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Short Story
Trust in Me
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Writer univers3girl044
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Trust in Me
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Feb 14, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!GytMjnYPQBlPdzjTwLCbposted on PENANA

13Please respect copyright.PENANAryNTnScK9U
copyright protection9PENANAEY219e3Q2e13Please respect copyright.PENANArgc6b5K3Qr

The sky was dark gray with storm clouds swirling about in the horizon. Lightning struck in the sky as she walked slowly, step by step towards Jesus upon the ocean water. Her hair was long and dark maroon red, she wore a beautiful long white dress with sandals on her feet. Jesus was off in the distance wearing a dark navy blue velvet robe and brown leather sandals. He was standing on the water with His hand held out to her, the waves were fierce in the storm and crashing all around them. Rose walked ever so slowly towards her savior, her eyes were steady upon Him as His long damp hair blew against the wind from the rain falling down hard. She was in fear but she fought to keep her eyes on Him focused on Him, trusting in Him. She approached Him closer now walking steadily on the water as He stood in front of her-until a large wave suddenly crashed against her in full force and she fell down splashing into the ocean water. She sunk down with her eyes closed, almost losing consciousness. Jesus saw her sinking  down and He dove quickly into the ocean to swim after her as the waves were strong and moving against the storm. Her white dress and wavy long hair were flowing under the water, she was passed out and steadily hovering. copyright protection9PENANAGJNaw7xuWo13Please respect copyright.PENANAIurRKwDaOC

Jesus was fully submerged in the water swimming after her, holding His breath, He reached his arms out grabbing her waist and pulled her close to Himself. He swam back up to the surface as she rested unconscious. Jesus reached above the surface gasping in a breath of air. He cradled Rose while the two of them were still halfway submerged, she rested close to Him in His arms as the rain fell upon their soaking wet clothes and hair. Jesus gazed upon His precious daughter. He lifted his hand to her cheek and gently brushed His fingers against her pale skin. She regained consciousness, her eyes fluttering open at the soft sensation of His touch. Her eyes opened to see Jesus’ crystal blue eyes gazing back into her gray ones. He looked at her with deep love and tenderness in His eyes and as she looked at His face, she found herself falling in love with Him all over again.copyright protection9PENANA6iejRydokP13Please respect copyright.PENANAdfa18yTli3

“Jesus...” She managed to speak out loud. “You saved me.” Her lips were pale.copyright protection9PENANAzYNCZXQ3NT13Please respect copyright.PENANAgJjsPuyzxo

“Peace Be Still, Child.”copyright protection9PENANAitC5D9cbD913Please respect copyright.PENANA1gSt7DZLNO

He spoke, his voice was tender and soft as the rain fell down against them. Jesus then rebuked the storm and eventually the waves calmed down and the storm began to clear up. copyright protection9PENANAAKrO4jmhHG13Please respect copyright.PENANAn13y3c6Xyp

Rose cuddled closer to Him and rested her head on his shoulder as He carried her in the water.copyright protection9PENANA6hEUTERKHF13Please respect copyright.PENANA0O8kgYOOxm

She breathed in and out, and he said to her...”Don’t be afraid, For I am with you, forever and ever.”copyright protection9PENANADZ8g5MphY3

13Please respect copyright.PENANAdzC62KJ1vx

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