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The Hunter Chronicles
Writer David Crook
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The Hunter Chronicles
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David Crook
Mar 12, 2018
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!PidSgSIyMs5vdGY4EzZVposted on PENANA

                The crisp air blows through my pure, white fur as I sprint through Shadowmoon Forest while my opponent gives chase. My skin begins to tingle slightly as my nerves react to the wild, almost feral nature of the beast following me. I’m running with the wind and his Scent fills my snout as it gusts ahead of me. My rival’s Scent is something I can never forget. The fury and deadly intent drown out his human side. Courage finally finds me as I jump and spin around mid-stride, facing him as he charges me at full speed. My legs carry me forward as I begin to sprint once again, this time in his direction. I know his movements well, this is not our first encounter.copyright protection25PENANAGgAjHWs5DU

                I see a streak of white-gold as he approaches. I prepare my first move in anticipation of his. The world shifts and feels as if its moving in slow motion. Everything, including me moves in a slow, dramatic fashion with the first impact. Leon fakes to my left and lunges to the opposite side as usual, leaving him wide open for a blind-sided attack. I set my plan into motion with a counter-attack to the opening he left me, and the world continues in full speed as I dig my fangs into his shoulder. I spin around in circles when my momentum rips my teeth from his flesh. Before I can regain composure, another white blur flashes in front me. Searing pain burns down the side of my face as his claws come down over my eye.copyright protection25PENANAmtczmts42e

I howl out into the sky and my pain becomes personified as it echoes into the woods. Leon’s snarling growl fills my ears, but my eyes do not see him. I close my eyes and listen to my surroundings, lightly sniffing the air around me. This isn’t the first time he has played this game. I call it his Shadow-dance Strike. He strikes with a lot of power and vanishes before there is time to react. I’m impressed that he managed to land his first strike immediately after my blow to his shoulder. The leaves in the trees rustle and the wind mimics a speeding big rig as it barrels through the trees.copyright protection25PENANAw7KJOJOtjN

                His Scent surrounds me in the wind like a tornado and I feel like I’m standing in the eye of storm, just waiting for the impending danger. This is part of his strategy, but it wont work. I have more than just my nose to find him with. The air thick with smoke-like bloodlust makes my throat tighten in fear. Shadows dance around me as the wind continues to howl deep into the woods. My instincts scream for me to move but I hold my ground as I look up and I open my eyes to see his metallic blonde fur descending on me. I jump into the air for a head on attack. My superior size and power over Leon should give me an advantage in this situation. In my rapid ascent toward him, I shift out of my wolf skin. My bones and ligaments, pop and twist. My fur retracts rapidly, and the holes left behind mend just as quick. While still mid-change, I grab one of Leon’s front legs with one hand and clamp around his throat with the other in one fluid motion. The impact of our collision keeps us in the air for a few seconds longer than normal but as we start to fall, I turn and force him underneath me. My reversion finishes a moment later.copyright protection25PENANAoZ3ZjLVLQz

                Seconds before we hit the ground, Leon shifts out his wolf skin as well. He manages to turn the tide, reversing my hold and shifting my weight against me. I end up with my face smashed into the grass and dirt with Leon’s boot on my head.copyright protection25PENANAGc2SMpmeto

                “Is that all you got Bastian?” Leon taunts as he runs his right hand through his platinum blonde hair. I see him favoring his right shoulder when he places his hand onto his stomach. His arm remains bent as if held in a sling.copyright protection25PENANAt0vdKjWyMg

                “How’s the shoulder?” I reply with a little bit of snark as I jerk my head out from under his foot and stand up.copyright protection25PENANAmbfqbzb7k2

                “Nothing I can’t handle. You need to think out your options before you attack. You always seem to forget that your size and power are a double-edged sword.” Leon explains as if he is teaching me a lesson.copyright protection25PENANAG1fJU18gfC

                “Okay Mr. Wise Old Alpha. Which one of us is the elder here?” I snap back to him. His stupid lessons always seem to annoy me.copyright protection25PENANAEICaWnuTWh

                “My honest answer would be, Me. You may be older, but I have more experience with a pack and as a leader. You know I asked you to be my Beta because of your experiences but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to learn.” He answers, “Anyway, let’s go back. Maribel and Abi are probably eating dinner as we speak and there is a forth seat for you. I’m pretty sure Maribel got ahold of some Grade-A choice cuts for us to eat tonight.”copyright protection25PENANA9ispIEYULj

