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Red River
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Writer Alexander Frost
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Red River
Red River

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if a Dark Lord chose to give you your dream powers? What if in exchange, you had to do his bidding or... what if you've always wanted to do what he had planned? Such is the case in this story for several 'normal' everyday teens, kids, and adults. That said, what if others were chosen to stop you... be them friend or foe.

Red River dives into the red river caused by living, said that life is like a river that flows with many twists, turns, and bumps... but what if it were turned red through achieving what so many want? Will those who crave change come out on top or will those trying to preserve our society stop them in their place? All these questions and more will soon be answered as Armageddon sits right around the corner!

Since the dawn of time, the fate of man is that of pure struggle and conflict as is for all living creatures... though to man, with the power of a god upon the world already in hand, more than any other.  From the age of stone tools now to that of metal cities, man has laid waste to the world we once knew... and given rise to a much darker evil.  In the modern land, one who gazes upon the ripe fruit of man given no sin as that of one who steal from a brother or sister.  In this reality, those who climb above do so by negating and pushing down others.

Bullying, abuse, rape, many sins of the past now cast upon as inferior compared to lesser acts.  Five years of solitude for rape versus twenty for theft.  The land of sin called humanity... with it, Hell haff no further need to wait.

Satan awaits in fear of God yet also for the opportunity which has long come for this fucked world of darkness.  Many upon it, swearing blasphemy upon a failed god, one who gives only free will and the occasional luck, wishing of change.  To Satan they turn who does nothing because of god yet in the eyes of his followers, it is but an excuse.  No longer will they wait as the aggressors of Hell grow tired of waiting when the time has long since come, no longer will they follow his unholy guidance, now they act in secret and prepare our world for the taking.

Demons of the old will strike upon us, deals to be made with those truly in despair, those tired of life, tired of humanity, tired of everything.  Those ready to grab power, grab revenge, grab justice, and to grab change will be extended power as Satan falls to Eve.  Eve's rise, the rise of darkness that shall cleanse the world though yet challenged by a weakened God, weakened by the man he has created.  Fearing the threat, he takes all the action his power allows.

Both, primed and ready, can only sit back and allow for those chosen to make true action... will those under the guidance of Hell emerge the victor or will God remain on top?  Not if the fallen can help it, those hurt by the God of others and their own kind.  This is war and a mighty war it shall be.  Welcome my brothers, to judgment day, welcome... to Year Zero!!!

(This project for now has been cancelled due to difficulty in style)

Total Reading Time: 1 hour 45 minutes


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