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Love Has No Labels
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Writer freethenoise
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Love Has No Labels
Love Has No Labels

"Can't you give me a break, Austin?" Angie snapped, as the graffiti covered trains roared by. "What do you see in me, anyway? I'm like any other black girl on the street!"

"You really want to know what I see in you, Angela?" Austin spoke up. "I see a woman, a beautiful, smart, caring woman, with a fine sense of humor and with a good soul. That's what set you apart from all other women, not just black women that I have crossed paths with in my lifetime," he said.

Tears threatened to form in Angie's eyes at his words.

"I also see a woman that's been hurt so many times, that's she afraid to be close to the source," Austin continued.

" Well, I'll have you know, Austin, that I am a grown woman, I'm not afraid of anything," Angie retorted with bravado.

"Oh? So then why do you keep pushing me away?" Austin asked coldly. "Why can't you let me love you?"

Set in NYC in the early 1980s, college graduate Angie Carver meets a young, handsome plumbing trainee Austin Phillips on the bus. Sparks fly, and eventually, they fall in love. Austin is head over heels in love with Angie. While Angie loves him too, it's hard for her to reciprocate that love, just because of him being a little younger than she is, and most importantly, their skin color, as Austin is white and Angie is black, causing strong disapproval from her overbearing mother, a jealous ex lurking around, and an ignorant "best friend" who doesn't understand. Will Austin and Angie rise above or will their love crumble before it begins?

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes


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