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Amulet of the Elements Journey to Destiny
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Amulet of the Elements Journey to Destiny
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Dec 2, 2017
21 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bKyXAHvo1ljaWrs1NYi4posted on PENANA

Tonisa had been pulled deeply into her past via the realm of sleep. Hours had come to pass for others, but it seemed to her, that the day of her joining with Calira could not come soon enough. In an attempt to calm her anxious mind, her conscience had delivered her eyes into her past, a time that made her feel warm and safe.copyright protection25PENANAgAH5bizxN5

The stone around her was dark and wet, the stench of mold and sweat the only scent noticeable, with the exception of the loud perfume she was wearing. Alongside Tonisa, stood two women Artistra Conseveyae, and her sister Laiora. The two women were tall in build, with beautiful facial features. Their only downside in Tonisa's opinion was the fact they had less of a bosom than a young boy. The three women had come to visit the bedchambers of a fellow lady of the night. She had just given birth to a strong baby boy. Who the father was, none of them knew. The whore had seen and serviced more cocks than the three of them combined.copyright protection25PENANASYPrWq9sOa

Tonisa was the first to step forward, her arms wrapping around the wailing boy. He calmed in her arms, bloodstained eyes peering up at her with so much unanswered curiosity. Her voice slithered through her full lips, their direction falling into the ears of the foolish mother. "Know that I do you a great favor. You are a whore as we all stand, this child will never grow to amount to any rank of worth. It is likely he will die of sickness when winter falls. With his life given to me and to my god he would have been born for a great purpose."copyright protection25PENANAN8lJzNLmM3

The Conseveyae sisters moved hastily without command, their hands holding the new mother down. She struggled harshly, calling out, pleading with bitter tears. "Please! I beg you, let my son go! I have labored three days to bring him forth! He cannot die like this, please!" The woman fought as best as she could but to no avail. The women hovering above her were far stronger. She was weak from having weathered the trials of birthing an infant. Her weeping grew, allowing steady rivers of salted water to curl over the structure of her face.copyright protection25PENANAr2E88PrIne

The witch in hiding moved the child to one arm, while the other gathered her dagger Essence Reaver. Her hand slipped over the hilt of the blade, the wings of her long lost lover Calira wrapping her hand in a tender embrace. Both her hand and the steel came to glow, the blade fed as if human or demon. The song of its steel sang into the wind like an ethereal chime, the gem dangling from its bottom now illuminate.copyright protection25PENANANgdCHa3RCS

Placing the child on a flat surface of Bloodstone dust, Tonisa saw the blade thrust into his heart. The wailing of the baby suddenly stopped leaving only a faint wisp of air to be heard. His limbs fell limp while his eyes remained open eerily staring blankly at a world he would never know. His mother screamed at the horror before her eyes. Her heart felt like it had been ripped from her chest, suddenly all her efforts to keep her child alive had been for not. Whether it was the trauma, pain, heartbreak or all three, the women did not know, but as the woman fainted, the sisters moved to aid their companion.copyright protection25PENANA2p0o9zcUWY

Essence Reaver drank hungrily, the blood of the boy able to be seen traveling through the hollow center of the steel. A blue orb of light fled from the child's chest cavity and into the open mouth of the obsidian formed dragon. It traveled down the handle and into the gem so far down below, to forever remain until the wielder of the dagger set it free. As Tonisa watched the deed be done, she saw the victims head severed from its neck. The eyes would show her what she wished in the moments to come.copyright protection25PENANAYn0Dw9tXRQ

Artistra was the first to speak after watching the events come to pass. "How many more innocent children will you come to slay in order to keep watch over a dragon to whom saw you banished from your life of luxury?" Tonisa peered over her shoulder a moment, setting the head straight atop the dust. "As many as I require until I am back where I belong and Alexandria and all her children meet the same fate." She returned to her bidding, throwing the remains of the now mutilated child into the flames of a nearby fireplace. She worked quickly gathering a bowl of her own blood, along with a scale of her beloved and lost lover. The witch placed exactly three drops of infants blood into the mix, the chantings of Drathell rolling from her tongue like honey upon a knife of purpose. " Si'estra vieatom excro ze'nae varta." The bowl began to boil and only then did she pour the concoction into the mouth of the head. Pushing her sisters of the night to the side, Tonisa waited to view a scene taking place over five hundred miles from her home.copyright protection25PENANAcE7phOzkGb

