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Bellmore Group Management Services, Tokyo Japan on The only way to save money has always been the same
Writer Ann Tan
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Bellmore Group Management Services, Tokyo Japan on The only way to save money has always been the same
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Ann Tan
No Plagiarism!RIr8yMufM2up71jROip8posted on PENANA

While a bad economy or an especially low-paying job can make saving money infinitely harder, the formula for saving has always been the same. To save money, you need to spend less than you earn.copyright protection10PENANAwDkwuXS74i

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copyright protection10PENANAZV1q4zdyOZ

Obviously, this task becomes a lot easier when you earn more than average – or if you live in a low-cost area. If you have a six-figure income and live in Arkansas, for example, you should absolutely be socking some money away. On the flip side, someone living on the same salary in an expensive city like New York City, Boston, or San Francisco might not have much if anything left over after covering basic expenses like housing, food, and childcare.copyright protection10PENANABjpIkIA800

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copyright protection10PENANAhxDC37zWfD

But, no matter your income or where you live, you have to find a way to spend less than you earn if you hope to save money to retire, have some fun, and avoid debt. You can get a side hustle or a part-time job if you want, but if you don't spend less than you bring home, you're always going to struggle.copyright protection10PENANAefzgFDPScD

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copyright protection10PENANASNXiwh17q1

That's why it's important to determine the difference between your "wants" and "needs" — and to understand why that differentiation matters. Without a grasp on why these terms matter, it's significantly harder to get on the right side of your financial ledger.copyright protection10PENANA7HyLjCTTz8

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copyright protection10PENANAxNn733LTWX

Wants vs. needscopyright protection10PENANAwPLu7iL8pc

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copyright protection10PENANAaxUJjemc7V

What is a "want?" And what is a "need?" While everyone's wants and needs can vary, there's a big difference between these two terms when it comes to how you spend your money.copyright protection10PENANAlFJIMMMxGI

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copyright protection10PENANAvdyhHFAtOZ

Generally speaking, a "need" is something you absolutely cannot live without. You need a roof over your head, for example. You need food and health insurance and transportation to get to work.copyright protection10PENANAFYxzIQN43V

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copyright protection10PENANAZoAI6nvTVb

You need electricity in your house, you need food to eat, and you need a telephone. In this day and age, you probably even need internet access for your job or so your kids can do homework.copyright protection10PENANACroaI5PizE

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copyright protection10PENANAieCPOkGCoJ

A "want," on the other hand, is something you'd like, but could probably live without if push comes to shove. You want to go out to dinner tonight so you don't have to cook. You want a shiny new iPhone X, even if you’re existing phone works just fine.copyright protection10PENANAxo786evC7r

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copyright protection10PENANANKScUAiKTR

You want concert tickets and an annual beach vacation, but you wouldn't die if you couldn't have these things.copyright protection10PENANAoc502UlIwK

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copyright protection10PENANAr38zcfOHRW

A want is something you very well may be able to afford, but don't actually need to get by.copyright protection10PENANA8EG1RAC9kv

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copyright protection10PENANA0II6JK04sw

When needs are actually wantscopyright protection10PENANAPUAXuMdiu4

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copyright protection10PENANAeDJUEAugJO

But, what happens when something you consider a need is actually a want? This happens all the time, and it really throws people off. Worse, it tricks people into justifying purchases they wouldn't make it they really thought it through.copyright protection10PENANAMJxuQgeQlH

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copyright protection10PENANAmaCX86Jlod

For example, you need to eat, it's true. But, do you need to dine out at your favorite pub tonight? If you have food to eat at home, the answer is no. But if you're in the mood to justify the purchase, you could tell yourself you need to eat and do it anyway.copyright protection10PENANApCQ8xuJ1Lt

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copyright protection10PENANAQxdo23EhTZ

You also need a cellphone because it's 2017 and hardly anyone has just a landline anymore. But, you don't need to upgrade to the new $1,000 iPhone, and you may not even need a smartphone. Heck, you may not even need a data plan — but since you know you need a phone, you can convince yourself you need the best possible phone with the priciest talk, data, and text package money can buy.copyright protection10PENANAYgaBdiHWD5

