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I Can't Be Bothered
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Writer King Cosmic
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I Can't Be Bothered
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My Heart Pounds For You
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!GeRgRmwklxILvWCMVaQOposted on PENANA

The next day at lunch, I was yet again eating with Lizzie. This time, Lizzie was wearing a blue hoodie with an anime cat on it, blue skinny jeans and low rise blue converse. As I was eating lunch, I looked around the courtyard. I started to wonder if Walt eats with his friends in the cafeteria. Then, I shook my head. No. He couldn't. The cafeteria seems WAY out of his league. But maybe Lizzie would know where Walt eats with his friends.copyright protection18PENANAT4ijpaD4Hs

"Hey, where does Walt eat everyday?" I asked.copyright protection18PENANAnoGfExBaSW

"He doesn't really 'eat' at lunch. He normally hangs out with his friends during lunch." She replied then took a bite out of her sandwich.copyright protection18PENANAHAIdxkZsvQ

"Well, where does he hang out at lunch? I know it can't be the cafeteria because it's..."copyright protection18PENANAgoUyIkJmpq

"Out of his league? You guessed right. You're starting to get Walt everyday. Walt hangs out with his friends in the back of the library where nobody can find them." She swallowed her food.copyright protection18PENANAONOv2s3EDV

I nodded then finished eating before standing up.copyright protection18PENANAAlwiz3Dyv8

"Hey. Where are you going? You're not going looking for Walt are you?"copyright protection18PENANApLxkkgE3C3

I shrugged. "Maybe I am. I'll be back." I said then started to walk inside the school.copyright protection18PENANAuqQiWTLZxp

I walked all the way to the library and went inside. I looked around the library and saw a few students doing their homework/assignments. I didn't pay much attention to them and started to walk to the back of the library like Lizzie said. As I walked closer and closer to the back, I heard male voices. I quickly hid behind a bookshelf so they wouldn't see me. I wasn't really sure why I was hiding in the first place.copyright protection18PENANAU8Kqrju4SZ

As I stood there, I started to smell the scent of cigarettes. I felt like I was about to cough so I quickly placed my hand over my mouth and silently coughed into my hand so they wouldn't hear me.copyright protection18PENANAdiLLC51g9E

"What do you guys think of that noobie?" Walt asked.copyright protection18PENANAkD5bW14H0B

"What noobie?" A guy asked.copyright protection18PENANA6VJRlbbQg4

"He's talking about that noob in our science class. What's his name?" The voice came from Walt's friend who's in my science class.copyright protection18PENANAPumAfYGhfP

"It's Luis or whatever." Walt said.copyright protection18PENANAVzs0Ko2P62

"Oh him. I see him around school. He's sorta weird."copyright protection18PENANAqdXa5jmg9C

Weird?copyright protection18PENANAlZ6HzmFfDV

 "I can't believe you have to sit with him, Walt." Walt's friend said.copyright protection18PENANA5zuxAfWC53

 I started to feel myself cough again and when I tried to hide it, it caused my body to jump back. My back hit the bookshelf and the book that sat on the shelf above me fell off and landed on my head.copyright protection18PENANAEwgCHmW3D5

"Ow!" I cried out.copyright protection18PENANAFY4LFE8lUL

I collapsed to my knees and started to rub my head then I picked up the book that hit me. Walt got up from his group and walked up to me.copyright protection18PENANAgZlLxV1tx6

"What are you doing here?"copyright protection18PENANAwcCNOj9KmM

I quickly looked at Walt. "Oh...uh..." I wasn't sure how to answer his question.copyright protection18PENANAQ2LVOqzWLu

"I was just...seeing what you were guys doing. Heh." I said.copyright protection18PENANAI1t3M1YNuv

"Walt, who is it?"copyright protection18PENANAT1IwPwPZhc

"It's the Brat I was telling you guys about." He said.copyright protection18PENANAM7fx33YDZJ

Brat?copyright protection18PENANA7HKBLxCJl7

I emerged from the bookshelf and stood in front of everybody. Walt's friends were all sitting in a circle on different colored bean bag chairs. They all were smoking. Walt then walked back over to his spot and sat down.copyright protection18PENANAff9XLYuBYL

"Were you spying on us?" Walt's friend that was in our science class said.copyright protection18PENANAOLT3iW6gz6

"Uh...of course not! I was looking for a book!" I continued to look around the group. They were all just staring at me. Especially Walt. I watched Walt as he puffed on the cig and blew it out of his mouth, all while staring at me. He looked so cool doing that. Normally it's dumb for people to smoke to look cool but when Walt does it, he looks like a sex God.copyright protection18PENANA0HOLiziViE

"You know, you're not supposed to be smoking indoors..."copyright protection18PENANA2yTbvEa0f9

"What? Are you going to rat on us?" One of Walt's friends asked.copyright protection18PENANAL3UF6dBdub

"N-no! I just...nevermind." I stood there, feeling awkward.copyright protection18PENANAkuS8gbHz60

"Well, I gotta get back to my friend." I said.copyright protection18PENANAd9z6k5Kv50

"You've only been here for two days and you already have a friend?" Walt's friend with the beanie asked.copyright protection18PENANAER4zwbM8oh

"Yeah. Who's your friend?" Walt's friend with the light facial hair asked.copyright protection18PENANAjIMcR2nzBu

"Lizzie. I'm not sure what her last name is..."copyright protection18PENANAAOD9UYeFuk

