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Humans, So Fragile
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Writer MyExpressiveOutlet
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Humans, So Fragile
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Jan 9, 2018
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!9ihD2A9X2OSYl3LSohOZposted on PENANA

Humans are so fragile, copyright protection19PENANAHRSbK9REJq

A single word,copyright protection19PENANA0SJivMSEJV

Smell,copyright protection19PENANAtBTPFFH3Ww

Movement,copyright protection19PENANA3EnVP75HMP

Face,copyright protection19PENANA8MHR5dDYSm

And we’re immediately back to that moment,copyright protection19PENANATmYNbEsTIo

That moment we’ve been running from for our entire lives.copyright protection19PENANApL3MHSTNAF

We all have those moments,copyright protection19PENANACIskzxxdwq

Those moments of shame,copyright protection19PENANAApMycXdEQV

Of anger,copyright protection19PENANA3fH61oZVcz

Of fear.copyright protection19PENANABOh39RBG47

Those moments that will forever be etched within our memories.copyright protection19PENANA7ExTdJRqoI

Those moments that we thought we had packed up and neatly put away.copyright protection19PENANAmsY4y0tyVF

But as soon as we believe we have come to terms with it,copyright protection19PENANA7xtpBDgcjl

It comes flooding back.copyright protection19PENANAkrZRkdBcE0

For me, it is copyright protection19PENANAU0sT51TyzP

The smell of cigarette smoke,copyright protection19PENANAdHmH7XknaE

A glare from across the room,copyright protection19PENANAJv5InqWZCA

The yelling of a mother,copyright protection19PENANAZwBsqGtje3

The fear of a child,copyright protection19PENANA8rLv9SttgD

A single word.copyright protection19PENANA7Z9cIwCEvf

Trende.copyright protection19PENANAevMQXcwqvK

Fear courses through my body,copyright protection19PENANAuEcfal8DPo

Enveloping me in its icy embrace.copyright protection19PENANAhWnq96XMLt

Waves of cold crash against me,copyright protection19PENANA20YOQV0mmw

freezing me in place.copyright protection19PENANA7Rbk6lGeZv

My breath,copyright protection19PENANADgs1HC7FpS

Frozen in my throat;copyright protection19PENANA8rS7fJ3g6p

My mind,copyright protection19PENANAMdhYyojeDi

Racing,copyright protection19PENANAKgzchgPpVe

Fighting against the oncoming freeze,copyright protection19PENANAi4GbbVUec0

Desperately trying to process what just happened.copyright protection19PENANAEZeVXMjg1W

Seconds turn to minutes as I fight to regain my freedom,copyright protection19PENANAzLd8YuoOUk

As I coax myself into believing everything is alright,copyright protection19PENANA2coInzEhNQ

That she is not here,copyright protection19PENANAhsPvnMiH3j

That she is gone.copyright protection19PENANAEC5RK3m9Rg

Slowly I feel the warmth flood out from within me,copyright protection19PENANAuUsSDQsh8g

Curing the frostbite of fear,copyright protection19PENANA8pIYV5KeNO

Bringing life back into my dead face.copyright protection19PENANAxrqCibGEly

For hours after I am on edge,copyright protection19PENANAVPsoH6eanm

Just waiting for the next attack,copyright protection19PENANAqwM8uIefW1

The next trigger.copyright protection19PENANA3utu7LGOq1

We are all much more fragile than we like to believe,copyright protection19PENANAmlQPJyVYIj

Even the strongest of us can be broken; copyright protection19PENANAl9P7ikQwzM

But it is those who endure the pain, and push to succeed,copyright protection19PENANAyDh18oNOcd

Despite the trials,copyright protection19PENANAPyzGojfjhY

The fear,copyright protection19PENANADC7tKpNAWn

The anger, copyright protection19PENANAnu0Ew82jXe

The degradation,copyright protection19PENANAwMN5tcoIvG

Those are the truly strong.copyright protection19PENANAG9iOC3dqD9

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