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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Writer TheLunaWoodElf
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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Feb 15, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MXW6cbo46zBVSr0kUnreposted on PENANA

They checked out with a lot more groceries then they thought. Aspen swore up and down they needed a lot of this stuff. Ethan offered to help and Aspen accepted. The cashier had long hair and a skinny face. He looked off, like that stoner kid every school had in the back of the class room. Though, Aspen seemed to get along with him too.copyright protection22PENANAhPAZqaI2lH

            “How is Jenna?” Aspen asked.copyright protection22PENANA67E2dReCVk

            “Oh, she’s in India for six more weeks,” Philip, the stoner kid, answered.copyright protection22PENANAcwg4XhpSEQ

            “Is she loving it?”copyright protection22PENANA6VFHV5RE8c

            He just shrugged. “Yeah, she likes it.”copyright protection22PENANAlek0hxSw9N

            “When is she going to open her yoga shop here?”copyright protection22PENANAQmk7qioPa3

            “In a few more months,” he said, bopping his head.copyright protection22PENANAGhZlZUrQzA

            “Awesome.”copyright protection22PENANA3VOnV5VNB5

            “Right on,” he said as he put more stuff in the boxes. The store didn’t believe in bags, and used recycled boxes. Ethan watched the hippie girl and the stoner talk some more. She must have known him for years or something. They sure acted like it. When they got outside, he asked how they knew each other.copyright protection22PENANABsrWAReZHp

            “I see him around.”copyright protection22PENANA2nG2JGXaxw

            “Oh,” Ethan said. “For how long?”copyright protection22PENANALArzYnFUbh

            “Started going there two weeks ago,” Aspen said, struggling to carry all her stuff. Ethan took a few boxes. “He just started working.”copyright protection22PENANAZMKrIkjWj0

            “Two weeks?” Ethan asked in disbelief. “Are you messing with me?”copyright protection22PENANAmmo3p7Jmig

            “No, why would I?”copyright protection22PENANAS3QkDPHiKS

            Ethan shook his head, but Aspen couldn’t see. “You seem like you’ve known him for years.”copyright protection22PENANAAKFkbnEvkY

            Aspen shrugged her shoulders, still not looking back. “I like talking to people.”copyright protection22PENANAwGlUKK2t6l

            “I can tell.”copyright protection22PENANAJZpAj2q0la

            “Though I do wonder if people like talking to me.”copyright protection22PENANATVUyf6WUBh

            “Don’t worry, I think they do,” he mumbled.copyright protection22PENANAT8Ye2IY5b5

            “Don’t you like talking to people?” Aspen asked as they approached a road. She looked both ways, and she seemed to sprint. Ethan had to sprint too. He was almost out of breath. Aspen made it look so easy, with all those boxes in each hand. When they got to the sidewalk, they started walking through a neighborhood.copyright protection22PENANAqU4QuoSUod

            “I don’t like talking to people.”copyright protection22PENANA4i9ZQp5MjH

            Aspen did turn around, but kept walking backwards. “Oh yeah? Why not?”copyright protection22PENANA3cP1rSJpXU

            Ethan shrugged. “They annoy me. They usually want something from me.”copyright protection22PENANAvoPAejY7en

            “What would you give them?”copyright protection22PENANAliFuiwTnid

            Ethan finally caught up and started walking side by side with her. “Money, usually. People always want me to buy them something. Girls like me buying stuff for them.”copyright protection22PENANA4mpUoQM7gK

            “That’s a pity,” Aspen said. She spoke like she meant it. “Why would they come to you for money?”copyright protection22PENANA2M8Rmnblup

            “Well, it’s a known fact that my family is rich,” Ethan shrugged, with a cocky smile.copyright protection22PENANAIPIok0Uend

            “Do they know you’re rich, or do you tell everyone you have money?” Aspen asked. That made Ethan stop for a few seconds, and think about the words. He started to feel his face turn red.copyright protection22PENANArszRnXI95Z

