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Calypso 卡呂普索
Writer brunodc
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Calypso 卡呂普索
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Feb 15, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!01zFkH8o9vqlcIOsMle7posted on PENANA She took my phone and Turned it on somehow she could login my stupid passwords. I always made it secret like only my fringe-print can access but actually the passwords is just a "Z" drawing.

She checked lots of my apps and kept asking what was that. I did not answer until she found my album. copyright protection15PENANAr46M4ebdzU

"Wow" She saw me take a photo in the captain. Yes, Captain is a she. She is a quite hot lady but she seemed mad to see this and returned to me afterwards. copyright protection15PENANAIAViggZoE8

"Thanks." the first thing that I could do is calling people for help but there is no any signals, no any wifi for me to use, and more deadly, the battery is dying. copyright protection15PENANAT5t6OhyADM

I was searching the entire room and asked her if she has some wire for charging. She kept on saying no and I thought she just refused to tell me, or she did not have any phone to use. copyright protection15PENANAH4QNQV218B

How that could be true, what are you? Ancient? copyright protection15PENANAWRcS9s89RN

" No." When I tried to get up, that was a serious pain came from my butt.She said I got hurted from rocks because I was too heavy to carry. However, she has cool it down. copyright protection15PENANAhKSLRG3phG

What did she mean of cool it down. But whatever, it is painful. Even to make me struggle in the bed.Fine.copyright protection15PENANAcYK3LBYNC7

I stopped using my phone and put it away and somehow she took it and went off the tent or hospital. copyright protection15PENANApzYBr84AhV

I talked to myself about how pity I have been and she was a weird person. However, at least I am still Alive which I could return my home finally... Well, Where is it... Who is she and Why am I  landing here? copyright protection15PENANAnzGgkxXnXe

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@copyright protection15PENANA39dOcZpbN2

I checked my phone and saw the captain photo, she is really hot indeed but I deleted it eventually. Because my heart is for someone else after this three years. copyright protection15PENANAjcBiO2qTCH

I used to just like you and me. Keeping hot girls photo and apps, in order to have some incredible moments. If you are boy, you must know what it feels like and what that is. If you are not, you will know it also... But it is not necessary for me, I deleted all those photo in my phone and unfollowed all of the sexy girls... It is quite painful but nothing is crazier and more painful than that... copyright protection15PENANAO0guhB2fYZ

I always have a hope in something because I think Everything is not so absolute, if you are born to be poor, it did not meaning you are going to be poor for the future. You and your love have terrible moments but may be in the future you will be together again. Time will tell, and someone will work for it. copyright protection15PENANAu28HQlGfwt

I am working on it, since the day I left,since the day I return my home, I was finding a way to go back to the Island. To find her one more or last time. copyright protection15PENANAiQGT8uWynz

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