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Writer harmonyrose1294
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Book Two: Chapter Eight: Katsu's Secret Revealed Part Two
Apr 14, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!D8OHqlcZtvk69puD2JuEposted on PENANA

Last time, Katsu is still being targeted by Kuroyuri's group. A little bit of the Shinigami Squad was revealed. Hironori reveals his beliefs and feelings on Immortality. The name of the leader of Kuroyuri's group is revealed. Also, Kuroyuri appeared herself.33Please respect copyright.PENANATifuXeNpSY
So you must be the Rose Maiden or Princess I heard of? Kuroyuri asked. What is is you? Ally asked. I want you to stay away from my Katsu. Kuroyuri replied. Kuroyuri puts her hand on Katsu's face and kisses his cheek. She whispered in his ear "I will come for you". Ally rushed to Kuroyuri to attack until Kiyoshi appeared and stopped the attacked. So is true, you work for her? Ally asked. So what of it, what can you do to me? Kiyoshi asked. Ally vanished. Where did she go? Cosmos asked. Ally slashed Kiyoshi neck. I see you improved your skills since the last time. As I heard, you gained immense powers over the course of two years. You learned the ninja arts, you learned swordsmanship in different countries. That agility and almost god-like speed came from that hellish training I heard of. Kiyoshi replied. Oh, you must have had a gap in your information because the sword I just used is one you never been introduced to. This sword is called Avaritia. It is one of the great swords of the Sword Empress, Yuri. She bestowed this sword to me and it's collection to match. Ally replied. Ally sheathed the sword. Oh yeah, one slash is more deadly than a thousand. Ally replied. I will say you have gotten stronger but not on my level. Kiyoshi replied. Kiyoshi unsheathed his sword. Kiyoshi was about to cut off Ally's head. Katsu sword tapped and sent Kiyoshi into the wall. I'm sorry but I can't let you hurt her. Katsu replied. How did you? Kuroyuri asked. Your not the only one who knows how to use the forbidden arts. Katsu replied. So the rumors are true the Crimson-Eyed Reaper works secretly under Yukimoto. Kiyoshi replied. So what if I am? Katsu asked. You are a dangerous man, from the rumors I have heard you decapitated many lords head for money. Kiyoshi replied. So what if I did? Katsu replied. You are nowhere near to call yourself a human being. Kiyoshi replied. You can call whatever you like, I don't care what you think about me. Katsu replied. I want to test out your sword Higanbana. Kiyoshi replied. I know the sword you are using isn't HIganbana. Kiyoshi replied. That wasn't Higanbana? Ally replied. Higanbana is like the main sword and this is one of the swords in the collection. Katsu replied. They all have her energy signature but possesses different abilities. This sword overpowers its opponent. Katsu replied. If he used me he would have killed everyone in the building. Higanbana replied. Higanbana, did you take everyone somewhere safe? Katsu asked. Yes, I did as you asked. Higanbana replied. Ally, we need to get out of here. I replied. It's the female knight Rumiko Vesta and that hot head. Kiyoshi replied. Hey is it ok I hurt him? I asked. No, it is not ok, he wants you to become angry. Rumiko replied. Isn't she the one who stopped your sword, Kin? Kiyoshi asked. That lowlife half-breed. Kin replied. You a human that possess dragon-like abilities and it's the dragon of Calamity, Calum the Dragon of Ira. Kiyoshi replied. So what if my dad is that, my mother accepted him for him, not his dangerous title. Rumiko replied. Well, I struck a nerve. Kiyoshi replied. Rumiko gave him a blank stare and turned head and looked at Kaoru. Never mind, Kaoru you take the first shot and I will back you up. Rumiko replied. Hey, you are usually the voice of reasoning of our trio, not violent. Violence is Kaoru's thing, not yours. Ally replied. Shut up, I am not the violent one. I replied. Everyone nodded. Kaoru walked past Katsu and whispered, "Oh yeah, Katsu you might get rewarded for saving Ally". Katsu seemed as if he got a certain burst of inspiration.copyright protection29PENANAfjf6wMhCmd

Seem like Katsu is really in love with Ally but at the same doesn't want to hurt her.copyright protection29PENANAvZlkGLGSL9

Wonder where their relationship will be heading?copyright protection29PENANAo6gyvKbytF

Stay Tuned.copyright protection29PENANAcIYsPvf77B

-Avaritia is Latin for  Greed.copyright protection29PENANAkDBFYirEbc

-Calum is Latin for calamity.copyright protection29PENANAOzi48OOjmi

-Ira is Latin for Wrathcopyright protection29PENANAZz1Y1RuhYC

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