Walt's friend from our science class started to snicker. He had plugs in his ears. "Lizzie's really weird." He said.copyright protection18PENANAF9bKIHVvPk

"Yeah. If you know what's good for you, you would avoid her." Beanie guy said.copyright protection18PENANAN92zlUCJtd

"She's not weird." I objected.copyright protection18PENANAe32RdXQsDk

"Yeah. For now." Facial hair guy said.copyright protection18PENANAMjtX3cFYHu

I sighed. I didn't appreciate them making fun of Lizzie.copyright protection18PENANAiuEl4ZfGJJ

"Look, whatever your name is,"copyright protection18PENANAUXNWP0UFsx

"It's Luis."copyright protection18PENANA0fQtcTGSSn

"Yeah. Whatever. Anyways, you've only been here for two days." Beanie guy said.copyright protection18PENANAmaS1wX0LDK

"So? What does that have to do with anything? Besides, I thought you guys didn't care about anyone but yourself?" I remarked. It was weird for THESE guys to all of a sudden care about me.  Of course, Walt wasn't getting into this. He just keeps smoking and staring at me.copyright protection18PENANAvxHiuwjpbL

"We DON'T care about anyone and we especially DON'T care about you." Beanie guy said.copyright protection18PENANAXc1NFeHm6z

Wow. These guys are HUGE jerks. I didn't think anybody could ever be this jerky. Still, I wonder why Walt isn't jumping in and insulting me. Granted, he DID call me a Brat earlier but still. I didn't think I could stand being around these guys anymore so I decided to take an exit. I started to walk away from the group when I realized that I was still holding onto the book that dropped on my head. I looked over the cover. It was called MY HEART POUNDS FOR YOU. I decided to take it up to the librarian so she can put it back. I went up to the desk and handed it to her but before I could leave, she said, "Checking out?" I stood there and glanced at the book then at her. "Yeah. Sure." I wasn't sure why I was checking the book out but I felt like I needed it.copyright protection18PENANAJtKCugzv2d

"It's due back in two weeks." She said.copyright protection18PENANAfxLWQgt9FF

She handed me to receipt and the book. I then left the library and headed back to the courtyard. I glanced at my watch to see that there was still five minutes left before lunch is over. I hadn't even realized I've been with Walt's group for that long. Once I got back to the courtyard, I plopped down in my seat and set the book on the table.copyright protection18PENANAVDRWqxa8Tg

"Hey. How did it go and I didn't know you were checking out a book. Is that why you went?" Lizzie asked.copyright protection18PENANAIDJsfeJPJL

"Um...Yeah."copyright protection18PENANA3YjOV95oiL

Lizzie picked up the book and looked it over. "Seems interesting."copyright protection18PENANA3doUaOrkXk

I nodded and took the book back from her then looked the book over again. VERY interesting.copyright protection18PENANABFXl8dzR3i

***copyright protection18PENANAD6hXVc60Ap

I left the school later than I wanted. My last period teacher held me back to talk to me about something. Once the discussion was over, I quickly headed out of the school and walked home. When I got there, I went inside and tossed my bag into my room then picked up my sketchbook to do a little doodling.copyright protection18PENANALED9yNY08V

"I'm going to the beach!" I called out into the house then walked down the stairs and out the back door to go down to the beach.copyright protection18PENANAkJBi5JvEBy

I looked around and took in my surroundings when I saw Walt next door on the porch. He was smoking again. I watched him for a minute. He looked so cool as he smoked and was just standing there. He looked so laid back and looked like he didn't care about the world. I smiled and decided to approach him.copyright protection18PENANAXeFebAriB2

"Hey, Walt." I walked onto his porch.copyright protection18PENANAImGlwf9vfi

"What are you doing here?" He didn't look happy to see me.copyright protection18PENANAqA22S7LoMm

"I live next door. Is this your house?"copyright protection18PENANAXJBCYNdp5O

He nodded as he took a puff. I smiled brightly.copyright protection18PENANArNb89HnjcD

"Great! So we're neighbors!"copyright protection18PENANACDdFF5Mrty

He let out the smoke. "Yeah. I guess so." He then looked down at my hands. "You draw?"copyright protection18PENANAOqip2gcgGi

I nodded. "A little." I smiled softly.copyright protection18PENANA486fggWEA9

Walt took another puff then dropped the cig butt onto the ground and stomped on it. He then looked at me and as cool as he can be, he let it out. Granted, the smoke hit my face and I had to swat the smoke away but the way Walt looked while smoking is just Then, without a word, he turned his back and walked inside the house. But before he did, he said, "Smell ya." I blinked my eyes, watching him. Smell ya? What did that mean? I sighed then looked over at the beach and smiled. I started to make my way down to the beach and I didn't even notice that when I turned my back, Walt peeked through the blinds at me. I was just too excited to go down the beach and start doodling.copyright protection18PENANAhcNuRszEU3

When I got to the beach, I sat down and set the sketchbook on my lap and got out my pencil. I wasn't sure what I wanted to doodle and that's when an idea came to mind. Visions of Walt came to me and I knew I found my inspiration. I started to sketch out Walt in my book. I wanted to sketch him looking so cool while smoking on his cig. Then maybe later when I have time, I can paint the sketch on my new canvas. As I sketched out Walt and thought about how he looked in my head, I felt my heart starting to pound against my chest. I stopped sketching and pressed my hand against my chest as I looked at the ocean. I wasn't sure what this feeling was but it felt kinda nice.copyright protection18PENANAdItw8wMkMt

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