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Bites || Uta
Writer Marnie Davage
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Bites || Uta
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Bleeding Out
Marnie Davage
Feb 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!nbzv86Rq30Ke5rFNt5PSposted on PENANA

Rivers of blood ran like rivulets down the alleyway as it made its way down to the streets outside, and stained everything in a dark red.copyright protection19PENANAK1iV0Q7JqH

Breathing heavily, her body still in excruciating pain in the places that had been either torn apart or ripped off. The parts that had been lost, had left behind a dull ache and her still beating heart struggled to keep up a rhythm. To say she was in the greatest of shapes would be an understatement. It was only thanks to her regeneration and ghoul body that she was still alive. If she was a regular human, she would've been dead long ago.copyright protection19PENANAMNTlj1rbsv

She was weak and she knew it. It had been so long since she had feasted on human flesh, and that made her physical and mental condition not at it's finest.copyright protection19PENANAbcKhDq57vV

Earlier that evening, the hunger had gotten the better of her and against her better judgement she had decided to venture outdoors in search for a bite to eat. Although eating humans wasn't something she enjoyed doing; not since a particular event happened.copyright protection19PENANA0gWibX9jGA

In the past, she enjoyed nothing but eating humans and she would laugh as she watched them writhe in pain beneath her. Their screams of anguish were like music to her ears. But nowadays the feeling of ecstasy had evolved into something like a trauma for her, and it made her stomach turn just thinking about how it felt for the broken bits of flesh to pass through her mouth, and swallowing it now tasted like tar.copyright protection19PENANA1snVOGXgRp

Unfortunately, for her it was the only way for her to survive. Just like the humans needed their food for nourishment, (y/n) needed a different kind of food, and that was the humans themselves.copyright protection19PENANAL3BwlfWqns

No matter how much she tried to resist it, no matter how much she ignored it, the hunger was always there, resonating in the pits of her stomach. Tonight was just one of them nights where it had become too much for her.copyright protection19PENANAlnIiGTgQdX

And just as she had exited her apartment to go hunting, she felt strong arms circle her neck and choke her until she passed out.copyright protection19PENANAqepN9eu7um

After that she had regained consciousness and locked eyes with one of the four men who were surrounding her. That was when she noticed that most of her chest cavity was missing and bits off her flesh were torn, bloody, and she was nothing more than a breathing carcass.copyright protection19PENANAwgq8NLoJbL

There was no point in struggling, as she was just too weak at that present moment; not just physically, but mentally as well. Maybe this was what she had been waiting for, a chance for her to die. copyright protection19PENANAbx9TPPN5F1

(y/n) had given up on being a ghoul a long time ago, thanks to a particular tattooed, eye-loving ghoul.copyright protection19PENANA25fsTpGowb

If this was how her life were to end, then she was happy for it to be this way. It was better than nothing anyway.copyright protection19PENANAK3sbbfWzY8

When the male ghouls had finished they had just abandoned her where she was, bleeding out and pretty much lifeless.copyright protection19PENANAkaFu4ujSAZ

She shut her eyes and allowed a few tears to slip out.copyright protection19PENANATC484YyLm5

Even if she did wish to die, there was no way she could. Not with her body slowly recovering. Already her bones were righting themselves and her skin was grotesquely stitching itself back together. Soon she would be able to move, but right now that was the last thing she wanted to do. She just wanted to curl up in a ball and stay there.copyright protection19PENANAX78pikEfTD

That was something that apparently wasn't going to happen as she could hear swift footsteps moving towards her. copyright protection19PENANAneO2ISx2K7

Splosh, splosh, splosh went the footsteps, as they noisily came into contact with the blood, that was still making its way down the alleyway.copyright protection19PENANA1EK6NP4lBr

Cigarette smoke wafted in the air and seemed to surround the broken body of (y/n). The first thing she saw were military boots, and they were followed by a knee as the male knelt down beside her.copyright protection19PENANAryyzXRTC6N

Her eyes moved upwards and they were met with the red eyes of Uta, who smirked down at her. He reached out towards her face with one of his painted fingers and wiped some of the blood that spilled from her mouth. His actions caused her to flinch.copyright protection19PENANAft13wKW3MH

"Uta you bast..." She didn't manage to complete her sentence as everything had faded to black.copyright protection19PENANAbNlWU8LYum

Her ragged breathing seemed to slow down as (y/n) found herself lost in the darkness.copyright protection19PENANAqVUYvSQouW

"It's good to lay eyes on you again (y/n)." Uta smiled a genuine smile and carefully picked up the half-dead girl in his arms, turning towards the direction of his shop.copyright protection19PENANAcKpeOWYL0L

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