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Lullaby In the Night

    Somone is singing me a lullaby in the night, oh every night, and I don't know why. A heart beating so fast, so very fast, and someone's singing to me. I don't even know his name, but he ses don't you cry another tear. But I say, how can I not, without shinning tears there wouldn't be rainfall. Then he answers and ses, look around, the night is so beautiful. Look around at those stars up in the sky, moonlight overhead. Don't be afraid of the night because it's beautiful. All around, can't you hear the music of the night, can you see it, can you feel it? Oh indeed I can, Indeed I can...But who are you? Then all I hear is piano keys, or are those guitar strings? Somone pressing on a pedal, a little too close to midnight. I'm not going to sleep until I sing you to your dreams, he ses. But all I wan't to do now is get up, and dance, with feet moving across the floor. Won't you let your dreams take you away with me? Even if it's just for a night? Then it happens, I see fireflies in my dreams. Some is singing far away, but where is it comming from? Then I catch a falling star, I'm not sure what to wish for, when I look into his eyes. For an instant, for a second, or forever it seems, we dance together as a song of starlights sung. Moonlit night and starlit joy, replaced from tears to endless joy. But oh where is this lullaby comming from, where oh where is this lullaby comming from? I guess it's just an endless starlight mystery. Now look within, can you see that light? Let it shine into the crustal clear night. And remember, remember, it's always there.
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