            “I don’t tell them I’m rich.”copyright protection22PENANAU8L208qbtV

            “You just told me you’re rich, and I don’t even care,” she said. She didn’t sound mean though when she said it. It was just a matter of fact really. copyright protection22PENANABcLjA5jujH

            “I don’t care if you care,” Ethan argued like a small child.copyright protection22PENANAILahCxfkHl

            “Yes you do,” Aspen corrected him.copyright protection22PENANAjBt5Eud4GH

            Ethan felt himself turn redder. “I don’t Aspen, I really don’t. Are your parents hippies?”copyright protection22PENANA0hTLBtRUYb

            Aspen seemed to frown. “Why do you ask that?”copyright protection22PENANACGWMYykeT1

            “Your name is Aspen, and that’s a tree. Who the hell names their kid after a tree? What, your sister named Rainbow or something? Come on, tell me the truth.” He was being mean, and he didn’t know why. He told himself not to be so mean to the one person that’s being so nice. copyright protection22PENANAzcD3iiyvne

            “I don’t have a sister . . . just a brother. And we’re here,” Aspen said when they were in front of a large two story blue and white house. It had a German look to it, and yet like something from the 1970’s. Aspen started walking to the front door.copyright protection22PENANAcnv686zZ1y

            “Do you live here?” Ethan asked, following her into the big white fence yard.copyright protection22PENANAaDf7qdFLry

            “No,” Aspen said, knocking on the door. “My friend lives here.”copyright protection22PENANAN1Lq53IDz6

            “Oh, what are we doing here?”copyright protection22PENANARMtnSCusBw

            The door opened and a short little 80 year old so woman opened the door. One eye was gray but the other was brown. Her curly short hair was faded gold, matching her wrinkles. She had a cane holding her little body up. She looked surprised and happy. “Cathy! What are you doing here?”copyright protection22PENANA0MafTAtzlV

            Aspen didn’t look offended, only as if she was used to it and expected nothing less. She just smiled. “Joy, it’s me. Aspen.”copyright protection22PENANA89XUz2YiFx

            “Oh right, sorry Aspen, I get everyone confused. Cathy is my roommate. Which reminds me, she needs to give me rent money.  Always late, that one. She’s an odd one, Cath . . . I mean Aspen.” The old woman looked to Ethan and gave a big smile. “Who is this one?”copyright protection22PENANAoxkRVctpE5

            “Hi,” he mumbled.copyright protection22PENANAVFS5VMGol2

            “Speak up! I can barely hear you know.”copyright protection22PENANAjubgoLjm3Z

            Aspen had the right tone when she spoke. “Joy, this is Ethan, he’s my friend.”copyright protection22PENANAUswekrrOR5

            “Your . . . oh! Ok, he’s a pretty one,” she said pointing the top of the cane at him. Then she crackled. She didn’t sound like a mean witch; it was one of those laughs that made you smile as soon as you heard it, making you give a little laugh or two.  “Where did you find this one?”copyright protection22PENANAUMLMSGyz4U

            “In the alley way,” Aspen laughed. Ethan turned red. He was turning red in the cheeks. He was really starting to regret drinking. He wondered what his day would have been like if he had just had dinner at his parents’ house instead. He knew it would have been boring.copyright protection22PENANABooNFNyZ9C

            “What?”copyright protection22PENANAY34uioWJdN

            “We brought you groceries,” she said, holding up boxes.copyright protection22PENANAP7AAUtht2m

            “Oh! Thank you Aspen. It really means a lot to have you help me out. I’ll take twenty bucks off your rent. Come on in.”copyright protection22PENANAnELMrqzZpJ

            “Thank you Joy,” Aspen said as she walked into the house. copyright protection22PENANABoMGS55OOi

            Ethan followed, having Joy eye him with her good eye. He didn’t know what to do and just looked to the floor. When he looked up, he saw that the house look like it was frozen in the 1970’s. “Just put it in the kitchen, Cathy.”copyright protection22PENANACEqcfkFwNH