The eyes of the head came to turn a vibrant red, the vision it gave coming forth in the same color. The trio could not hear anyone speak but instead could view there current whereabouts and what they were doing. There he was, Calira holding the hand of his very pregnant wife. She was once again with child, soon to hide away and bring forth another clutch of eggs. The pair sat smiling, seemingly eager for the blessing of their children to be delivered to their home. Tonisa scowled in both jealousy and disgust, her nails drawing blood in her palm. "It would seem the time has once more come for me to travel home and see this growth of degradation ended." She spoke sharply. "I will return within a fortnight, I am certain the charm of you both will leave my absence unnoticed."copyright protection25PENANAcIBd6KMiFJ

The twins nodded quickly, Laiora's eyes watching the body of the child burn. Artistra placed a warm hand on her friend's shoulder before speaking. "Another clutch you will come to curse, have you not seen enough of their children stolen into that demonic blade of yours? What if you get caught this time? The King and Queen will have your head placed on a spike." "If they have failed to capture me in the deed for the last thirteen attempts, they shall not do so now."copyright protection25PENANAgE6hhCqKAh

Tonisa came to feel a shake in her bed, it was her body being moved without her consent. It was Lady Elgama, tearing her from the safety of her dreams and into the waking world. At last, the time had come, the day had been born and with it her wedding. "Lady Tonisa, it is time to rise and get ready, your groom awaits you." The soon to be queen sat up in her bed and looked around. "Alright, I am awake sadly, I was having the most glorious dream." The old woman smiled down at her, extending a hand to raise her from her furs. "I will see you bathed and dressed, it is quite the gathering outside this tent. It would seem every walk of life has come to revel in the glory of a joining such as you and King Draconvieh."copyright protection25PENANABMWIcdxLyd

Tonisa stood up and made her way into the warm waters of the bath that awaited her. "I would expect nothing less, I was sure to make it clear that everyone in this region was to attend." It took several hours for her to be properly dressed. Despite her less than virginal lifestyle the witch wore a gown of blinding white. The gown was breathtaking, it was sown in silk, with a diamond beaded corset. Further down the wonders of a dragon formed clasp sat holding her skirts in place. The train of the gown was that of cathedral length with lines of pure crystal following its end. Her shoulders were covered with pearl plated dragon skulls, that attached to a collar that stood high above her head. Unlike most who came to marry a dragon, her face was covered by a veil of white that sat draped from a skullcap. Her hair had come to be laid in strands of black behind her back while her eyes and lips laid stained with charcoal.copyright protection25PENANAXLVzY2kLkZ

The wonder outside her tent was one of godlike proportion. There was not a single blade of grass out of place within the valley. The flatlands had been littering with rose petals and diamond dust. The guests sat in awe of the time effort and coin spent on such a wedding. An archway had been constructed in vines of ivy and Quithurstrian flowers. Below it stood Calira, his body hidden by black armor that shined as radiant as a ray of moonlight traveling in darkness. His hair had been braided and allowed to fall nearly to the ground below his stunning boots. A royal choir sang notes of praise to both the king and queen to be. The Knights of Draiden stood on both sides of the aisle holding the banners of the Draconvieh clan, their expressions hard as stone as they stared upon one another.copyright protection25PENANAuBDATVdjFN

A high priest of Aleanthos had been summoned by many coins to preside over the marriage. He stood calmly before them all, holding the holy book known as the E'karess in his hands. His white and gold robes where blinding in the sunlight, only when Tonisa came to walk down the aisle did they fail in comparison. Elgama walked arm to arm with her mistress, their grace, and elegance noticed by all. Calira for the first time in months came to smile, revealing the dimples in his cheeks that always remained hidden. At last, his prayers had been answered, Tonisa would become his and his alone.copyright protection25PENANABhzxZLLwxj

Lord Carivay and his wife Lady Ilistre had fallen into a conversation of gossip. They were the rulers of the cities of fish and wine near the edges of Lasmonat. While they had been happy to attend if, for no other reason but the feast, neither of them cared for the woman about to be crowned. It was unholy, a spit at the feet of the nation, that Calira would come to wed not only a Tyliquin but a murderer as well. Carivay was the first to whisper into his wife's ear. "Look at her, wearing the robes of a maiden. Everyone knows of her young life. She is nothing but a whore of opportunity." His wife came to chuckle, her fake smile attempting to conceal the poison of her words. "Aye, my love. I am going to be bold and assume the rumors that have come to rage through the lands. He is bewitched pity him, I am certain he has many years of regret and slavery ahead of him."copyright protection25PENANAKv4G43IoO3

