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Writer 喪屍女王
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Comments ( 8 )
TWlai - Oh ...um and how and where do I buy that APH 同人作品 as stated in your credit article …?

  '所有讀者凡購入過本组織 ...'
1 week agoreply

喪屍女王 - 這一篇由我在網上公開發佈了,所以你可以直接翻譯,不用購買本子,不用擔心!
1 week agoreply

TWlai - @喪屍女王, i see! 唔該哂!(๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ)
1 week agoreply

TWlai - 哈囉 , 你這個故事實在是太好了!! I am wondering if I could translate this into English and repost this on Fanfiction.net . I'll credit you I swear ! 
1 week agoreply

喪屍女王 - Okay! So glad you like my stories!
1 week agoreply

喪屍女王 - And about the credit, plz read: https://www.penana.com/article/320455
1 week agoreply

TWlai - @喪屍女王, I...you're an amazing writer...that section about the umbrella revolution...god... I will definitely credit and leave a link towards your profile and story  .  

I hope you don't mind me writing in English, as my school is an English school and my English is actually much more fluent than my Chinese...( quite embarrassing I'll say)

 As long as I'm alive , I won't forget nor give up on HK , and I know I'm not the only one out there .I know I probably sound stupid and childish to you , afterall, I am not even an adult yet , but this is my home ...I-

I just can't help but give in to that overwhelming desire to defend my home , but I don't know how to do it, should I riot ? fight? or just stay put? 

I don't  know what to do...unlike you. Your writing is..just brilliant...that passion you held could be seen even by the densest of all people...I just..

I think I was too emotional...ha...ha...

Please just rest assured that your writing will be properly credited. 

Thank you for sharing your works with the world.

1 week agoreply

喪屍女王 - @TWlai, I must tell you that you are not alone, dear. If my life can give HK a forever & real freedom, I can give it out without thinking. However when I knew someone will read my stories and learn in my words, I thought that I must be alive. We are the same. We won't forget nor give up on HK, and I think HK needs our love and support. 



Aw, and thank you for sharing your feeling <3 I can write more coz that <3
1 week agoreply