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copyright protection10PENANA92I0bfvVhg

New cars are another area where it's easy to confuse what you want with what you need. You may need a car to get to work. You probably don't need a brand-new car financed for 72 months with a $500 monthly payment. But, since you know you need to get to work, you can talk yourself into buying what you want on the premise that your shiny new ride is a need.copyright protection10PENANAo7OBvQEa8x

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copyright protection10PENANAa7OkI1DpXg

Well, guess what. It's not.copyright protection10PENANAv7je8vtDqK

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copyright protection10PENANATOSHpoy4zH

In all these instances, you absolutely need the item in question — food, phone, transportation — but you're choosing to spend more than you have to. In these cases, it's important to be honest with yourself about what you need, what you want, and the difference between the two.copyright protection10PENANACKOq5xrIXp

14Please respect copyright.PENANAT6Z36k0tBD
copyright protection10PENANAZsxiGFOaje

Three steps to help you separate wants from needscopyright protection10PENANAVc3NUtctxM

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copyright protection10PENANAa9wZABw2ju

There's nothing wrong with spending money on wants. I would even argue that paying for wants is an important part of life. If life were only about working and paying bills, then it wouldn't be much fun.copyright protection10PENANArjWZBDFpNY

14Please respect copyright.PENANAZtPABx1A3J
copyright protection10PENANAEIbHw6aJzI

The problem arises when people conflate their wants with their needs to the point where their spending stands in the way of their financial goals. When we spend money on wants without determining if they're really a priority, we often shortchange ourselves in the areas of our lives that really matter – things like saving money for college, emergencies, retirement savings, and vacations.copyright protection10PENANAvKS1KsDhuX

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copyright protection10PENANALWgIWSlBi8

If you're struggling to separate wants from needs, here are three steps to help.copyright protection10PENANAAWRLEnSO7r

14Please respect copyright.PENANAEnpjtM9JjD
copyright protection10PENANAxCcpEXRhem

Step 1: Decide which wants truly add value to your life.copyright protection10PENANAe0jvIfn3RF

14Please respect copyright.PENANApi6fTINUiQ
copyright protection10PENANAcrC3dgr55y

If you're spending more than you should and having trouble separating wants from needs, it's smart to take a step back and look at what you're actually buying. Do your wants add real value to your life, or are they made out of convenience? Are you making discretionary purchases because they're important to you, or simply out of habit?copyright protection10PENANAxCbK1PHT7W

14Please respect copyright.PENANAEdNu7OrmPR
copyright protection10PENANAfmWzREOfIF

While spending on wants is an important part of life, some wants are more important to us than others – and if you stop to examine you’re spending, you may find that many of the splurges you're making aren't really worth it. By deciding which wants add real value to your life, you can determine which ones to keep and which wants you can live without.copyright protection10PENANAUU7xYlNpqT

14Please respect copyright.PENANAcufBNInWrG
copyright protection10PENANAYYvaIxZqq7

Step 2: Trade away some of your wants for a better deal.copyright protection10PENANAmGtjflX4AF

14Please respect copyright.PENANAzRZG7SoUNG
copyright protection10PENANAJvAR2ycQYD

Depending on the "want" in question, you may be able to come up with an alternative action that lets you save your money instead. This is a good strategy to try when you're spending on something out of habit or out of convenience.copyright protection10PENANAJXBe7kM7Lc

14Please respect copyright.PENANALsUzW1nond
copyright protection10PENANAe7THr83odD

For example:copyright protection10PENANA4W8FObd01c

14Please respect copyright.PENANAfAHvbvdzsF
copyright protection10PENANAEK9gZgALnm

If you dine out a few times per week more out of convenience than pleasure, you may find you can cut your spending and still eat conveniently with some simple planning. If you can get in the habit of meal planning or using your crock pot to make easy dinners a few nights per week, for example, you may be able to avoid hasty, unfulfilling dinners out and pocket that money instead.copyright protection10PENANAXCuRkV0nkd

14Please respect copyright.PENANAf2wfID86yV
copyright protection10PENANA0oa93YkhZl

