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I Can't Be Bothered
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Writer King Cosmic
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I Can't Be Bothered
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Skulls & Crossbones
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XjL1W02o94SV527bZ5hkposted on PENANA

The next morning, I was pumped to start at my new school. Though, I was little nervous too. All night, I couldn't stop thinking about what was wrong with my brother so I decided that I was going to push him a little bit more. After I took a shower and got ready, I went to my brother's room to see if he was ready to get to school. Since my dad is going to the store to buy food today, we didn't have any breakfast food to eat before we leave so we have to eat at school which I didn't mind.copyright protection19PENANAsmHqYS1sJt

I went into my brother's room to see him sitting on his bed and staring down at the floor with a sad look on his face. I walked into the room and watched my brother.copyright protection19PENANAsGMeIJfK7o

"Hey, you ready to go?"copyright protection19PENANAP0jU2q61wn

Logan looked up at me. "Yeah. I guess."copyright protection19PENANAmZJ4pHWqaF

I walked over to the bed and sat down next to Logan. "What's wrong? You're not excited for school?"copyright protection19PENANATDmGR5p7Px

Logan shook his head.copyright protection19PENANAvFxPzzfGBM

I sighed. "I know this move hasn't been easy but you'll meet new friends. Why don't you-"copyright protection19PENANA4XLN1bvYCG

"I don't WANT to meet any new friends!" Logan shouted as he stood up and stared at me.copyright protection19PENANADwk0cb5CjV

I stared up at my brother, confused. "Logan..."copyright protection19PENANA9OAHEagTQS

"Just leave me alone okay?" He said, grabbing his bookbag and left the room.copyright protection19PENANAGUQsIRDePf

Things were definitely NOT going to get any easier.copyright protection19PENANAUtLfuYrzAK

***copyright protection19PENANAuJy5qdfH66

When I got to school, I was confused on where everything is. I went by the office and got my schedule and now i'm having trouble finding my first class which is Science. I walked around and tried asking for directions but it seemed like nobody heard me or wasn't willing to give me any information. Typical. Just because i'm the new kid, people didn't want to help out. Just great.copyright protection19PENANAzN1pfKhTY7

"I know where the Science room is." I heard a female voice say. I turned around and saw a girl with black square framed glasses and black hair tied in two braids.copyright protection19PENANA9TBU85TzFt

I smiled at her. "Hi. You know where my room is?"copyright protection19PENANAj9dSfD5ulc

She nodded. "I have that class too for first period. I can show you?"copyright protection19PENANABV0ClfmD8l

"That would be great!" I grinned.copyright protection19PENANAKiemcnr5W6

"Cool. Follow me."copyright protection19PENANAzggM9vqf0L

I followed after the girl. She seemed pretty cool. She was wearing a purple hoodie with a Hello Kitty on it, purple skinny jeans and low rise purple converse. She looked pretty young. Like...fourteen or fifteen so it's a bit strange that she's in my Junior grade.copyright protection19PENANArCGre2HBFQ

"Here we are. My name is Lizzie by the way. What's yours?"copyright protection19PENANAWq8bMlzerw

"Luis. Thanks for showing me where the room is, Lizzie."copyright protection19PENANAl0MCMW7cb8

She smiled. "No problem."copyright protection19PENANAYDKF5ZHMBm

I watched her walk into the room and go to her seat before walking in myself and up to the teacher. The guy was pretty burly and had white hair and a small white beard.copyright protection19PENANACyNLJz6iOx

"Excuse me. I'm new here." I said to him.copyright protection19PENANAO9yBLlxTyJ

He turned to me and took my schedule, looking it over. While he was looking over my schedule, I looked around the room for a place to sit. Lizzie caught my eye and waved at me. I smiled and waved back. Too bad there wasn't a seat available next to her. She's pretty much the only person I know at this school. The school late bell rung and two guys walked in.copyright protection19PENANA2wmMbrMTen

"You're late. Don't do it again." The teacher said.copyright protection19PENANAgRV3CFDJYr

