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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Writer TheLunaWoodElf
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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Feb 15, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Y57U3pnKpMasTfIRXCazposted on PENANA

They finished their coffee. Aspen told Ethan that he had to do a few things before Pearl Street, but would be happy to take Ethan along. He didn’t know why, but a day with someone like her seemed to be already better than a night with 400 strangers. Aspen told him she had to go grocery shopping first and then visit an old friend. She asked if he had mind. Of course, he did mind in a way, but he just shrugged.copyright protection36PENANAcBewdo5HWI

            They put their coffee mugs up in the little bin that said “Dirty Cups Please”. Aspen waved goodbye to the staff, and almost all of them said goodbye. Even a few people sitting down, enjoying their newspaper and coffee waved her off.copyright protection36PENANAJUNQPQgcBF

            They started walking down the street. Aspen seemed to skip and jump over cracks. Ethan just stuck his hands in his filthy slacks. She would spin once in a while, hum a little tune. She was like a little fairy.copyright protection36PENANAZL8S0RKYtU

            “What’s up with your earrings anyways?” Ethan asked.copyright protection36PENANAyFvMbJbhr7

            “My earnings?” she asked, seeming to forget she even had them.copyright protection36PENANAZb2M1RDi4e

            “Yeah, the cupcake and pineapple. It’s kind of weird, don’t you think?” he asked. She didn’t seem to take offences once again. She could have been a therapist. She never seemed to get angry or annoyed when he called her weird.copyright protection36PENANAY306W1XGZr

            “Oh, I forgot I was even wearing them! They are my two favorite foods.”copyright protection36PENANAAx76kiPvAg

            Ethan crinkled his nose. “That’s an odd choice, don’t you think?”copyright protection36PENANADzrFmtxZLB

            “Cupcake and pineapples?” she asked with a sweet smile. “Nay. Cupcakes are really sweet and pineapples are kind of sour. I don’t like them together. I tried that one time.”copyright protection36PENANAeJFeQBfOie

            “Seriously?” Ethan asked in a deadpan tone.copyright protection36PENANAfSMmY6FNBf

            “Yeah. I like pineapples better on pizza. Do you like pizza?” Aspen asked.copyright protection36PENANA4ePwUbZrbL

            “Everyone likes pizza.”copyright protection36PENANA3pvJDlkTaD

            “My mom didn’t like pizza,” she said. Ethan didn’t ask anymore on the matter. He had no idea where in the world they were going, but it seemed she knew the way. Boulder seemed to be the perfect place for a girl like her. They were so many artsy stores they walked passed by, so many that seemed to call her name. Yet she didn’t even glance at them.copyright protection36PENANA8qvUMu1siC

            “Where are we going? How far is the walk?” Ethan asked, wondering if he should have just gone home already.copyright protection36PENANAImRxTLIScU

            Aspen jumped both feet over a long crack. “It’s not that far. We are just going to Naturally Groceries. It’s local, and friendly, and I like it.” copyright protection36PENANADgj9ZXukQE

            “All those people knew you in that coffee shop back there.”copyright protection36PENANAXZ5tTRXUkg

            “Yes.”copyright protection36PENANAx2DoAwajom

            “How? You been going there for years or something? Or what?”copyright protection36PENANAd2CwbCuGWk

            “What do you mean?” she asked.copyright protection36PENANAlTkqmeik9C

            “I mean, it’s just, everyone knew you.”copyright protection36PENANAAGFd5fJfy7

            “Yes,” she said, shrugging. “I’ve been going there for a few months now.”copyright protection36PENANACMafimRM2N

            “And people just talk?”copyright protection36PENANA7nHrO3G6oP

            “I like talking to people, don’t you?”copyright protection36PENANAIYvobBDURc

            Ethan shrugged. “Usually, if someone talks to me, it’s because they want something.”copyright protection36PENANA2tYdJhzA4B

            Aspen looked at him in the corner of her eyes. “Is it nice not working today?”copyright protection36PENANAocZ5EN9kTx

            “What? Oh, yeah, I guess it’s nice.”copyright protection36PENANA9CvF0HgEC7

            “What do you do again?”copyright protection36PENANARFBQSk8rVc

            Ethan sighed. “I work at my father’s company.”copyright protection36PENANA3jo3o2QynK

            “What type of company?”copyright protection36PENANA6wnBbojs2V

            He thought about it. “I don’t feel like talking about it.”copyright protection36PENANAAUAbLswTUr

            “Why?” she asked like a small child.copyright protection36PENANA5YKu19xSIU

            Ethan put his hands on top of his head. They have been walking for so long and he felt so out of shape. Aspen didn’t look out of breath. She looked like a graceful dancer, skipping and twirling on the sidewalk. “Because, I hate working there.”copyright protection36PENANADOr0pCoJ5r

            “Is it something that you don’t want to do?”copyright protection36PENANAEFlfR7Io0C

            “I don’t know,” his tone was flat, his feet dragged.  copyright protection36PENANAP6BAADK8vs

            “So why are you doing it?”copyright protection36PENANA38gu9G7xpc

            He shrugged. “I don’t have anything else in my life. Plus, I was interested when I first started. I thought maybe one day I will take over.”copyright protection36PENANAZ3SljKs18s

            “Are you interested in your father’s company, like, right now, this second?”copyright protection36PENANADYyfy9Siio

            “Yeah,” he said, shrugging. “I guess so.”copyright protection36PENANALlx1PGHWe6

            “Does it make you happy?” she asked, studying him, seeing what his response would be. “Are you happy?”copyright protection36PENANA9da2ytN0uW

            This had to be the strangest girl that he had ever met. She could have been one of those crazies on drugs and he didn’t even know it. Though, that didn’t seem possible. However, she was hard to figure out. She seemed out of her mind, as if it were somewhere in space, far away for anyone to really see. It was as if you had to take a rocket and fly across the universe to get one straight answer out of her.copyright protection36PENANAs8U1otbgMt

Ethan stopped, making her stop in place. He threw his arms down, and stared. “Why in the world would you care if I’m happy or not?” he asked, then started walking again. Aspen continue her little skip. She shrugged her shoulders.copyright protection36PENANAExOcyDSgA6

            She mumbled something that he could not hear. “What?” Ethan asked, not sure what she had said. He seemed annoyed and on edge.copyright protection36PENANAnKkyMS2zTx

            Aspen cleared her throat. “I like people to be happy, you know? It’s always nice, to meet people doing stuff that they love, stuff that brings them joy. I just want people happy.”copyright protection36PENANAvmGqn4TzlG

            “And, why do you care?”copyright protection36PENANA2ZdQbMu435

            She seemed to give a little laugh. “I don’t know. We are almost here, by the way. It just over there. You’ll like it. It’s all organic, and everyone’s very sweet.”copyright protection36PENANAbrPvZCo1ch

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