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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Letter's to the Star Whisperer
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Feb 15, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pRiHC2cVAqbhhvatp43cposted on PENANA

Albert, Darwin, and Stinky were three mutts. Albert was tiny but had a big head. Darwin was gray, and maybe had some lab in him mixed with something else. Stinky was just big, fat, and hairy. There was no pin pointing his breed.copyright protection39PENANA6kaFGtQkVW

 As soon as Aspen walked through the door, all three dogs wagged their tails and were all over her. “My boys! How are you? Do you want a walk! Do my good stinky boys want a walk!” Aspen said as she bent down and hugged and petted them. They all were licking her face.copyright protection39PENANADkOW2qZelz

            “Dogs, you have three?” Ethan asked, trying to stay away.copyright protection39PENANAExQW21ps6t

            “Yep, and I love them all. Albert was one of my clients, and the owner didn’t want him so I adopted him. Darwin, I found him by the river and he followed me home. And Stinky was my brother’s dog.”copyright protection39PENANAEcNPRuiIPd

            “Client? What do you mean?” Ethan asked as Stinky started coming after him with a dumb look on his face as drool started to hit the floor.copyright protection39PENANAFtytpAUoOg

            “I’m a dog trainer!”copyright protection39PENANAXtNOpQQOjW

            “Of course you are,” he said putting his hand out in front of him. Stinky sniffed it and then licked it. Ethan was horrified.copyright protection39PENANAiY86O0A6Jp

            “It’s just a part time job.”copyright protection39PENANAkoSSRhtLGi

            “So you work at a tea shop, and you train dogs?” Ethan asked.copyright protection39PENANA1ELPsbGj00

            Aspen nodded and stood up. “I also teach yoga on Saturdays.” She lifted her leg from behind, grabbed it with her hands, and touched the back of her head. “Ta-da!”copyright protection39PENANAfiYooMpYT8

            Ethan’s eyes were wide open. She made it look so graceful. He couldn’t even stretch out his hands without a cramp.  Aspen let her leg back down. “That’s . . .  amazing,” he finally said.copyright protection39PENANAodwg6oyA9f

            “Oh, yoga isn’t that hard.”copyright protection39PENANASbTE1lPIFP

            “No, I mean, you. You’re just so . . . different and weird.”copyright protection39PENANAIV7HjwuIun

            Aspen cocked her head. “Is that a bad thing?”copyright protection39PENANAQTBnaHLIhV

            He looked all around her house. “I’m still debating.”copyright protection39PENANAXa6RO8dDQS

            She smiled. “Well, I need to put the dogs out and let them go potty. You can too in the bathroom over there,” she said pointing to the door to the bathroom, then to the stairs. “I have two bathrooms. I have snacks in the cabinet, but we can go to Pearl Street and get pizza. I’ll be right back, come on Stinky, Albert, Darwin, lets go,” she said getting the dogs pumped up and barking.copyright protection39PENANAtzNBg77LPC

            Once Ethan was alone in the house, he really looked around. The place was just like Joy’s house, but tiny and a taste of Aspen. There was an old 1950’s looking dinner table matching the stove and sink. The refrigerator was a tiny thing, with pictures attached.copyright protection39PENANA8GvJ3FrOoI

He looked at the pictures showing Aspen with way longer hair, nearly pass her thighs. It was lighter, no other colors like the blue she had now. She had a brown dress on and heels. She was posing with some guy, looking really happy.  Ethan thought maybe it was her boyfriend, but he got to looking at the guy with the Chevy hat.copyright protection39PENANAJmTQdHZqlP

He had the same face as Aspen. It must have been her brother. She had other pictures of some friends. The pictures all looked like ancient history.copyright protection39PENANAjPp6qGdyr3

            Aspen came into the house with all three dogs running in. She had two doggie bags in each hand and put it in the trash bin. “Great job you guys! You’re doing so . . .”copyright protection39PENANAazJGjNmKCL

Ethan was still staring at the pictures. He looked over to her. Her face went pale. “What you looking at?” she asked closing the door and walking over.copyright protection39PENANAtl7mcl4bMp

            “Just looking at some pictures.”              copyright protection39PENANA15frcF7pdy

            “Yeah?” she asked. She started to look at the pictures too.copyright protection39PENANAto8d4s0rdC

            After a while, Ethan finally said, “Your hair looked really pretty that long.”copyright protection39PENANAcGYj3bF8mr

            Aspen eyed him for a second and shrugged. “Yeah, I thought so too. Took me forever. But, I needed change.”copyright protection39PENANAyoxNPJsW9G

            “Why is that?” Ethan asked.copyright protection39PENANAvC4EP97QAk

            “Just needed it.”copyright protection39PENANAsM1r65CLdZ

            “Is that your boyfriend?” Ethan asked, knowing it wasn’t, to the man he was looking at earlier.copyright protection39PENANAdLnKyct19C