I glanced over to see who the two guys were when I realized that the blue haired hipster is in my class. My heart started to pound in my chest. This is my chance to talk to him. To be friends with him. Especially since nobody is sitting next to him at a table. I watched the blue haired hipster until he noticed that I was looking at him. I decided to give him a smile but instead of him smiling back, he gave that 'don't care' look and stuck his earbuds in his ears. I didn't really think much about his reaction.copyright protection19PENANAhNBPomaWgJ

"You can go sit next to Walter, Luis." The teacher said then pointed to the blue haired hipster.copyright protection19PENANAGif25ruRkI

Yes! I knew I was going to sit next to him. I walked over to Walter's table and sat down in the chair next to him. I continued to smile at him but he continued to ignore me until he noticed that I was staring hard at him.copyright protection19PENANAfBzbEcQhVO

"What are you staring at?" He asked.copyright protection19PENANAJcCk21HdXX

I blinked my eyes. "Oh...nothing. Just...the door." I wish I hadn't said that.copyright protection19PENANAWEgbGmDbeY

"Uh huh." Walter looked at me like he was bored. I noticed that he had baby blue eyes.copyright protection19PENANATtztEdFvvB

"So...your name is Walter? Cool."copyright protection19PENANAkeOWzQXg3V

"It's Walt. I hate Walter." He quickly said as he sat back in his seat.copyright protection19PENANAeZzvbgROr5

"Oh. Okay. Well, i'm Luis."copyright protection19PENANAMlzlPdzvJ5

"That mean something to me?"copyright protection19PENANA63jU0TKX9O

I blinked my eyes. Wow. This guy had some cocky attitude. Is this how ALL hipsters act?copyright protection19PENANAToNsTYJLNb

I sighed. "Forget it." Then I turned to the front of the class and listened to the teacher.copyright protection19PENANAQAwpWlDwQm

***copyright protection19PENANABXqUSqOCoY

Lunch rolled by and I ended up sitting out in the courtyard with Lizzie. The courtyard consisted of a few tables for kids to sit and eat at. Students can also sit and eat lunch on the grass.copyright protection19PENANArhmeKgdt11

"I saw you trying to talk to Walt." Lizzie said to me.copyright protection19PENANAESBbiyxV4o

"Yeah. What's the deal with him? We haven't even known each other for five seconds and he acted like he wanted me to disappear."copyright protection19PENANAiFlJAd9oQy

Lizzie nodded. "That's Walt for you. He acts different around certain people."copyright protection19PENANAmiPIwAZK41

"What do you mean?"copyright protection19PENANALITnUbVr7Z

"If he doesn't know you, he acts sorta mean. If he's friends with you, he's really nice. If he likes you, then...well, I dunno." She explained.copyright protection19PENANAPpEb8epiDg

"What do you mean 'like'? Like as in crush?"copyright protection19PENANAQZyGI5hIPl

Lizzie nodded. "I'm not sure how he acts when he likes someone. I don't think he has ever liked anybody before." She said then took a bite out of her sandwich.copyright protection19PENANAJA3CYYOTpV

"How long have you known him?"copyright protection19PENANASflxruLQMp

"I don't know him persay." She said with a mouthful. "We've gone to the same school since 8th grade. I haven't really seen anybody break his barrier." She said then swallowed her food.copyright protection19PENANA7DoFk7KBPA

"And he's a hipster? My brother, Logan described him and his friends as that." I said.copyright protection19PENANAWyb0b9YZ2o

Lizzie nodded. "He's your typical hipster. They don't really care about anybody. They feel like they 'can't be bothered' with anybody."copyright protection19PENANAUVEfs5JeWw

"Pfft. That's crazy." I said, taking a sip of my lemonade. "So, since he's never liked anybody, I guess you don't know his type huh?"copyright protection19PENANAD3a2Ju9t6Z

Lizzie shrugged. "I think only his friends would know his type. Why? Do you like him?"copyright protection19PENANA42xf3Ip2Hr

I sighed. "Why does everybody keep asking that? I just think he's...I dunno."copyright protection19PENANArCn5SPbC37

"I think you should watch out for him. He's troubled."copyright protection19PENANA8HaiJTNTnT

