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Amulet of the Elements Journey to Destiny
Writer Manner Hall
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Amulet of the Elements Journey to Destiny
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Manner Hall
Dec 2, 2017
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!5ngfxP5CyXb4YZItN15lposted on PENANA

Tightened hands found their way around the cast irons railings of the balcony hanging from the keep of Crystal Springs. Maerick had been standing there since the early morning before the sun came to light the sky and the birds began to sing their songs of sunrise. The wind was fresh and awakening in its touch, the cold embrace of it helped the lord feel a bit more alive. Arteinblaze had come to find comfort in the royal pairs vessel, Abigelle. She was young and kind, despite her ailing nature, the woman had lent her ear to the dragon on several occasions. They had spoken of many things, love, the coming war and those they both thought had been lost to them. Maerick had helped her bathe that morning, brushing her hair and exchanging soft-spoken words. Her wounds had healed to some extent, but they both knew under the warnings of the healers that she did not have much more time.copyright protection40PENANAYbuumAg4ZT

His eyes watched the roads, there still was no sign of Zacura, nor the many she had fought alongside. So much of him wanted to let go, accept that she was dead, but his heart had managed to build a wall. He did not know if it was his foolishness or his undying love for the hound but, he held onto his hope like a constrictor around its prey. Making his way inside, Maerick sat down beside Abigelle's bed his hands moving to rub his knees before he spoke at last.copyright protection40PENANAw4gMjOCpra

"There has been no word as of yet from King Talon. I pray that my cousins have not bee too hard on him." The petite woman sat up in her bed, finding comfort in the warm wrapping of her pillows. "I am sure he is fine, perhaps a bit mentally exhausted but well. They are family after all." Maerick shrugged, so many possibilities ran through his head. "I must admit, Hexonia is who I genuinely fear for. Laxrindren's family was never welcoming to her, even when they were young. Daun'Maru is the harshest of them all, the things I've heard her say, one would be correct to assume that her tongue is made of a poisonous steel." The young witch giggled. "Even the strongest of steel can be molded when put into enough heat Lord Artein. I have learned that words are fickle yet powerful things. One as high and honorable as King Talon should not be beaten by their weight. Then again, they would not be siblings if they did not frequently disagree."copyright protection40PENANAnCfmBXQpZW

Reaching for the table beside him, Maerick poured two cups of medicinal tea, handing one off to his companion. "That is the truth. I had a brother once, though I still claim him he denounced me years ago. We were raised in the same brood yet, grew into two very different mindsets. I was all about war and bloodshed while my brother believed in a world of peace and prosperity." He took a sip of the tea frowning at the taste and how the sweet additive had failed to mask it. While the dragon did not enjoy the drink, he often times partook to its warmth so that Abigelle would not have to bare it alone. "What was his name?" It took a few moments for the male to remember. "Elowin. He was my younger brother by about fifty years. None could tell really, he grew to be larger than me quite quickly. I will admit, I do miss his sense of humor and his loyalty. I am ashamed to say that I do not even know where he is anymore."copyright protection40PENANAKX8esuOJyN

Her soft palm moved to stroke the top of his hand, a delicate smile spreading the thickness of her lips. "Do not be ashamed, life has many ways of tormenting us. What is written for our paths before birth is almost always guaranteed to come to pass. He probably thinks of you too perhaps one day you will see each other again. My fate was to give birth to a son, my prayer is that he will grow old and make a valid change in our world for the better." Maerick for the first time in months allowed a smile to break over his features. "I suppose you are right but, I believed I changed my fate. I was born to be a warrior, trained to be a murderer of the innocent because of mindless fear of the unknown. In altering my path, the gods made me fall in love with the one I saved who was written to be killed. No matter how hard my heart calls for her I have come to accept the fact I may never see her again."copyright protection40PENANAC4SSRcHuB8

The sound of heavy running footsteps could be heard traveling the corridor of the keep. Suddenly they came to a halt just outside the door of the room the two friends had been conversing in. A series of rapid bangs came to fist at the iron of the door. The sound radiated through the room with ease before a melody of frantic calls fell into the male's ears. "Lord Artein! There is a group of travelers heading towards the northern gate! From what we can tell most of them have the Raxonian Bane!" Another series of knocks fell on the door. "Lord Artein! What shall we do?"copyright protection40PENANAFZLUmmScLR

The knocking continued until Maerick sat his tea down and opened the door. "How many have been counted?" "At least seven hundred m'lord. More may come, I believe they are here for the aid of King and Queen Talon." The hidden dragon turned to his friend. "Stay here I will return later, rest and be sure to finish off that putrid tasting tea." He smiled at her and left the room, closing the door snugly behind him. Both he and the knight moved with a quickened purpose, making their way down the stairwell and onto the swaying grass of the garden. Maerick could see them off on the horizon. Men, women, and children all slowly making their way towards the gates of the castle. His heightened sense of smell picked up on the scent of festering ailments. They all wore tattered clothing, most of which were stained with either blood, bodily fluids or both.copyright protection40PENANA8vPhKiLy1j

Many of the commoners wore cloths around their faces, so many could be seen coughing. Stains of blackened blood laid scattered over the makeshift masks, the eyes of the people yellow and inflamed. Some had gone bald, small insects known as Tri'tar had come to evolve in the wake of the Raxin Defanta. They fed off the blood of the living, more often than not they took residence on a hosts scalp. They were known to spread the disease further by attacking those who had yet to be infected. Boils, peeling skin, and festering wounds could be seen upon the exposed body parts of the migrating nomads. They were getting closer by the passing moment, it was then that Maerick felt a slight wave of fear. His cousin's home was in danger, and it was up to him and him alone to prevent it from happening.copyright protection40PENANAmDofwgrdK3

Lord Artein turned to the men and spoke dominantly. "See the ramparts risen! We have to keep them out of we will all perish!" Hundreds of men rushed to the wheels and chains that hid the crystal formation below the ground. They worked in unison, one after the other turning the wheels. It was not long until sharpened diamond-like crystals began to sprout from the moist soil. Slowly they rose into the air until they stood at their full height of over four hundred feet. The castle of the ruling city was entirely surrounded, making sure no other could penetrate the walls unless they held the ability to fly.copyright protection40PENANAmp27kpucBf

Maerick looked to the main roads, for several moments he fell away from the present and thought to the future. He feared Zacura would now return and be caught in the stampede of the ravenous hoard. The sound of weary cries and pleading voices pulled him back into reality. The humanoid travelers were crashing against the crystal of the wall. He was only twenty feet from where they demanded entry and begged for aid. Blood and a dark matter he did not dare try to figure out what it was, began to smear on the crystalline structure of the wall. Children wept and clung to the legs of their parents who were calling out for their rulers. In those troubling moments, Maerick fell back into his past, into a time where he had shown mercy and saved the life of the innocent. He found comfort in knowing that he had no choice in this matter, he was not the king nor did he hold power to allow the sick to gain entry.copyright protection40PENANA4KLU1vcM4e

"Lord Artein, how will King and Queen Talon gain entry? These people will not leave." He paced thinking. "They will have to fly, I will send word to Mount Capeisian of the current events. Fetch the magister and the physicus. We need to find out how to protect these grounds. If Crystal Springs falls so does this planet hurry!" The knight took his leave, running for the double doors of the castle. Maerick watched on as the grouping of ailing people grew larger. From the south came another gathering, their health in far worse condition than the first. Their stench was strong enough to carry over the protective wall of the keep. Maerick covered his face and fled back into the castle, forcing his guilt to the back of his mind as he saw the doors sealed.copyright protection40PENANA6rRuGnL7Bv

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