            “No way!” Aspen seemed to give a sad giggle. “That’s my brother. Twin brother, actually.”copyright protection39PENANAHFfMk4WrUw

            “You’re a twin?” Ethan asked.copyright protection39PENANALnjNOpSrb5

            “Yep, my mother could tell you stories,” she started, then nodding her head, “Starting with her home birth experiences. She swears up and down we almost killed her, but no one was stopping her from going to the hospital. But, I popped out first, and then my brother did. When he got long hair, he looked like my transgender sister,” she joked. “We were terrible together. He was the one that brought me out to Boulder.”copyright protection39PENANAqoRO8p1Brb

            “Oh really? Where you guys from then?”copyright protection39PENANAe8QtVaxRBs

            She took a moment. “You promise you won’t make fun of me?”copyright protection39PENANAonPHaE736i

            Ethan was already smiling. “Sure.”copyright protection39PENANA8wG0lOpmqR

            She let out a sigh. “Arkansas.”copyright protection39PENANAxE0n8VyGNa

            Ethan said almost choking on his laughter, “Oh my god, are you serious?”copyright protection39PENANA8bxYTID0LJ

            “You said you wouldn’t make fun of me,” she said in a downward tone. She didn’t seem to care for his outburst.copyright protection39PENANAiUfZUBNkXe

            Ethan stopped laughing. “I am not making fun of you, I promise, I just never thought in my life you would come from a place like Arkansas.”copyright protection39PENANAbvTbS16rHU

            “Why not? I actually really like Arkansas. It’s more laid back.”copyright protection39PENANABQ58OZQsZC

            “You just seem like a local I guess.”copyright protection39PENANAbiwrhq25KZ

            “I’ve been living in Boulder for close to 3 years now. So, I am a local.”copyright protection39PENANAkVud6nedOW

            “But you aren’t a native.”copyright protection39PENANA7qMdyBcp3c

            “You don’t chose where you come from, but you have a choice where you get to go, Ethan,” she said.  It was the first time she said his name, and he had really liked it. “Besides, there is nothing wrong with were you come from. I happen to like it.”copyright protection39PENANA1fuxGMXISI

            “What part were you from?”copyright protection39PENANAIcDdpKAEXp

            “Have you ever heard of Eureka Springs? I wasn’t born there. My mom and dad moved there when I was older. I was born in Harrison, just an hour away. We lived in a tiny home in Jasper, next to a creek. It’s really amazing up there in the Ozarks. But when Travis, my brother, got old enough, he got his licenses at 16 and started taking road trips. When I was 18, I started to come along. ”copyright protection39PENANAA5PnioZvO3

            “That’s bull,” Ethan said rolling his eyes. “What about school?”copyright protection39PENANAHPicnYZlGR

            She didn’t take offence. She never took offence to Ethan, and for some reason, it had drove him so crazy. “We were homeschooled. Besides, we got our G.E.D’s at 16.”copyright protection39PENANA3p4HCtrd7o

            “Course,” he mumbled, trying his best to not roll his eyes.copyright protection39PENANADIut6MS5iG

            “He came out here first. But when I tagged along, we went to Texas. Then New Mexico, then to Arizona. Have you ever been to Tucson? It’s actually really awesome there. Not what I thought it would be. Then he took me here, Colorado. I fell in love. I don’t know what it was, but I fell in love with this area. We went on traveling to Seattle, and Canada. We traveled all over, but my soul got trapped here. I loved it so much. I couldn’t leave, I had to come back.”copyright protection39PENANA80wqdUpcf6

            “Well, I was born and raised in Denver. I don’t know why you would like it here so much. Most people come for the weed.”copyright protection39PENANA4jv818CslK

            “I’ve never done anything silly like that.”    copyright protection39PENANARZslsz8kEq

            “Seriously,” Ethan asked in a deadpan tone.copyright protection39PENANA1NqxeErDQH

            “Yep, never touched it, never cared for it. Have you done it?” she asked.copyright protection39PENANAJV0f42nGuJ

            He turned red. “Just . . . a little.”copyright protection39PENANAqmJTHcsPw6

            Aspen shrugged. “Little like the drinking?” she joked.copyright protection39PENANAgyUH58lxMc

            His face was really red now. He felt embarrassed. It wasn’t like it was first time he drank so much that he blacked out. But talking to this girl, he felt like he wanted to be better than he usually was. “Yeah, something like that.”copyright protection39PENANAew7fLbh9RM

