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On Break
The Midnight Series Vol: 1
Writer Zero Dantez
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The Midnight Series Vol: 1
The Midnight Series Vol: 1
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Follow the story of progression, starting with the current day war of the Tribe and Hive.  Holly, leader of the Tribe's daughter, survives the clan and must stop the reawakening Hive as they plot their return to Earth after losing the war thousands of years prior.  Many will be caught in the progression of the war, including those with their own selfish goals and those who had no intent.  How will it turn out for our planet?  How will it turn out for those drug into it?  Those caught in the middle?  Those with their own goals?

New Chapters available every Thursday!!

The full story won't be available here on Penana (for now) however it is available over on Amazon for both paperback and kindle purchase:

You can also donate to my Patreon to gain full access by donating, more details there:

Total Reading Time: 5 hours 56 minutes

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