Unknowing of her true identity, the pair continued on, foolishly believing the Tyliquin could not hear their words. Tonisa looked in their direction, a dark and devilish smirk spreading her lips. She turned away and continued her walk towards her soon to be husband. In her wake, Lord Carivay came to grasp at his throat. He fell from his chair gasping for air that had suddenly been restricted. His wife fell to his side in a heap of worry and confusion. A few others who had come to attend the call of their lord and lady gave aid. After several long moments, the spell passed leaving Lord Carivay with a swollen and burning tongue.copyright protection25PENANAoiE2TxX7RD

Calira and Tonisa joined hands, their eyes locked upon each other in a gaze of absolute admiration. Elgama gave the bride a soft squeeze to her arm and moved silently to a seat. The high priest waited for everyone to gather themselves and began. "Upon this day we have come to join two beings in both flesh and spirit. One dragon, one witch despite the segregation between their races. May the gods bless this union with holy forgiveness. Tonisa Tyliquin has in respect of cultured civilization, has cleansed herself of her past. She has come to anoint her body with the blood of her groom, ensuring the long-lasting nature of acceptance from his gods. With her gift of denouncing her sinful past, this witch now becomes a woman of Hailotia and all its glory and might." The crowd came to cheer as the wise old man spoke. "May no man woman or beast attempt to pry this joining apart, nor tarnish it with words of gossip or untrustworthy actions."copyright protection25PENANAUtUu0TgMqO

The priest looked at the pair and saw the oils of the Hailotian rose sprinkled atop there hands. "In the eyes of Plexious himself, I will see you both bound. Do you Calira Draconvieh first of your name vow to protect, love endlessly and provide for this woman of god? Do you swear on your life and soul that she and only she shall be the holder of your heart?" Calira took a tighter grip on her hands before speaking. "I do." The holy father then turned to Tonisa. "Do you Tonisa vow to honor, protect and tend this being of god in all things? Do you accept Plexious as your one true god and savior, in order to guide you in this union?" Her chest came to press harshly against the strict confines of her corset. "I do."copyright protection25PENANA5ajaQodzN2

A string of jade stone and golden coins was hung around their heads further joining them together as one. The priest then began to circle them, applying the oil he had used before around their feet. Once he came to face them again he continued. "Then under the power and unbiased rule of the Halotian church, I now pronounce you husband and wife." The wedded pair leaned forward and kissed, the arms of the king wrapping tightly around his bride. He plucked her from the soil and saw her swung wildly in several circles as the crowd came to cheer once more.copyright protection25PENANACblgeeObmF

Setting Tonisa down Calira motioned towards the feasting tables. "Now we feast in celebration of our god's blessings!" The crowd migrated towards the eating area gleefully. The table tops were filled with roasted fae'ra'fet, squab, and a stewed braizen. Pastries of both sweet and savory were placed down, sitting nestled between pitchers of sweet wine. Roasted carrots, cabbage, and potatoes sat in large bowls mixed together in a delicate butter-like sauce known as cri'em. It was not long until the commoners were indulging. The king and queen finally took a seat and began eating. "The ceremony was beautiful was it not my queen? Was it everything you had always dreamed of?" "Yes, it was. It is everything I have worked so hard for these last passing years my king." Tonisa replied with a smile.copyright protection25PENANAPg8JL9D2V3

After the feast, the gifts began to be presented. Some brought gold, others oils, and powders befitting of a Queen. She had been nicknamed the Dark Queen in light of her husband. The two were, of course, now the most feared pair in all the land. From the formation of guests came two elegantly dressed men, both of which bore hair of pytholo with ebony endpoints, their skin of copper hidden behind cloaks of green. Suddenly the crowd and choir grew silent as the sigil of the Emerald Isle dragons came to enter. They were of the utmost class, a family that looked down upon any and every being they could. The two men came to bow before the newlyweds, their eyes locking to them as equals. In a matter of moments, Calira knew who they were and why they had come. It seemed the death of his wife had come to ruffle a few feathers. With the passing of the Lady Alexandria, came the break of the peace treaties.copyright protection25PENANAQ1eac5yqEm