            “Well, anyways, Joy doesn’t allow that type of stuff, so it’s good I don’t. She was having trouble renting out because of it. Then I came along one day, and she rented out to me, no paperwork, no first month last month stuff. She has two boys who have boys themselves. She said she always wanted a girl. She said dogs were fine. She loved dogs. I had a cat, but it ran away.”copyright protection39PENANATi8CbPODFl

            “Well, lucky I don’t live here,” he said in a low voice.copyright protection39PENANAKWTEDZNZwz

            “I’m looking for a roommate, if you know of anyone.”copyright protection39PENANAbK5i0Ruh1m

            Ethan tried to think of someone, just anyone, but sadly no face came to mind. “I can’t think of anyone.” He had all those people from last night. Why couldn’t he give a name?copyright protection39PENANA3UFbxQ1luH

            “Oh really? I thought you said you knew a lot of people. Well, get word around, if you can.”copyright protection39PENANAHeDBTgAGf6

            “I’ll try,” he said. “This is a really neat place you got.”copyright protection39PENANAgrRmKRde9e

            Aspen eyes lit up. “I know, I am so lucky to have found anything. But, even though I can cut my rent by helping out Joy, it’s still a lot. It’s usually 700 a month, which is cheap, like really cheap in his city, but I work in a tea shop, you know? I know that people want around a thousand a month just for one room. This city is crazy!”copyright protection39PENANABc9goG7q2B

            “Well, if I hear of anyone, I will give them word,” Ethan promised. “What time is it anyways?”copyright protection39PENANA7JPKkJ1Uph

            Aspen took out her phone, and said, “It’s around noon.”copyright protection39PENANA1GIS2sKgHT

            “That’s it?” Ethan asked, wrinkling up his nose. “God, this day is so slow.”copyright protection39PENANAvj6EAukHUn

            She looked at him, but didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to know what he meant by that. “Well, that’s what happens when you wake up at five.  Well, I get up at five. Actually, it’s more like four in the morning.”copyright protection39PENANAi268MrROlg

            “Why the hell do you get up so early?”copyright protection39PENANA6nXOfZhZgZ

            She shrugged. “I get a lot more done in the morning. I like that feeling in the morning. Right before the sun rises. Also, I can never sleep.”copyright protection39PENANATLjZqTtLAo

            “I can sleep. I could sleep every second of the day if I could,” Ethan said, walking around the small living room. He saw that there was an upstairs, but didn’t go up. He sat on the old worn down couch. It had hair and holes all over it. She had a swinging chair in the corner. She followed him, and crawled up into the chair, and started to swing her feet. She looked like a little kid.copyright protection39PENANA8Tre1eFS21

            “Are you tired now?” she asked, grabbing the sides. Ethan thought she looked more like one of those dancers, he thought. He put his hands over his head, and smiled. He gave a shrug. “Do you drive your father crazy?”copyright protection39PENANA98p6XE6fEm

            He couldn’t help but to give a big laugh. It came out of nowhere. His laugh made her lips give a slight curl. “Um, why do you ask?” he was still laughing.copyright protection39PENANAex8yxzr1k2

            Aspen shrugged. “I don’t know. I just got a feeling. What about your mom?”copyright protection39PENANApsVQHW5nP7

            He stretched his neck and stopped laughing. “Do I drive you crazy?”copyright protection39PENANApYgO4dtbs8

            “Yes,” she said without hesitation.copyright protection39PENANAyHGHfdgHeA

            He seemed a little stun. He felt kind of embarrassed, like he wanted to change right then and there.  “Oh really?” But, by tomorrow she was just going to be a stranger again.copyright protection39PENANAJE3FvKCA8r

            Her face did not look sour though. “It’s okay. You’re not as crazy as Travis. He has some stories he could tell. Always told him he could write a book, which is what he wanted to do one day. He told me when he got old, that was what he wanted to do.”copyright protection39PENANAHxpYmubPFE

            He gave a smile. “Maybe one day, this Travis fellow and I need to meet. I could show him a good party. Have fun in the city. We would have a blast, turning the city upside down,” he joked. He expected a laugh or even a small smile from her. That one smile she gives when he says anything. But instead, she frowned, and he could see the flame in her eyes flick a bit. It was as if he almost blew out her spirit.copyright protection39PENANAXdmEUCRak6

            “That would be nice,” she said in a small voice bringing in her legs to her chest. She started to play with her toes.  He noticed that her toe nails were lime green and chipped really badly. “He would like that.”copyright protection39PENANAL3KOJfzlQH

            “Well, call him up, where is he?” Ethan smiled, pushing the joke farther. He was going to make her laugh. “I would love to meet this fellow. Where is this Travis buddy boy-”copyright protection39PENANAMyfbwBFIql

            “Dead,” she cut him off. “He’s dead.”copyright protection39PENANAnozJ2tmUEG

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