                “Alright, alright, I get it. Let’s go, you don’t have to ask me twice to go eat.” I reply with a hearty smile.copyright protection25PENANAXrkcbeejvu

                “Before we go, you should know something. We need to talk after dinner.” Leon explains as voice his deepens slightly. My mood rapidly changes. What the hell could he possibly want?copyright protection25PENANAVadyk9WO3S

                “What are you asking of me?” I ask in return. The back of my neck tingles as the hairs on my neck stand at full attention and goosebumps race across my skin.29Please respect copyright.PENANAuvTuQE6jHw
                “After dinner, alright? I’ll explain everything then.” Leon answers as he turns and walks away. I shrug but follow him as he leads us back to my car.copyright protection25PENANA5dayDTcBOY

                Stella is parked near the tree line of the forest and the sun reflects her slightly shiny, metallic, purple paint job. I bought this 1971 Dodge Challenger brand new off the lot. I paid in full at the time and in cash. Since then, she has been my partner in crime. I’ve done a little work on her, tuning her up bit by bit over the years. In truth, she is a beast. I got into the driver’s seat and Leon jumps through the open window into the passenger seat. Neither of us buckle up as I start the engine and Stella’s rumble vibrates through us, shaking us to the core.copyright protection25PENANAVLqgYBvcU0

                “Damn! I love this car!” Leon shouts, “She always gives me the chills.”copyright protection25PENANAGQaTpv3lk6

                “I know what you mean. Its half the reason I bought her. Never had another car with the same effect as Stella. She is one of a kind.” I brag as I rev the engine a few times before shifting into drive and floor it, spinning the tires as I speed away.copyright protection25PENANAdpkoYXibz6

                Leon lives within the population of the city but closer to the outer rim. That way he could remain mostly normal in appearance while still going unnoticed when his werewolf instincts kick in or something of that nature arises. Leon’s main rule for the pack is to hide the super natural world from the human’s as much as possible. We aren’t supposed to make our presence known. If another pack or a rival clan of vampires tries to move in on our turf, we deal with but other than that, we remain quiet. Doing our best, we try to be law-abiding citizens.copyright protection25PENANA9uRzLPbg26

                It’s not long before I pull up in front of Leon’s house. The lights are still on but its not really that late. So, that’s not surprising. Both of us get out of the car, closing the doors behind us. I’m starved at this point and Leon must be too, since we both rush to get in the house. Maribel and Abigail are both at the dining room table eating dinner.copyright protection25PENANAgIWrCmWFHg

                “Yours is in the microwave, both of you.” Maribel says without looking up from her plate.copyright protection25PENANALVG5jF2CQB

                “Thanks, Lupa. “ Leon replies quickly but tenderly.copyright protection25PENANAI06AARqL7t

                “Thank you, Maribel.” I reply as I pass by, “Abi, how’s school going? Did you ever talk to that Jacob kid yet?”copyright protection25PENANARobOPNaMsR

                “Who’s Jacob?!” Leon demands as his voice deepens.copyright protection25PENANA2eNIk7nnJe

                “Bastian! Why did you do that? That was supposed to be a secret!” Abi screams out as her face grows flush with fifty shades of embarrassment.copyright protection25PENANAZse62OXtA5

                “Who’s this Jacob kid?!” Leon demands, now shouting. His dad-mode is rapidly engaging second by second.copyright protection25PENANAWru8fkVp6o

                “Leon, relax. He’s just a nice boy that Abi talks to at school. Its harmless.” Maribel answers, trying to defuse the situation.copyright protection25PENANAh8D4RYbflU

                “It’s a boy. It’s never without ulterior motives. Abi, do you realize that boy will say and do anything to get what he wants. Everything he says to you is probably a bunch of lies!” Leon explodes as he blows into full dad-rage-mode.copyright protection25PENANAulmIrpxpT7

                “Whoa, Leon, Relax. I didn’t mean to stir shit up. Sorry, Abi. I thought you would have told him by now.” I plead with the now drama-filled dining room-kitchen area. Leon is practically steaming from the ears and Abi is screaming obscenities at me in Latin. Although I don’t know very much Latin, so I’m only able to pick out bits and pieces of what she is shouting.copyright protection25PENANAvQzZYOkUdq

