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Short Story
It's all as it should be
Writer Nikko
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It's all as it should be
A - A - A
Nonexistent being
Feb 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!nKNvXbPSPzN9EmUeao2tposted on PENANA

copyright protection56PENANAEsb1gAlB8H

"Done." He said stepping down the wide stone stairs in front of the post office.copyright protection56PENANAIvsv1pHQhw

The sky was orange, a vibrant orange.copyright protection56PENANAp5F4sAjCYl

"It fucking rains all the time. I just fucking washed the damn thing." A driver behind the red light muttered.copyright protection56PENANA6DNhE4SZG0

His brother opened the car door and reminded him : "It's almost 6. C'mon. There's already traffic," and he stopped on the last stair, his eyes following the motorcycle that was arriving behind the car. "What are you waiting for? Get in the car."copyright protection56PENANAHpw9UxyBoQ

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection56PENANA8OWNSoob1n

He found a shape moving in the shadows behind the window.copyright protection56PENANAx70loFqgE6

"Hmm, are you planning to come here again sometime?" She asked him as she picked another strawberry from the plate to eat .copyright protection56PENANAhmvNvqk42I

Johnattan chewed on his last piece of jerky and said: "I'll be back tomorrow night."copyright protection56PENANAVawSYphmBi

She smiled and stuffed the last smashed strawberries on the plate in her mouth.copyright protection56PENANAJ8pJtOoU53

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection56PENANA0mpw9VWu0Z

He was asleep, his head towards the window. Johnattan took the fox tooth out of his pocket and threw it out of the car window while he was driving.copyright protection56PENANAdV9KO795tL

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection56PENANAndTNWnClhI

Jane interrupted the silence again and asked: "Say something."copyright protection56PENANApi4POeKLJL

Johnattan pulled away his hands from the fireplace and put them on his knees: "It's unnecessary."copyright protection56PENANAKWHUGv1QAv

Jane picked a strawberry from the plate she was holding and kept asking questions: "What do you do?"copyright protection56PENANACYIvMFTp0a

He replied "I work at sea," and looked away from the fire to check the window.copyright protection56PENANA7qtcfhq03a

Jane told him, chuckling: "I think it's all as it should be. There's nothing to be fixed. To change the world into something, it's unstable. There's nothing to it."copyright protection56PENANALO6sINYJEy

Johnattan put the empty glass on the table and observed the nimbostratus cloud, unconcerned.copyright protection56PENANAegxXMkCFJD

He was drinking and talking to Johnattan watching the landscape outside.copyright protection56PENANAQQ3k3jCujF

"It'll be home before holiday." He crossed his arms.copyright protection56PENANAE5tLybywVd

"Yeah." Johnattan answered taking a turn and driving up the side of a hill.copyright protection56PENANA59tC7gXJWG

He sneezed and added: "Sometimes I forget I've sent the package myself."copyright protection56PENANAnMxr6AKI44

Jane picked another strawberry glancing at him and asked: "You don't talk much, do you?"copyright protection56PENANAoJaRuI33eY

Johnattan responded: "My mind is blank when I'm not calculating anything."copyright protection56PENANAgk8KXf0UZW

The road was a continuous direct line falling into the horizon. After a minute he stopped drinking because of dizziness and fell asleep.copyright protection56PENANAAnJ7OQIzzN

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection56PENANAEXwOP0xS3M

He was leaning against the wall in a dead end alley buried in a snowdrift. Johnattan was standing in front of him and noticed he was gaining consciousness, so left the pile of snow.copyright protection56PENANAQk6Z43e4Xe

The light rain was turning into snow.copyright protection56PENANA1yBLGqBoZa

A distinct voice snapped him out of his stupor as a blurry shadow of Johnattan became visible: "It's cold," as a needle then reached into his arm.copyright protection56PENANAcE7ItWJ0PM

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection56PENANANG7TFbXUgU

The snow had been falling for hours. Johnattan was watching him from a diner's window in front of the alley on the other side of the street.copyright protection56PENANA8itK39aEya

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection56PENANAOKPWsiTbjI

It was almost dawn. He was in his room on the second floor watching him.copyright protection56PENANAY6p504hXZx

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection56PENANAS8PlSSv3x3

The town was covered in snow on that cloudy afternoon. The sky was grey and a funnel shaped cloud was above the area. Johnattan checked the corpse and left that remote place.copyright protection56PENANAemN3ifmcrF

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection56PENANAVqMkvMpMJo

He arrived at the bridge. A landslide had left a gap in the road, splitting the concrete in half. It started to rain again.60Please respect copyright.PENANAvHWiLfy7rZ
copyright protection56PENANAkCw9Xp2stA

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