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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Writer TheLunaWoodElf
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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Feb 15, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ArqrqIQnB3czxkQr7vgkposted on PENANA

    “Boulder?” he almost seemed to yell.copyright protection5PENANAu0smFuM0dZ

              “Colorado, by the way, if you didn’t know the state either.”copyright protection5PENANAANq0eQI5ek

              What happened to him last night? Last night was a puzzle, and he had too many missing pieces to put it all together. “How in the hell did I get here in this hippy infested land?”copyright protection5PENANA9rUGLK7Sgo

    “How should I know?” she laughed. But she stopped and asked herself, “Infested land?”copyright protection5PENANAcLoE739U4n

    He went on, worrying about his problems. “I was in downtown Denver last night! Where the hell . . . No how the hell?” He ranted on, his sentences not making sense anymore. She was studying him like an old book at a yard sale.copyright protection5PENANATEbkFqaowp

    “What’s wrong with Boulder?” she asked, not seeming too offended.copyright protection5PENANAIFQDlCotuE

    “Crazy damn hippies here, that’s what’s wrong. I need to get home.”copyright protection5PENANARHpgmwkwro

“So, why don’t you call someone up to get you out of this, what was that, ‘infested hippie land’,” she mocked him, starting to walk pass him.copyright protection5PENANATl35FJvQ71

“I don’t have anyone,” he blurted out.copyright protection5PENANAfQG5t2HRwc

She stopped, looking ahead for a few seconds before turning back around at the poor sight of him. “What?”copyright protection5PENANAvnUVDhsYNT

He shook his head. “I mean, I don’t  . . . . I meant to say, I don’t have a cell phone. You know, someone stole it.”copyright protection5PENANAnHeqMTaiJh

If you were to look in her eyes, you could see the thoughts spinning around in her head. Ethan even felt a little bit nervous with her staring. Finally she smiled. “I have a cell phone you can use if you want. It’s dead, but I’m going to the Laughing Cow to charge it up.”copyright protection5PENANAjY804B3Mtz

    “I’m sorry, the what?” Ethan asked, wrinkling his nose.copyright protection5PENANAZZXTUBbnzY

    “It’s not a real cow, though that would be a sight to see a real laughing cow. It’s just a coffee shop, though. They have fried chicken lattes. What do you think of that? I wouldn’t personally try it, and in a town that’s half vegan, I don’t know how they stand in business. But they have vegan cookies. Do you like vegan cookies? It’s gluten free too, and no nuts. . . .”copyright protection5PENANAgWGvnsoxL8

  She was still talking. Ethan turned around, looking up and down the sidewalk, looking for a hiding camera, thinking that this is a prank. He cut her off, “Are you playing with me right now?”copyright protection5PENANAP47X5cz8Y3

    “No, it’s real. I know it’s strange but-“copyright protection5PENANAIX2FRXg2kP

    He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyebrows. “Did Tom set you up?”copyright protection5PENANA1BLH69avGW

    She gave a long blink. “Who?”copyright protection5PENANADw1Kt6X3fV

    “Like, someone pulling a prank on me right now? Robert? Jim? Those guys at work, are they doing this to me?” he asked. He was getting red in the face. Her big eyes showed him that she had no idea what he was talking about.copyright protection5PENANA6XT8DL6TOr

    Many moments had passed by when she finally spoke. “They do have fried chicken lattes,” she said in a soft and tiny voice. “That’s not a prank. I can go show you.”copyright protection5PENANAJQ2vy8EJDl

    Ethan rolled his eyes. It didn’t seem like this was a prank after all. “It seems like a type of Boulder thing, doesn’t it. Someone high must have made that shit up. I’ve never heard of it.”copyright protection5PENANAFhRG2kMZo2

    She smiled, and for some reason, he thought it was a stunning smile. “Well, you’ll never forget it. They have great coffee there, without chicken in it. If you’re having trouble with a hangover, it will help you out big time. You can use my phone if you feel like it.”copyright protection5PENANAVu0PDDBJxp

     Ethan almost laughed to himself. Didn’t know either to go with the girl or not.  He thought maybe finding someone else that was normal.copyright protection5PENANAbhfdMOmqx0

He got a good look at her. She was slim, average height, but her blue skirt made her look slightly stocky. Her Mary Janes shoes looked odd on her; she seemed like a big child. Her t-shirt was either a band or TV show shirt. He couldn’t tell.copyright protection5PENANAMchDSkYFjm

 The bag had that big fat yellow Buddha on it. She must have done that yoga shit or something. He knew she would probably be one of the nicer ordinary people in this town.copyright protection5PENANAIfQI5tmGdU

    “Sure.”copyright protection5PENANA5oblCYaYoH

     She smiled and said, “I’m Aspen, by the way. Aspen Grover.”copyright protection5PENANAYbUgOMBMsV

    Of course, she was named after a damn tree. Ethan tried his best not to roll his eyes. “Ethan Sullivan,” he mumbled. She held out a hand. He looked confused. “What?”copyright protection5PENANA9aaZTftgVH

    She looked to her hand, and to him, “It’s a hand. You usually shake people’s hands when you meet them for the first time.”copyright protection5PENANAb15mnIkxGJ

    He took a moment but ended up taking her hand and shook it. She smiled, light flicking in her eyes.copyright protection5PENANAfFU9WJWxwo

    “Nice to meet you.”copyright protection5PENANAsFzDFtS9KO

    Ethan couldn’t help to laugh. “Yeah, sure, you too, I guess.”copyright protection5PENANAQVQWieEDLl

    They let go, and Aspen lifted her umbrella so that he could fit under. He felt embarrassed a bit, but he tried not to think about it as they strolled down the sidewalk to the coffee shop that was sounded odder than her. copyright protection5PENANAn10iaX16uy

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