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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Writer TheLunaWoodElf
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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Feb 15, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Laaq7sYXIXTcTwdQxmZ7posted on PENANA

“What?”copyright protection6PENANAz3HIzBw8fw

            “Um, hey dad,” Ethan said in a tiny voice.copyright protection6PENANA41HfrPHpMq

            “My God, Ethan, where are you? Your mother is worried sick, you know that?” Ethan took the phone away from his ear, and then returned it after a moment. His father was still going on about something. “We had a birthday dinner planned for you.”copyright protection6PENANAmFDgcR6Kd5

            “I know dad.”copyright protection6PENANARM9zvIa2Qq

            “You got drunk at a club?”copyright protection6PENANAzVrgaS6SiS

            “I had a party at my friend’s club-”copyright protection6PENANAiFyWVKN1u0

            “We worked hard on our birthday dinner for you. No call, no thanks . . .You’re a real disappointment, you know that?” his father said, stabbing him with the knife and twisting it.copyright protection6PENANA6mNfViY5kO

            Ethan gave a sigh. “I know,” he said, not even flitching at the pain the knife put into him. He’s been stab so many times, it was numbing now. He looked across the table and saw Aspen.copyright protection6PENANAwTKXaVQgN8

He was looking at her, staring at the tip of her short hair. He really liked how the blue brought out her eyes. She was watching the outside world, two hands on her coffee cup. She could have easily been one of those girls in Paris.copyright protection6PENANA86NG2JrPKV

            “I better see you in work tomorrow, on time. We need to have a long talk.”copyright protection6PENANAQRiD6dV5jg

             Ethan waited for a second. Before he could speak his mind, his father hung up the phone. He didn’t know who he could call now. His father didn’t care if he was hurt. His father could care less if he was in the alley way passed out. He gave the phone back to Aspen.copyright protection6PENANATP9EMkzDAn

            “So what’s your plan?” she asked. He didn’t want to tell. Why should he? He didn’t even know her.copyright protection6PENANALJtzqwiRl3

            “I’ll get a taxi back to my place later.”copyright protection6PENANANcU5P1iL6C

            She looked confused. “Isn’t your dad . . . or Tom is it? Aren’t they going to pick you up?”copyright protection6PENANA10raEeueS5

            Ethan shrugged, shaking his head. “No.” He looked out the window. “I guess I have a free day today.”copyright protection6PENANABDP4dfBw7W

            “Hey, looky there,” she said with perk behind it.  He did manage to give a small smile. “What are you going to do today?”copyright protection6PENANAzU9uZYviJB

            He thought about it. “I am not sure.” He put his hands on top of his head and led back. Aspen sipped on her coffee. “What do you do for fun?”copyright protection6PENANAVKCmVhBqvt

            “Well, today I have to do some things, but I do a lot for fun,” she smiled. “I could show you Pearl Street if you want later.”copyright protection6PENANAv67lblAMRI

            “That’s fine,” Ethan declined. “You don’t have to.”copyright protection6PENANAJrCSVCRrVB

            “You sure?”copyright protection6PENANA3QmFdhWOHs

            He barely knew what that place was suppose to be. “What’s all in Pearl Street?”copyright protection6PENANAidzpyKL9xC

            Aspen gave a laugh. “Well, it’s just an outside mall, but they have performances on the street. There are people who juggle with fire, and tons of singers. They have really good hot dogs too, I mean they are really good. It’s by the court house. Oh, there is a pizza shop too, and it’s pretty cheap. You sure you don’t want to come along? I can show you.”copyright protection6PENANARh4ua062r2

            “No, I don’t have my wallet.”copyright protection6PENANADvSZa5h7UZ

            “I’ll buy you lunch if you want.” Ethan gave her a look. He put his hands down, and laid them on the table. He led closer to her. Aspen looked around then back to him. “What?”copyright protection6PENANAzcd8CMTnVq

            “I have never had someone offer to buy me lunch. It’s just . . . weird. No offence, but you’re just weird.”copyright protection6PENANA0NI4hS5oUw

            She didn’t seem offended, like most people would when someone told them ‘no offence’. “Well, I got a lot to do too. You’ll have to come along with me. And I can drive you back to Denver.”copyright protection6PENANAqy1jycoPki

            Ethan gave another long pause, and led closer. “Why?”copyright protection6PENANAOTv117NVvJ

            “Well, you don’t have a wallet, and I can give you a ride. How will you pay for a taxi?”copyright protection6PENANAmvw4AOXFcS

            He was very confused. “I  . . . well . . . why would you do that for me?” Aspen shrugged. He could have laughed at her. She was very unreal. She was nothing that he had seen before. He threw his hands up. “What the hell, I’ll tag along.”copyright protection6PENANAcDreWZrlOL

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