"Welcome, Lords of the Isles of Emerald," Calira spoke his body rising to greet them respectfully. "The pleasure is ours, Lord Draconvieh. The news of your wedding traveled across the land and the seas. We have come to offer you our greatest congratulations on this glorious day. 'Tis a shame your wife died in the same fashion as your mother," the first man spoke, his eyes rolling to set upon the seated Queen. "Such are the ways of history. They continue to spin until they, at last, overlap each other." "The death of my wife was something I may never overcome. But it seems my gods have blessed me with a bride fair and loving."copyright protection25PENANAsgyNxM1mXo

The men nodded in unison. "Such is a blessing indeed, many are not so lucky. We have brought you our gift in hopes you will one day come to visit our land. Our Patriarch wishes to break words and bread in peace." Calira turned to gaze upon his wife who sat in silence and beauty. "What say you, my love? Shall we venture into the lands of our betters?" A kind smile that did not belong to the witch came to grace her lips. "It would be an honor to be in the presence of such divine and worshiped culture." When it came to beings such as this, even Tonisa knew her place. Draconvieh came to bow to the men. "Then it is settled, we shall venture to your lands and fall into the company of your of your Patriarch." "It is wise that you came to such an agreement. We are sorry to inform you that, honestly, you had no choice," the second male came to speak at last. He set the small box before the pair giving a final bow. "We look forward to your prompt attendance." The two men went just as they had come, not a single word spoken further. Calira picked up the box, opening it curiously. Inside rested a Varaeu, an old world dagger used to mark witches before their executions. The King shut the box promptly, his face grew cold. "What is it, my love? Their signature, a box of emeralds? They are so greedy and full of themselves they have millions at their disposal." Draconvieh chimed up his tone and met her with a smile. "Oh no, they went beyond their means for this. It is a gift strictly for me."copyright protection25PENANA2NEawqk9sg

With a shrug, the queen began to look at the many faces of their guests, someone was missing. She began to go down the list of those she had summoned with force to attend. At last, she realized who it was who had rejected her summons. "Calira, have you come to face Lord and Lady Eston?" He shook his head no and presented an answer. "They sent word before the sun came to rise that they would not be attending. Both have fallen ill, they took travel to Veiara in hopes to aid the people there after the Raxin fell upon them." A bitter scowl came to lay its mark upon the queen's features. "I explained in great length and detail that their attendance was mandatory. No exceptions." He leaned over and saw his lips planted on hers. "Do not let the absence of two guests ruin our day. Besides, they supply us with grain and other much-needed herbs."copyright protection25PENANAdjistux1Uc

Tonisa rose from her seat shaking her head in disbelief. "We will not allow this. It is the principal of the matter Calira. They did not come because they do not trust and believe in our union. Such as act is viewed as treason in any land, and should be punishable by death as you know better than most. It is time I request my gift from you my dear beloved." There was no reason for her to speak her wishes, the king already knew. He would not deny her a second time, in fact, he had wished to fly for months. "Then I suggest you get ready my dear, I am certain you can not ride in such a lovely gown."copyright protection25PENANAnmtVa1IbnG

The queen stood and looked into the crowd, her voice coming forth like a boom of thunder. "Your fellow ruler and his wife lord and lady Eston have come to ignore our summons. We sent it forth as a token of our loyalty to them and them to us. They have failed to uphold their end of the agreement. My husband and I shall leave you to your meals and give a show of example to those who may defy us." She looked at Calira and smiled. "My treasured one, I am never one who stands unready." With one motion of her hand, the Tyliqun saw her train collapse onto the ground. The draconic clasp soon after releasing its hold onto the layers of her skirts. She stood now in an a-line like gown, her thighs easily visible through the waits high splits it bore. "I suggest you get ready for me."copyright protection25PENANAApteAZFU98

With a curt nod Calira began to disrobe, within moments he stood fully nude before all the eyes watching in shock. His muscular body began to sweat, further accentuating the battle carved form of his being. Reaching into the braid behind his back, the king plucked a single petal of the Ver'atha plant free. It slid onto his tongue rapidly diminishing around the acidic form of his saliva. His body caught fire, within moments the small bursts of flame became an inferno burning the surrounding grass around it. Slowly but surely the flames began to paint the silhouette of his true form. It's power putting even the most skilled of artists to shame. The guests watched as he came to be reborn, his wings coming to spread to a length of three thousand feet. Many of the onlookers ran and ducked beneath the tables at the glory of a transformation. The heat around his body caused all around him to sweat, his limbs standing him upright to a height of eighty feet. A thunderous roar came to pierce the ears of the commoners, the pain of a long-awaited change running through every fiber of his being.copyright protection25PENANAbnrtPUYnWS

