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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Writer TheLunaWoodElf
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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Feb 15, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FQhjb6KVLfWq2P4TupyPposted on PENANA

They finally got to the Laughing Cow. It was packed, but Aspen was okay with the lines. She would talk to other people in line. Laugh with other people, and smile at the little kids. Ethan was moaning and groaning the whole time. Once they got to the front, one of the guys took their order.copyright protection6PENANAfAdChmbWlQ

            “Hey Aspen,” the short guy with the bright blue eyes said. She must have known him. “The usual?”copyright protection6PENANAF1GWlS25OO

            Aspen looked to Ethan first, with those big eyes and asked, “You sure about the fried chicken latté?”copyright protection6PENANAkLemAig5IO

            Ethan just glared. “I’m sure,” he said.copyright protection6PENANAUYp8AGvMDQ

            She turned her head back to the cashier, and with a huge smile, she said, “Yes please Morgan. But coffee for him, he has a headache. Drinking too much.”copyright protection6PENANACiSjfdcij0

            Ethan gave her a look, but before he could say anything, the guy cut in. “Who’s he?”copyright protection6PENANA6DLl0mDgsm

            “This is Ethan, I found him.” She said it as if was show-and-tale day at preschool.copyright protection6PENANA5nkuwVa1HN

Ethan had to look away, he was turning so red in the face. He looked around the café, seeing if there was someone else he could talk to, someone that would help him right away.copyright protection6PENANASk6KEmYQEh

 “Befriending the homeless?” Morgan joked. It wasn’t a really good joke to Ethan though. He sure wasn’t homeless and didn’t want people thinking he was. He started to wonder if he did look like he was.copyright protection6PENANAQLVC6VZKcr

            Aspen giggled. It was a very light giggle, the type to make Ethan notice, to make him stop looking for someone else.copyright protection6PENANA6hOqMklWm3

 “Yeah, I guess you could say that. Oh, and I want a big cookie. I love these cookie, did Mary makes these again?”copyright protection6PENANAKenRY2dXSS

            “She sure did. It’s on the house.”copyright protection6PENANAeJD9lJ5lti

            Her mouth hung open and she started shaking her head. “Oh Morgan, you don’t-“copyright protection6PENANAMAzB0lWmii

            “Shoot, Aspen, it’s no big deal, after what you did for Freddie.”copyright protection6PENANAq3wOVvQ9sI

            “Well, thank you very much. And don’t worry about it, I love that little guy so much, he’s a cutie.”copyright protection6PENANA1GrFQNpV8T

            Ethan raised an eyebrow, confused. Before he could ask a question, Morgan went on, “Oh, hey what are you-“copyright protection6PENANAdVtNwu9sRs

            “Hey!” Ethan cut in. “I need to really borrow your phone. Remember me?”copyright protection6PENANALhvh5rMVAe

            Aspen’s face froze up and Morgan gave him a cold look. She felt red in the face as she turned to Morgan. “Thanks,” she said in a mice voice.copyright protection6PENANADCV5hLTGH2

            “We’ll call your order when it’s ready,” Morgan said, eyeing Ethan.copyright protection6PENANAAVX3JuySXp

            Even though it was all on the house, Aspen put a five in the tip jar. She then grabbed a big cookie off the shelve.copyright protection6PENANAkIGQZLhMGR

It said gluten free, egg free, peanut free, soy free, and vegan safe. Ethan turned his nose at it. Aspen and him found a table towards the back. She plugged her dead phone into the wall under the table and Ethan collapsed into the chair. He didn’t realize how sore he was until his body had finally rested.copyright protection6PENANA1ktWqLIjsq

            “Do you want part of a cookie?” she asked.copyright protection6PENANAm2mj65NEXK

            He looked it over. “No, it looks disgusting.”copyright protection6PENANA3itJ8svpec

            She didn’t say anything. Lucky for her, the coffee was called out and she went up to get it. Morgan and her talked for a few more seconds before she returned. Ethan put his head on the table, feeling like he waited forever for her to come back. She was so friendly with everyone and it was killing him.copyright protection6PENANAhgwLcXwVhY

            Aspen placed the coffee cup on the table, next to his head. He looked up to see she was looking down. “Do you take cream or sugar?”copyright protection6PENANAlD0HW6NKKK

            “No,” he mumbled.copyright protection6PENANAvO2Yybr3BG

            “Alright then,” she said, sitting down. She put the coffee to her lips and started to drink away. Ethan tried to take a sip, but it was hot. “Are you going to call a friend to come pick you up?”copyright protection6PENANAfTWME9Ka41

            “My assistant. Though, I don’t think he will pick up.”copyright protection6PENANA9qE98BgVl1

            “Your what? Assistant? Why would he not pick up?”copyright protection6PENANAGRPJQnUhrw

            “It’s the bastards day off,” Ethan said, grabbing the phone and checking it. It was still too dead to turn on. “But I don’t know who else to really call.”copyright protection6PENANAYHpUu34ee9

            “Are you that busy in life that you have to hire someone to help?” she asked as if it was a joke.copyright protection6PENANAfnzUxIvNER

            “Yep,” Ethan said again, making her stop smiling.copyright protection6PENANAOkIE3z2YRt

            She asked in what seemed almost like a fairy tone, “Does he do all your work while you go out on a walk?”copyright protection6PENANAvPbUKFYOUd

            Ethan lowered the phone to see her face. He made such a funny face; it made her giggle a bit more.  “A walk?”copyright protection6PENANAX9Bx38gzWU

            “Don’t you like going on walks? Or running. I would, but I’m not that busy in life. Does he do all your work for you?”copyright protection6PENANAqKe9oiIqhz