                “Damn it, Bastian! I had a great meal planned for tonight and you come home tonight and start all of this crap! What the hell…..” Maribel’s anger-filled shouts fade into the chaos surrounding us. The air grows warm and thick with everyone’s emotions running wild.copyright protection25PENANAivyWzqULGg

                “WOW!!!” I practically roar into the room, overpowering all their voices combined. All of them Immediately fall silent, “Look, I’m sorry to ruin a perfectly happy family dinner but it’s been three months that I’ve known about Jacob and I figured Abi would have, or at least should have told her father about it by now. It was my mistake. I’ll make sure I learn to hold my tongue a little better, alright? Now Leon, honestly just chill the fuck out. Abi is sixteen. Of course, there will be boys, but you raised her right. You too, Maribel. Now can we all just calm down and eat dinner peacefully, please?!” I shout at them in explanation. Everybody remains silent, staring at each other for a few more seconds. Finally, Maribel is the first to pick up her utensils and cut into the meat on her plate, eating once again. Abi looks at me, then at Leon, and back to me one more time before she smiles, and continuing to eat as well. Leon huffs and puffs a but as he grumbles his own obscenities under his breath as he turns and walks to the microwave, retrieving his plate of food. I grab mine immediately after him and we both sit down at the table.copyright protection25PENANAGaB2T3sqtl

                Our family meal is mostly silent apart from the sound of everybody eating. Maribel managed to acquire a particularly delicious heart for tonight’s meal. I look up from my plate and shift my eyes towards her.copyright protection25PENANAyZc7ZaWj4a

                “Maribel. What is this? Leon mentioned that you had some kind of Grade-A choice cuts. What exactly are we eating?” I ask before shoving another fork-load into my mouth.copyright protection25PENANAJnFikfJe0p

                “This is a rare delicacy for us. It’s a rare Vampirus Lordus heart. It was a gift from a friend who owed me a favor. I accepted this as the favor. Enjoy.” She answers with a bright smile.copyright protection25PENANAvGz7JsacTE

                Between the silent conversations and the overwhelming urge to just remain quiet and eat, we’re done eating lickity split. Leon stands up from the table and steps about two feet away. His head turns to look at me, making eye contact for a few seconds before turning and walking outside to the backyard patio. I wait for about a minute before I stand up and follow his lead, and walk out the back door. Leon is sitting on one of the bamboo patio chairs situated in a large spread out circle around the cement slab. I place my ass in the seat next to his and I remain quiet, waiting for him to tell me what is so damn important.copyright protection25PENANAxsDJACUwVZ

                “Do you have any kids?” Leon asks after several minutes of silence, “Before and/or after the change, I mean.” I turn my head towards him in response.copyright protection25PENANAGFmmXGBGVB

                “No. Thank god for that!” I answer in reply as I chuckle aloud.copyright protection25PENANA6qiFx28Ie1

                “Oh gee, thanks man.” Leon replies, and he lets out a quick snort-laugh.copyright protection25PENANAnMu0w4DqAz

                “You know I don’t mean it like that. Abi is great. Just you know, with who I am. What I can become….” I explain, and my voice trails off into silence. My head snaps down, lowering my eyes in shame.copyright protection25PENANApgfMCcteTo

                “Well, Abigail is at the center of my dilemma. It involves me needing to ask you to do something that may disrupt your current inner peace.” He says. Without looking at him, I know he is staring up into the stars. I turn my head back towards him, looking at his face and confirming what I already knew.copyright protection25PENANAQ0P8FnbN6p

                “It’s okay, Leon. Just tell me what you need from me. Its been a long time. You know I do everything for the better of the pack now. It’s been years since those days. You know I’ve changed.” I sputter out as my words seem to flow uncontrollably. I have a gut feeling that I already know what he wants but I need him to say the words.copyright protection25PENANAPtbjuHn87Y

                “You don’t need to explain yourself to me, Bastian. You should know that about me by now, but its Abigail. She has been really persistent lately. She tells me that she is sick of pretending to be a human. She isn’t content with being normal, you know?! How am I supposed to deal with this crap?” Leon replies as his voice trails off into broken silence.copyright protection25PENANAHxfWjS9M63

                “Leon. She is sixteen now. You know what I was doing at sixteen?” I ask, “I was doing everything I could to help my father keep our family tavern afloat. I even dropped out of school to help. Any spare time I had left was usually talking to some cute girl or hanging out with friends.”copyright protection25PENANAbW305Jngxu

