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Piecing her broken heart
Writer MiraHarlson
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Piecing her broken heart
Piecing her broken heart

Save me Adam or kill me. That was her only plea when she saw his beautiful face and blazing eyes.

Only a victim can understand fully what it feels like to be a victim. Sympathizers can have an idea but they can never understand how it feels like, they can never feel the pain thus, they can never know it. Lora is a victim, she's depressed, suicidal, in pain and she's hurt. All she desires is death and nothing more. All she wants is to be free from the ugliness of the world.

Adam is the schools golden boy. He has a past no one knows about and even his present is still far fetched to most people. He isn't your bad boy, no, he is actually what you can call a saint, an angel.

What happens when a broken spirit meets a healing soul? What happens when love clashes with pain?He became her angel and he was not going to stop till he put back every piece of her heart together, even if the pieces cut him, even if he bled from it. He bled from it.

 A book that should be read by every Teenager. A must read.

Total Reading Time: 13 minutes


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