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I'll become the Number One and have my Wish Granted!
Co-Writer Michi Watanabe*
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I'll become the Number One and have my Wish Granted!
Michi Watanabe
Dec 6, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OmLSZbnwdR7YkghQyiZrposted on PENANA

It was the year of 2035; twelve years have passed since the detonation of a nuclear warhead in the Pacific Ocean.copyright protection52PENANACPgiZpuDyG

Since then communication between the countries became scarce and the world was plunged into a level 5 worldwide alert, also known as Catastrophe the highest global warning which could potentially lead to the end of the world.copyright protection52PENANAMm3xf2ICyW

 It was an inevitable turn of events. Human greed, past grudges and continuous conflicts escalated so quickly that it was already surprising enough it didn’t happen earlier.copyright protection52PENANAuGUPWbGutF

Amidst the tension, a new technology which was surgically implanted to integrate with the neural system called NIL-short for Neural Implant Link- had apparently boomed and became a staple technology. It was authorized and distributed by the WHO- World Health Organization- and to the world’s surprise, developed by a fifteen year old prodigy by the name of Christopher Piercopyright protection52PENANAW6vdouDT7b

It was a massive scientific discovery that led the world into a temporary peace. Every news channel in the world was all discussing the same thing, and every country demanded the distribution of the technology. The NIL had the capability to provide the necessary data and stimulation which would be translated into brainwaves, while the robotics would act as a replacement for lost body parts. Even those who registered as test subjects who had lost their limbs in an accident or those born without them, has testified that their robotic counterparts felt as real as their own flesh and blood.copyright protection52PENANAATyDrNGaqf

Within the two years since WHO began mass producing the NIL, already more than 70% of the world population had already underwent medical procedures and uses the NIL technology.copyright protection52PENANA6VV1KScqmG

After a few alterations, the NIL quickly replaced all known technology.copyright protection52PENANA6jMBxb5a5d

The Information Age has ended and entered a new age which is the Digital Age.copyright protection52PENANAmG7UkzI0J9

#copyright protection52PENANAfQ4aRP33fq

Dear Rene Ashia,copyright protection52PENANAKlJwXgI3qO

We would like to inform you that you are hereby admitted to our school of talented youths. At nine tonight, we will arrive to escort you. Please be ready by then. copyright protection52PENANAgNuoHOXqPH

,Helios Sanctum.copyright protection52PENANAA4xFfpuitJ

“Huh…? What is this…?” Rene looked confused as he reread the name on the letter.copyright protection52PENANAId5sK3Js69

“Is this for real…? Have they suddenly discovered my amazing talent and are begging me to enter after they blatantly rejected me two years ago!?”copyright protection52PENANAhnWLLEAJ5p

“Moreover…what time is it nowww….Oh my GOD it’s almost nine already! How could I have missed this letter? A-and what about my old school…!”copyright protection52PENANArGtZlJoP2R

As Rene was busy worrying, a knock could be heard on his rundown wooden door.copyright protection52PENANAzK4EdOHWhO

“C-coming!”copyright protection52PENANA6yb3kXIUHN

“Are you Rene Ashia? We have come to pick you up.”copyright protection52PENANAk8uO8PxwEz

To Rene’s surprise, two automated robots had appeared before his doorstep.copyright protection52PENANAodksSxhAuz

“W-wait I haven’t packed or anything.”copyright protection52PENANAoA7ADsxlnf

“It would seem that there isn’t anything valuable in this house. If it’s clothing, and daily necessity the school shall provide them for you. Let us leave immediately.”copyright protection52PENANA9HoDvws237

The robots lifted Rene up as he struggled to get away.copyright protection52PENANACrkXTcvbNZ

“No! I do have something valuable! Let me go!”copyright protection52PENANAKbASLdljzI

“Very well, we shall give you five more minutes to prepare yourselves. Now hurry, we have a schedule to keep.”copyright protection52PENANAzIpXmVuOXx

The robots gently let Rene down.copyright protection52PENANAVAYgySt33g

I did say that…but I wonder what valuables I have…I only said it because those robots were just annoying… Rene thought to himself as he rummaged his belongings in the small square room.copyright protection52PENANA3NrDGdQ1xq

“Hmm…since i don’t need to bring clothes…”copyright protection52PENANAJ6893u4xj2

“Well I’m partly grateful that I don’t have to wear these worn out clothes” Rene mumbled.copyright protection52PENANA4fD3vbVYfY

“I wonder what else I have…Oh!”copyright protection52PENANAeiMGVsUMur

It was then Rene remembered about a small box hidden underneath his bed. Inside it was a bundle of long silky silver hair.copyright protection52PENANAcdxlnBPr99

How could I possibly forget this…. Rene thought as he tenderly caressed the small box in his hands.copyright protection52PENANAteo6hUidSx

Rene then returned to the robots.copyright protection52PENANAb7PYOLqIxV

“I’m ready!”copyright protection52PENANAaK9I5wkVXt

#copyright protection52PENANA4rIty0nQdg

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