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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Writer TheLunaWoodElf
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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Feb 15, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!E1jPNn8igPHVNONgz2xtposted on PENANA

The first thing he thought of was where he had gone wrong in life, waking up in a pile of trash bags. His eyes opened, but it burned. It felt like acid was poured all over his face. Looking around, he could see the sun peaking at the top of what seemed like very tall brick buildings. It was all coming back to him, little pieces at a time.copyright protection4PENANArPnBqO27lW

               He sat up, checking his pants pocket. His wallet was gone, which wasn’t that big of a deal. His phone was missing, though, and that was a problem. He couldn’t call anyone to let him know that he was okay.copyright protection4PENANAF0XYQLlY3B

When did he even black out? 2 a.m.? 3 a.m.? Why was he even drinking last night? The party, it was bigger, better, more expensive this time. He put back money for it.  He wanted it to be the most dominant party he’s been to. He wanted all his friends and all the drinks in the world, and have the greatest night of his life.copyright protection4PENANAOKxBzlR9op

He remembered it was his 30th birthday party. It was all coming back. Little by little, but he was all coming back.copyright protection4PENANACPeZrFNtN9

    Loud music, blasting the club he rented out for the night, some rapper rapping about something that he didn’t understand. He didn’t even know his name; he just knew he was the trendiest thing out there right now. 400 of Ethan’s closest friends were all there. Drinks all on him. Ladies, dancing all over him and his friends. Was his smoking a cigar? It was all hitting him, like bricks.copyright protection4PENANAqsaoq09LYd

    Then, some of his buddies and him left the club, in the limo that he rented out. He wasn’t so sure, to be honest. After that, he didn’t remember what happened.copyright protection4PENANAnMXVoxggGE

    He got up, and if it weren't for his clean and very new sports jacket and slacks, he would have been mistaken as just another hobo. He had no idea what city he was in. He didn’t even have the time. The light outside was at the point it could have been morning or almost night time. Someone even took his watch that he got from his father on his last birthday.copyright protection4PENANAFjuUiWA6qn

It could have been morning. It could have been night. Who knows, maybe he had entered the Twilight Zone.copyright protection4PENANAgQPrefro1q

 As he exited the alleyway, he started walking down the sidewalk. Nothing looked familiar. It must have been early. No one was in sight but a few cars. The sunlight was daggering into his eyes. The hangover was not the worse he had.copyright protection4PENANABpdzkB7BRN

He did have worse than that. He didn’t feel the urge to puke, just yet. The limo last night was blasting music. He didn’t know what it was. Then there were police lights.copyright protection4PENANAgx6LspH2w8

Some guys ran off. Of course, there was a fight, and he had a black eye from it. He had no straight answers to the million of questions that had poured into his head.copyright protection4PENANApNZfeevFCw

He wanted to know who had punched him in the jaw, knocked him off his feet. He could recall if he got kicked in the ribs. He could feel it all in his bones now.copyright protection4PENANA6eWjOhVVSN

Freeloader, that’s what those guys were, trying to get money and a good time off him. He didn’t know who had punched him, though, but when he found out, he was going to get them back.copyright protection4PENANAJ9lQUNgCQM

    He wondered for a second if he had wondered into a ghost town, until someone came around the corner, head down, looking at their phone, being covered by a bright blue umbrella. As they got closer, he waved his hand. “Hey, excuse me?”copyright protection4PENANALgAKvOY0uB

    The girl didn’t look up until he got in front of her. She jumped, being caught off her guard. She looked up and saw him, making him pause for a moment to look at her, seeing more than just a lifeless, soulless, good-for-nothing body.copyright protection4PENANAxAQtUFLQBD

She had big hazel doe eyes, a small doll-like nose, too pointy of a chin, bushy eyebrows that looked like it was about to crawl off, cheeks covered in soft freckles.copyright protection4PENANADkNYbIMrlD

He looked closer to see that had had green and purple eyeliner on the top of her eyelids. It went well with the blue at the tip of her hair that only went to her chin. She was a very unusual sight, but not the scariest he’s ever seen. Most of the time, he wouldn’t give this girl a lick of attention, but today was not that day.   copyright protection4PENANAe6TORpCQq7

    “What?” she seemed almost alarmed, looking around. “Yes? Hi?” she almost sounded like she giggled.copyright protection4PENANAsYIjsCYdtz

    “Hi, you, do you have . . . The um. . . The time?” Ethan said, seeming out of breath. He tried to not stare too long at her.copyright protection4PENANAR7UF66nSxJ

    She took out her headphones that had kittens on them. When she tried taking them out, they got caught on her earrings.copyright protection4PENANAwLPqzHQcxg

On the left was a cupcake and on the right was a pineapple. It had thrown him off, trying to make sense of it. He was trying to get his words together, but the shiny dessert and fruit were screaming at him to look at them.copyright protection4PENANAj0f1jHEhV7

    “Time?” Ethan asked as she took out her headphones. “Do you . . . time?”copyright protection4PENANARMfMrlSPdp

  “Do I time?” her voice was a little more playful than he has excepted. “I don’t know how to time.”copyright protection4PENANAyKboaK50XD

  He shook his head. “Do you have the time?”copyright protection4PENANAhgDwiWeXe9

    “7:34,” she said, and then added, “In the morning.”copyright protection4PENANA46WjToFLeS

    “Thanks,” he said starting to walk off but stopped. “And do you know where I am?”copyright protection4PENANAbMDmbN7gN4

    The girl raised an eyebrow. It was a strange question he did have to admit. “You don’t know?”copyright protection4PENANAU4lxBDuPAJ

    “No, I’m lost.”copyright protection4PENANAZFQVZJkEvy

    “Everyone’s lost,” she said shrugging her shoulders. Ethan’s mouth hung out for a moment. That wasn’t the reply he was expecting.copyright protection4PENANAxGlb3wYbMM

    “Right, yeah, sure. But I am actually . . . lost. Like, I don’t know what town I am in. I blacked out-”copyright protection4PENANAgHQBfsfKhQ

    “Drinking?” she asked. He voice was soft, mostly innocent with a hint of being overconfident. She reminded him of a fairy for some reason or a fox. She had that type of face.copyright protection4PENANAtgwkcw3xby

    “Well, just a little,” Ethan said trying not to turn red in the face. It was just a couple of drinks. His eyes kept wandering off. Every time his eyes drifted back to her, she was still staring straight at him, giving him all her attention.copyright protection4PENANA5JfqUjWSvJ

    “Not too little to black out, right?”copyright protection4PENANAFLrwnGYDqg

    “Where am I?” he asked with a sharp, tight tone. Like the type he would use with Tom. He didn’t have time for her, but he felt he need all the time in the world just to figure her out.copyright protection4PENANAuUx0eJxigJ

    “Boulder,” she finally answered. She didn’t look him in the eyes this time.copyright protection4PENANARms7MnqJgV

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