***copyright protection19PENANASsWpH0863Q

I was happy when school finally ended. I said goodbye to Lizzie and started to make my way home. Since the school wasn't that far from my new house, I don't really mind walking to and from school everyday. I sorta saw Walt throughout the day but like Lizzie said, Walt acted like he couldn't be bothered with me. I had more classes with him but in each class, he kept being late. I mentioned it to Lizzie and she told me that hipsters like him walk slow because they think they don't have any place to be at.copyright protection19PENANAyusVAlKLXO

This whole thing with Walt is pretty confusing and complicated and yet, I kept finding myself drawn to him. Like, I can't stop watching him. There's just something about him that makes me want to be around him. Anyways, now I can stop thinking about Walt now that school is over. Once I reached home, I saw a distant figure at the beach. He looked like my little brother. I started to make my way over to the small figure. And once I got closer and closer to him, I noticed that it WAS my little brother. He was staring out into the ocean while a giant breeze blew through.copyright protection19PENANAS5v3ofXc8l

"Hey, Logan. How was school?" I asked once I reached him.copyright protection19PENANA60N2qv3yB6

He shrugged. "It was okay. You?"copyright protection19PENANApaBS5bdQWa

"Guess who I saw?"copyright protection19PENANAFPgbTFqQRz

Logan looked at me. "Who?"copyright protection19PENANAcXAZ00v3z7

"The blue haired hipster. His name is Walt. I also met a girl named Lizzie. She told me all about Walt."copyright protection19PENANAaYhLQnW4eT

Logan nodded then looked back at the ocean.copyright protection19PENANAeTIv5Baws1

"Did anything special happen at school?" I asked.copyright protection19PENANA5EZFEZG93g

"Nope."copyright protection19PENANAgdexZ5UVa9

I sighed. I couldn't take this anymore. I NEED to know what's going on with Logan.copyright protection19PENANAPp3xU884EB

"Logan, why can't you tell me what's going on with you? You seem so sad and angry. Why won't you talk to me?"copyright protection19PENANA6Kf5qT4628

"I dunno. I guess I...I dunno."copyright protection19PENANAmilBQlHLhR

"Do you think I won't understand? Because I will. You seem to be angry at Andy. What happened between you and him before we left?"copyright protection19PENANAU6gXDa5MfK

Logan just stood there, not saying anything. I watched my brother, closely, waiting to see if he was going to answer me. Then, he finally spoke.copyright protection19PENANAnluDrUww1z

"He pushed me away."copyright protection19PENANAEnS0ZIlGtC

I blinked my eyes. "Go on..."copyright protection19PENANAxoINmmYr8d

"I...I told him something and he ended our friendship."copyright protection19PENANAcwzG90BGwC

I nodded slowly. "What did you tell him?"copyright protection19PENANAfb08bZQxFk

"I told him..." He sighed. "I told him that I liked him."copyright protection19PENANA9cIS04eYwn

Now I was completely shocked and confused.copyright protection19PENANAcJULq4M1Kj

"You liked him meaning...You had a crush on him?"copyright protection19PENANAD0uE8FDYci

Logan nodded. "Yeah. I told him in private and he just...he just..."copyright protection19PENANAjmv2fv7tuE

"He just what?"copyright protection19PENANARGnLrNPeOA

Logan started to sniff. "He said, 'My brother calls people like you faggots. My brother told me to never be friends with people like you.' That's what he said to me."copyright protection19PENANAxsA16IHKHU

I felt my heart drop. "Oh...Logan."copyright protection19PENANA31hy3w4a0y

Logan shrugged and continued to sniff. "That's why I've been sad and pissed. He's the only guy I've liked and he just dropped me like that."copyright protection19PENANAORfbDHZsVN

I walked up to my brother and hugged him. "I know. It's not easy."copyright protection19PENANA2sgDunmb74

"Crushes suck." He said.copyright protection19PENANA6b5nJ8UOjU

I nodded. "Indeed they do." Well, i'm glad that my brother finally told me what's been on his mind. My dad knows that i'm bisexual but he doesn't know that Logan is into guys too. Hell, I didn't even know that my little brother is into guys until now. Logan has always been the type to keep to himself. Now all I can do is comfort my little brother and be there for him while also trying to survive my new school and wanting to be Walt's friend and everything. Life sucks.copyright protection19PENANAn7LCjojiRf

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