If you have an expensive cable package out of habit but never watch all the channels, you may be able to choose a cheaper package and save money without really noticing. Heck, you may even be able to cancel your cable subscription together.copyright protection10PENANAuD5ET4VuQi

14Please respect copyright.PENANANknHTkJhI7
copyright protection10PENANAQNVkEffFCz

If you're signed up for multiple subscriptions for magazines or any of those subscription boxes like FabFitFun but you rarely have time to enjoy what you receive, you might be able to cancel without any real impact to your happiness or fulfillment.copyright protection10PENANASDY2M207kZ

14Please respect copyright.PENANAvYHdtTIHsb
copyright protection10PENANAsOCyswDn0t

It's important to have wants in your life, but you should only splurge when you're truly benefiting. If a want isn't really making you happy, you'll get more out of your hard-earned dollars once you cut the fat and reallocate those dollars to make them count.copyright protection10PENANAGQhBbWRrBt

14Please respect copyright.PENANAmIdTXVx526
copyright protection10PENANA1t6ZwT2w0m

Step 3: Figure out how to afford what you really want.copyright protection10PENANAwtb92EFG2G

14Please respect copyright.PENANA1QqpykJiCs
copyright protection10PENANAaJxslIpca0

Let's say you have a handful of wants that are really important to you. You love having a new car because you drive an hour to work each way, or you're a huge tech geek who can't wait to get your hands on every new phone or game console that comes out. Maybe you're a foodie who loves dining out so much you're willing to sacrifice elsewhere to be able to try all your favorite restaurants.copyright protection10PENANAGbuNa0GdxH

14Please respect copyright.PENANAp7r7lU04Cs
copyright protection10PENANAA3bLdeqTVs

Working those wants into your budget is obviously important, but you need to make sure you can afford it. If you're not saving money already – or if you're spending all you earn and going into debt – then you probably need to analyze your spending in its entirety to find other places to cut.copyright protection10PENANAz5b6yxPXJZ

14Please respect copyright.PENANAfZasS8oqdr
copyright protection10PENANAYpascltTy1

The best way to determine whether you can afford everything you want – in addition to everything you need, of course – is to use a monthly budget and track your spending. While tracking your purchases can prevent you from spending more than you want, a monthly budget can help you prioritize your monthly obligations and your wants without sacrificing your savings goals.copyright protection10PENANAB85MUi1kbW

14Please respect copyright.PENANAwfhXEQho8T
copyright protection10PENANANK2ZRAwGyf

My favorite type of budget is the zero-sum budget because all it takes is a pen and paper to get started. Zero-sum budgeting also makes prioritizing easy since it forces you to "spend" all your money on paper and "give each dollar a job."copyright protection10PENANAFwFPZSbsLJ

14Please respect copyright.PENANAQy1hFmcGqO
copyright protection10PENANAumSz9NRa73

In addition, zero-sum budgeting forces you to pay your savings and investments as if they were regular bills, then learn to live off the rest. In that sense, it may force you to reevaluate your wants and needs since you'll have less discretionary money over all.copyright protection10PENANA7VN9UFJqlh

14Please respect copyright.PENANA8GNj8Gsx6F
copyright protection10PENANAG0OmQNe1g0

The bottom linecopyright protection10PENANALKnDjwqbHy

14Please respect copyright.PENANAYDUgAz7RXf
copyright protection10PENANAeOt2XoHHO2

If you're struggling with money and can't earn more of it right now, your best step is maximizing the money you have. Very often, the best way to do this is to take a close look at your monthly spending to see how much you're splurging. From there, you can decide if those “want" are truly worth it, or if you'd be better off taking a different approach.copyright protection10PENANAZv3NRTA5VQ

14Please respect copyright.PENANALONM5t9i9A
copyright protection10PENANA5GBskVZL6H

At the end of the day, the best way to make sure you can afford what you want is to think ahead, be intentional with your spending, and most importantly, and be honest with yourself. We all want things in life, but those who get the most of what they want are the ones who plan.copyright protection10PENANAjlvNntb5b0

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