            “Well . . . My dad made me hire him.”copyright protection6PENANAUMp5H9LGYF

            “Your dad?”copyright protection6PENANATWPutSDJsz

            “I work for my dad’s company.”copyright protection6PENANADSkS1IaK9r

            “Oh, so why did he make you hire someone?”copyright protection6PENANAk4eJ9VTVCS

            He seemed to give a slight smile. His dad was stuck with him. He just said with a shrug, “I guess I don’t have time.”copyright protection6PENANAAvOp0hiE1K

            “You had time to get drunk last night.” copyright protection6PENANAdFDxxFgIpq

            “It was my birthday,” he protested.copyright protection6PENANAaKuouEknAW

            “Oh! Happy Birthday. I hope you had a really nice time,” Aspen said with a soft kind-hearted grin.  Ethan couldn’t help but stare at this weird, out of this world girl. He just shook his head, and waited for the minutes til the phone was charged enough to use. But he started to think about last night, and everyone at the party.copyright protection6PENANAgas4AtlT7n

He started to think about the hot women with their next to nothing clothes. He thought about all the drinks he bought for everyone. He started to think about the guys laughing and joking with him, as if they been long time friends. He didn’t even know any of their names. He thought about the cool guys, the loud music, hot dancers, all the drinks, all of the people, and how none of them, not even one, mumbled Happy Birthday to him.copyright protection6PENANAEl2hTzWaim

            Yet, this strange girl right in front of him was the only one that had even actually said the words. She was the only one that wished him happiness. She didn’t even know that he had money to blow every second of the day for years and still be in 1 perfect. She was kind, just to be kind.copyright protection6PENANAAs65RAKbYk

            He found himself smiling, straighten his back. “Thank you . . . thank you for that actually.” And he had meant it too.copyright protection6PENANA8fvAj63FZb

            She nodded. “Oh, it’s not problem. What did you do? Drinks with a few guy friends?”copyright protection6PENANA2Ew4VpESzW

            He shrugged. “Yeah, I guess something like that.”copyright protection6PENANAeaplfgW0rV

            “How old are you?”copyright protection6PENANAlAaQbtWe8W

            “30.”copyright protection6PENANAqaAWfwmToW

            “Oh wow, really? You don’t look that old. But 30 is the new 20 these days, that’s what I’ve been told. How do you feel about being 30? I still got a little while to go. I actually can’t wait til I get older.”copyright protection6PENANAQD7fYnvUnX

            “Um, it’s alright, I guess.”copyright protection6PENANAQIx0zItvXC

            She nodded. “So, what do you do for a living?”copyright protection6PENANAsoN3l2zHWX

            Ethan thought about it for a second. “I rather not talk about work. What do you do?”copyright protection6PENANAEMAL1z8xuv

            “I work at a tea shop, but today is my day off. It’s just right off of Pearl Street.”copyright protection6PENANAuke2kNLOjJ

            “Where?” he asked crossing his eyebrows. He had no idea where anything was in this town. Even though it was no more than an hour away, he had never had the desire to come to Boulder. He knew this is where all the weirdoes lived. He was told all the stories.copyright protection6PENANAqL7dOsfoab

            “Pearl Street. You never heard of it?”copyright protection6PENANAlOYWAZvIx0

            “You expect me to know the Laughing Cow, and Pearl Street?”copyright protection6PENANAe1kt4EgPtz

            “Pearl Street is so famous! Tourist come from all over and go there. It’s such a neat place.”copyright protection6PENANAzTlG7a9nyj

            “It’s just a street.”copyright protection6PENANAzT8xQJxms4

            Aspen gave a little giggle. “No, it’s not just a street, it’s an outdoor mall.”copyright protection6PENANAmH6Gaalq0O

            “What’s so special about that?”copyright protection6PENANA0zIlgPvpd3

            She grinned. “Maybe if you weren’t so busy working, you could go and visit yourself.”copyright protection6PENANAJMXSkOBRa4

            Ethan found himself smiling. It was so odd that this girl, who he didn’t even know that well, was so nice to him. Before he said anything, Aspen looked at her phone and said, “It charged enough. You want to call whoever it was you needed to call?”copyright protection6PENANAWxL2dVdzle

            She handed him her phone and he started to dial Tom’s number. He put the phone to his ear. It was ringing. After a while, he hung up. Ethan took the phone away.copyright protection6PENANAomO6H5Wdva

            “No answer?”copyright protection6PENANAheWf7h3J8e

            “It’s the bastard’s day off,” he said. He sighed. “I guess I have to call my father.”copyright protection6PENANAN5Ly8ZtmyP

            “That shouldn’t be too bad . . . would it?” she asked, seeming to pick up on his tone.copyright protection6PENANAAWbp3Tu07Z

            Ethan didn’t even response. He wasn’t sure what he could say about his father to this girl that would never understand. His father and him were nothing alike. Not in the least.copyright protection6PENANAaoe7EloH4x

His father, Marcus Sullivan was dirt poor as a child, and through his life, he build a company from the ground up, making millions beyond millions, allowing him to give trust funds to both his boys. His brother, Calvin, was the one who took his money and turned it into millions also.copyright protection6PENANAVSCGqLGU7e

            Ethan, on the other hand, still worked at his father’s company. He actually depended on his trust fund more than anything, since his job paid nothing his father’s work. Honestly, if it wasn’t for his father, he didn’t know where in the world he would be.copyright protection6PENANAKHbW6fPBgX

            He put in the number for his father. He was hoping that he wouldn’t pick up. After two rings, his father answercopyright protection6PENANAAqmOy0aWIe

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