtbldWk3R

The trio, at last, took a seat at the meeting table within the throne room, the King of the land the first to speak. "What is this dragons name? Why does he do what he does to those innocent of sin?" The Sorceress shrugged. "I believe it is because he has caught a glimpse of his newly appointed rider, and now seeks her out to reset the balance of our dying world. If my suspicions are correct, this being is the keeper, and she resides under the roof of Lord Talon's reign." Yo'jalil cut her eyes in thought before speaking. "How can this be? The being you speak of lacks the ability to mount and command one of us as you do." "You are correct but, only partially. She may lack the ability now, in due time, however; she will gain the ability to become far more than she now appears. When that time comes, I wish to witness the glory of their joining. I fear I lack time to wait for fate to bring them together as one. My magical abilities begin to fade as do all things."copyright protection37PENANAgvi1peCDUd

The King and Queen exchanged looks. "I will float such truths into my son's ears as soon as I return home. You will have your meeting, though, I will need your aid in another pressing matter. I understand you owe me nothing; you do not even know me honestly. But, I came here asking the aid of Lord Argon, my needs have yet to be met." Zumaridi's eyes came to widen as The Tyrant began to speak once more. "What has he come to deny you? Perhaps I may be of service?" "Our families have been in a feud for countless years; I wished only to offer peace regarding war. My son's wife holds a brother near to her heart, one my old friend here would seek to have draw breath no more. With Evernia as she now stands, I would hope to delay his repayment of blood until a later date."copyright protection37PENANAHTaLDvBcBs

The faceless woman smiled under her mask. "Lord Argon'atsu I would see her wish granted." He growled, his hands balling into fists in his rage. "It is not so simple." "Then make it so, in whatever way you may be able to configure. Until my duty is done, I will not have you at war with a woman who seeks peace. Move against her, and you shall move against me. We both know that you nor your children can defeat me now, it is because of me you stand so protected among other things." "As you desire M'lady. Perhaps we can set up a betrothal of some sort, to keep vengeful minds at bay. If Lord Draconvieh were to take one of my daughters, there would be no possible way I could move against him for now."copyright protection37PENANA0QEt1ZHXjK

Yo'jalil returned to her cup of wine that had grown warm. She took a sip and thought long and hard before speaking her next words. "It is rumored that he has already begun the events of taking a new wife." "Yes, a Tyliquin witch, it is an abomination to his very breed. If you wish peace, you will persuade him otherwise." Zumaridi spoke sternly. "I will do my best; I am certain we will be able to see to the commands of your better." The witch smirked. "The dragon has fine taste in women; I would not call it a disgrace. Return to your home lady Secretar, I expect word from you and soon. You may send it here, and the letter will reach me through the travels of Argon's men."copyright protection37PENANAPAf7BFleig

With a curtsey, Lady Secretar took her leave. The pair left behind, at last, came to exchange private words. "You do not have much time Lord Argon, the power of your rule is soon to end. I have seen it in a vision sent to me from the heavens above. War should be the least of your concerns now; the plague spreads at a rapid rate. It will be only a few moons before it reaches your shores. When it does, no amount of gold will save you or your family. The Raxin has no need for the currency of men." She rose from her seat. "I will see myself to a proper bath and a meal before we continue our conversation in length. The travel here was long and tedious." "As you desire, I look forward to our next meeting; it is well needed." With a soft hum, the woman left the room leaving Zumaridi seething.copyright protection37PENANArZ9BLN7m0I

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