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Theme Song for Life
Co-Writer MiracleMuse8*
Beta Reader E.E. Cullen
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Theme Song for Life
Apr 14, 2018
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!Ylqk72rTlr60BRBMpx5Jposted on PENANA

[Verse 1]copyright protection36PENANAAaj6ZOTvVE

From your birthcopyright protection36PENANATU0ke7nF0I

Onto this green old earthcopyright protection36PENANA77IIYkuoRz

To your eventual demisecopyright protection36PENANA8sJrzIgseb

We all livecopyright protection36PENANA7857skeP0f

Interact, take or givecopyright protection36PENANAx7ngPmBkLt

Going ‘bout our everyday livescopyright protection36PENANATTVDlvmBXA

[Verse 2]copyright protection36PENANAN4JScbdr1e

Once you’re out your mamacopyright protection36PENANAGzl4Pbqrwb

And into this worldcopyright protection36PENANAUp5Q2qlo2i

Your life is free of dramacopyright protection36PENANAZPnIIzUW0V

Whether you’re a boy or girlcopyright protection36PENANAaHvwLkHcMd

Sure your diaper needs changingcopyright protection36PENANAnHDsxGTT4V

Which then leads to potty trainingcopyright protection36PENANAc4LzNt9Ipa

Bout overall you love and happiness start to unfurlcopyright protection36PENANADAR96DtOPg

[Hook]copyright protection36PENANA1dXFFvlzoq

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection36PENANAuAvgaiKj09

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection36PENANAtEKlNQYhEO

[Verse 3]copyright protection36PENANAxG1vlG0Gfo

Once you’re a little oldercopyright protection36PENANA7KZC09UKsV

A little wiser and boldercopyright protection36PENANAUWzEhnugE9

Then it’s learning time for you and mecopyright protection36PENANA4cP5HaMIR2

It’s time to get elementarycopyright protection36PENANA6YM6BNfvyI

[Verse 4]copyright protection36PENANArtE07WoCc3

Your voice is gonna deepencopyright protection36PENANAMhfBmXM9FD

You’ll grow four inches in a weekendcopyright protection36PENANAbMCYSdL8Jj

But your memories will sweetencopyright protection36PENANAQaNvbVrzyE

So cherish them for the keepingcopyright protection36PENANACkWSViQHsw

[Hook]copyright protection36PENANAlDjXBbbnkU

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection36PENANAGa5uGhp8RX

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection36PENANAMuhImc1dUt

[Verse 5]copyright protection36PENANAJf72cIeo5y

All grown up and you want some knowledgecopyright protection36PENANAjMJogpGFxx

The time’s ripe to go off to collegecopyright protection36PENANADk1U3o75B1

First get a degree, and then get a careercopyright protection36PENANAylgGntoBRu

Help build the world with your ideascopyright protection36PENANAaahTzyifeQ

[Verse 6]copyright protection36PENANANRaOLddTiP

You’ll grow old as the mountainscopyright protection36PENANAURabxxEW9w

Strong as the windcopyright protection36PENANArjGIcggvvu

Your children will bear children and so oncopyright protection36PENANAlimv78Jl11

They’ll be green as the hillscopyright protection36PENANAaVTk6rRKn1

Blissful as the breezecopyright protection36PENANAhPkXxxeO2K

And yes, they sure will miss you when you’re gonecopyright protection36PENANAjn3FTaNCvO

[Hook]copyright protection36PENANADGKx0QYSBl

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection36PENANATSbdQJK4xN

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection36PENANAPRaSx33lFz

Comments ( 3 )

KeshaDEly - BRAVO!
3 months agoreply

KeshaDEly - It reminds me of a song by Sleeping At Last....sad piano and wise words type.
3 months agoreply

KeshaDEly - I like it!
3 months agoreply