            “Aspen.”copyright protection22PENANASbmDYN4xNu

            “What? Oh yes, sorry Aspen.”copyright protection22PENANAgpS35L9azX

            It felt like to Ethan, Aspen had to correct her offend about her name. “How do you know her?” Ethan whispered.copyright protection22PENANAtbCToRe3n1

            “She’s my landlord. And I help her out, because her husband died like two years ago. She’s all alone, and I don’t trust her roommate.”copyright protection22PENANALgd7UbVZJI

            “Ok?” he said in a questionable tone. “Why?”copyright protection22PENANAt07m3c7dnH

            “Because she never pays rent.”copyright protection22PENANAbRTNKhEZl2

            He rolled his eyes. “No, why do you help out?”copyright protection22PENANA07jefdqac9

            “Because Joy is really nice and needs someone.”copyright protection22PENANATG913ddaqB

            “Why-“copyright protection22PENANASBsMod43cp

            Joy came into the kitchen. “You kids didn’t have to do this you know,” she said with a grateful tone. “Aspen, the Broncos are going to be on soon, are you going to watch?”copyright protection22PENANA6dxprMCSXP

            “Not today, I have to drive my friend back to Denver.”copyright protection22PENANA1QwaRzo5JO

            “Denver? Oh, the traffic is just terrible there,” Joy said, sitting down at the table. The whole house had a German feeling. Like they weren’t in Colorado anymore, and they were in a small village on the other side of the world. “And Cathy today, geez, it’s like she has a stick up her ass.” The cussing from the sweet looking lady threw Ethan off and made him smile. Joy covered her mouth. “Sorry, er um, Aspen’s friend. My husband was a sailor, and was rough and cuss a lot. After 60 years of marriage, you start cussing too.”copyright protection22PENANAHCqaoPnsSA

            “60 years?” Ethan asked with shock. “You’ve been married for 60 years?”copyright protection22PENANASZNqofc17a

            “64 this year, if Will was still here,” she said, looking lost in memory. “He died about two years back. That’s when Aspen moved in and she’s been helping me sense. Helps a lot more than my roommate. Geez, I can’t even have hairspray because everything has to be natural and non toxic,” she said looking annoyed. “Oh, I shouldn’t talk bad, she’s okay. I guess.”copyright protection22PENANAQ91mjTVIZF

            “Well, if this is your house, you should do whatever you want,” Ethan shrugged. Joy smiled. They sat there for a while, talking about local news and what was going on. Joy really enjoyed the company and talking to someone.copyright protection22PENANAwGiXRGMf9F

She invited them to listen to some preacher that came on the T.V., but Aspen politely declined and said that she needed to drive her friend back.copyright protection22PENANAP2EDs2TF31

            After about 30 minutes, they got up and started heading out the door. Joy guided them, and they spoke for a little while longer. Though, Ethan was tired of standing up, Aspen kept nodding her head and talking with the landlord.copyright protection22PENANAPUaRhuKdcJ

Once they were actually outside, Joy looked out and said, “What a beautiful day! God bless America!” and then went right back into her large house. Ethan turned to Aspen.copyright protection22PENANATJqbGhSsw2

            “She’s . . . . different.”copyright protection22PENANA8l4MZwPScS

            “She’s the nicest lady I know around here,” Aspen explained. “Do you want to see my house? It’s actually Joy’s. It’s a little chalet, just right there.” She pointed down and Ethan noticed a little chalet down the hill.copyright protection22PENANAT2N3T4yDhK

It was small, but big enough to live in. It was just like the big house at the top of the hill. It was as if the house somehow gave birth to it and it was the child. Aspen started to walk down the hill. She looked back to Ethan and said, “Come on. You can meet my dogs.”copyright protection22PENANAmbtNma4eDA

            “Dogs?”copyright protection22PENANAgLWlxVSnN4

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