                “Is that what’s going on? Is that who this Jacob kid is?” Leon demands as his voice gets a bit more serious.copyright protection25PENANAFnXQGsy4AG

                “Just stop. That’s not what I meant, and you know it. I just mean that Abigail is going to want to explore all sides of her own body. And I don’t mean sexually. I mean that she is a growing and maturing werewolf teenager. I mean, has she even changed yet?” I ask.copyright protection25PENANA2idhfw9ojg

                “No, that’s where the problem lies. She doesn’t understand that it comes in time. Trying to force it to happen early wont end well for her.” He answers.copyright protection25PENANAsucwuigSzN

                “What is it that she wants? What is the point of all this?” I ask as I attempt to get us back on track.copyright protection25PENANAmeak5RNEVn

                “Right, the point is that I need you do something for me. Obviously, I have Abigail’s best interest in mind here.” Leon replies as he takes a deep breath, “I need you to possibly get back in touch with some contacts from your old days. You know, before the pack. I need you to set up a simple job. Something Abigail can do with you and minimize her danger levels, while also letting her explore the wolf inside herself a bit.” There is a long pause between us. A minute or so goes by, “I hope it’s not asking too much. I know how much you want to avoid dredging that life up.”copyright protection25PENANAkYFxgU4qjn

                “No, it’s okay. I kind of figured it would be something like this.” I answer as I breathe a heavy sigh, “I’ll do it. For Abigail. Nothing more.” I stare back at Leon and his face lights up in joy but somehow mixed in is sorrow as well, “Give me a little time. I may need to dig for a while before I find something that works.”copyright protection25PENANAGMRTjmczfL

                “Thank you, Brother.” Leon answers. It is sincere, and I know it. When Leon refers to me as ‘Brother’ I know that he thinks of me as a true brother. He started this brother nickname for me around 5 years ago, when I finally dedicated myself fully to the pack.copyright protection25PENANAnC0xX6pKKl

                “No problem, Brother. Anything for the pack and Abi is definitely one of us.” I answer, showing the same respect back to him.copyright protection25PENANA74jNBAIG12

                Its not long after this point in the conversation when Leon stands up from the patio chair and walks back to the door leading inside. He stops before he walks in and turns back to face me.copyright protection25PENANA3IOVC8iOHx

                “You can crash on the couch if you don’t feel like going home. Either way is cool but if you do leave, and I can’t emphasize this enough, please make sure to LOCK the front door before you go.” He explains with a sarcastic sigh.copyright protection25PENANAz49AC7G1Rq

                “No problem, Leon. I’ll lock up before I go to sleep. I’ll stay here tonight. Thanks again, Brother.” I answer back to him with a hearty chuckle.copyright protection25PENANAmYuGM6guMh

                “Night, Bastian.” Leon replies as he steps through the door and closes it behind him.copyright protection25PENANAwPZlLBt3qa

                I sit silently in the darkness for a while longer as I stare into the stars above me. My past life flashes before my eyes. It’s showing me scenes of fast cars, illegal smuggling into enemy territory, murders, robberies, and various other criminal activities. Most if these were pretty bad, even in the supernatural world. My mind shifts at over thousand miles a minute, trying to figure out how best to handle this situation. I had to contact somebody who might be able to give me an easy job. As much as I dread the thought of bringing that scumbag back into my life, Reamus is the only one to come to mind. He could do it and the last thing I heard about Reamus is that he got out of that life. He went legit with a junkyard business, or something along those lines. He might have something that would work. At the very least I hope he could point me in the right direction.copyright protection25PENANAA0fKARRgTI

                I need some sleep before I work on this, I’ll just try to contact Reamus in the morning. I remain outside for just a bit longer. I need to clear my mind before I lay down or I won’t be able to rest. The stars and the constellations always fascinate me. Astrology and Astrophysics have always been something I have done in my spare time as a hobby more than anything else. Its weird when you consider all the work involved in it, but as the saying goes ‘If you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life’. Regardless, it’s not long before staring at the stars calms me enough to sleep. I stand up and walk through the door, closing it behind me. When I make it to the living room, I find two pillows and a blanket on the couch. I walk passed it, straight to the front door. I make sure its locked before I turn around, finding my resting place for the night on the couch.29Please respect copyright.PENANAuixJ37BUnu
copyright protection25PENANAGfHbVuhcY3

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