As the fire came to dwindle his true beauty came to be seen. His crimson and onyx scales, a facial crest befitting of only the most violent and dominant bull dragons came to rattle towards his rider. Tonisa made her way towards him, ascending his form as if it was second nature. Unlike the witches of old, Tonisa needed no saddle to secure her placement nor reigns to command him. She had taken to his back a thousand times past and would a thousand more. The woman found proper foot placement between the revolution of his wings, standing proudly at the amount of power she would now command. Her hand ventured upward, flinging the skullcap from her helm and into the burning grass below. " Iso'tom teanta tuv isvan'dar te'aimo bezvaca kenzvamo." It is time to show them how to kneel before their king, she spoke proudly.copyright protection25PENANAzkf2gp3YBr

With one motion all four feet of the dragon lifted from the ground. Into the sky they went, a shadow as dark as night flying over the land. They traveled for twenty miles until the brick cast landscape of the city of Carakeen could be seen. Not only had the lord and lady rebelled against her order, but now they sat readying an army to take up arms against the crown. The main traveling road was littered with trebuchets, repeating crossbows and a small gathering of archers. The men had been equipt with not only bow and quivers but arbalests as well. They were on the march towards the Valley of Song in hopes to assassinate the newly crowned pair.copyright protection25PENANAFbQ8qq86lh

Tonisa urged her mount towards the clouds, hiding within their dark formations. The men below looked up, unsure if they should believe what they thought they may have seen. Just as they had come to set their fears aside, Calira broke the clouds in a ballad of roars. The escape routes were the first to be burned, his jaws expanded shooting forth a tidal wave of flame onto the ground. The men scattered frantically, doing their best to arrange for the proper formation. The weapons were loaded and aimed towards the sky, while the commander Sir Alvaro, began to bark his orders. The dragon banked left dropping his altitude, only to lick fire upon a crowd of men who had been too late in the call to arms. The river of flame slithered upon the ground like a living serpent, its power condemning all in its path to ash.copyright protection25PENANAewFG0uAYSx

"To the line!" Alvaro yelled. One hundred men rushed to his side crossbows at the ready. Tonisa had come to drop onto one knee, the heat radiating from her husbands scales a welcome reminder of the havoc they once came to wreck. They were descending at a vertical angle aimed directly for the formation of men. "Cremate them all!" Tonisa screamed, her voice dancing hand in hand with ribbons of pride. The warriors loosed their bolts, their aim now barreling toward the dragon and his commander. The traveled in a sound of whistling wind, their arrowheads laced in the blessing of dragons bane. Tonisa watched as they came hurtling towards them, Calira taking note of them as well. With one powerful motion of his wings, he banked right. Most of the weapons came to fall away from his underbelly like pebbles to a mountainside, while their brothers came to lodge into his left wing. He roared in pain, blood pouring from the thin leather of his wings.copyright protection25PENANARrR6u8wy78

Tonisa roared along with him, her rage igniting within her breast. She raised her left hand into the wind, an orb of black lightning coming to form in her grasp. The tendrils of the orb began to travel up her arm like poisonous vines. " Return to them my love and allow me to show them our true power as one!" Doing as commanded, Draconvieh turned and positioned himself behind the formation who had come to reload their weapons. The men pivoted on heel and took aim once more taking the shot presented to them. "Not again you cunts!" Tonisa barked. She hurled the orb towards the ground and watched as the bolts were consumed. Moments later it struck the ground, condemning all in its range to death. The bodies of the men flew upward into the air, the black tendrils invading their bodies. Time and time again the blast came to explode the power of it traveling the ground like a pack of hungry wolves. The battle-born pair flew over the strike zone the bodies of their enemies coming to still and burn until they erupt like broken glass.copyright protection25PENANAZMkPUKg3RC

Calira made his landing, his triumphant roar carrying for miles. Tonisa, at last, sat down watching what was left of the makeshift army burn. Three men had tucked tail and ran before the start of the slaughter, their imaging now fading over the hills and into the gates of their city. Calira watched them run a rumbling growl passing through his jaws along with a cloud of smoke. "Shall we run them down?" Tonisa chuckled. "No, let them return to the traitor's gates. I want them to tell the vivid story of what happened here today. We will deal with the Eston's soon enough. For now, I wish to return home and consummate our joining for the second time." She leaned down pressing a tender kiss on his spine. The king turned in the opposite direction and spread his wings. With one motion they were once again airborne.copyright protection25PENANAk580L9um7m

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