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Theme Song for Life
Co-Writer MiracleMuse8*
Beta Reader E.E. Cullen
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Theme Song for Life
Apr 14, 2018
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!h68fwAdOJZmdpEhyuoz1posted on PENANA

[Verse 1]copyright protection45PENANAjCntu5W4MK

From your birthcopyright protection45PENANAm3Rvin5wcP

Onto this green old earthcopyright protection45PENANAvy2VckuHJ3

To your eventual demisecopyright protection45PENANAJ2F6wacseY

We all livecopyright protection45PENANAdB146kscQE

Interact, take or givecopyright protection45PENANA1md4iqoM78

Going ‘bout our everyday livescopyright protection45PENANAPRavXHGa9V

[Verse 2]copyright protection45PENANA9mwarDvUQm

Once you’re out your mamacopyright protection45PENANAySJLW1clNj

And into this worldcopyright protection45PENANAtDaE98lPju

Your life is free of dramacopyright protection45PENANALsRiDjV8dM

Whether you’re a boy or girlcopyright protection45PENANAvMEexBfJW3

Sure your diaper needs changingcopyright protection45PENANA3qHe4QnpGG

Which then leads to potty trainingcopyright protection45PENANAUr9MJM6FVj

Bout overall you love and happiness start to unfurlcopyright protection45PENANArq56FDHVnE

[Hook]copyright protection45PENANAYr4GF8x3ye

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection45PENANAKtFTfpFl5B

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection45PENANAFx1LEGolBM

[Verse 3]copyright protection45PENANAZAd4hTdOWL

Once you’re a little oldercopyright protection45PENANA2GeIAu7gQd

A little wiser and boldercopyright protection45PENANARvLThpzFKb

Then it’s learning time for you and mecopyright protection45PENANAsKMFO3y1Rv

It’s time to get elementarycopyright protection45PENANANUc2CMwK2n

[Verse 4]copyright protection45PENANAXUTJNa8nQT

Your voice is gonna deepencopyright protection45PENANAyiDlXsowtg

You’ll grow four inches in a weekendcopyright protection45PENANA1hadjMZQw2

But your memories will sweetencopyright protection45PENANAduW6dJhm77

So cherish them for the keepingcopyright protection45PENANAfFpT1mlqSP

[Hook]copyright protection45PENANAGU6R7pD7fa

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection45PENANA9sF6zTQQfX

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection45PENANAXvDnoEJK4C

[Verse 5]copyright protection45PENANAzLxFCE5gMk

All grown up and you want some knowledgecopyright protection45PENANArVN72n0Sdg

The time’s ripe to go off to collegecopyright protection45PENANAQbLtya8iUd

First get a degree, and then get a careercopyright protection45PENANAVtYs9B7eST

Help build the world with your ideascopyright protection45PENANAyjPmrRJrKX

[Verse 6]copyright protection45PENANAIA8t3HEc0y

You’ll grow old as the mountainscopyright protection45PENANApW1noaZwpR

Strong as the windcopyright protection45PENANApXbejC634Q

Your children will bear children and so oncopyright protection45PENANA0Mr9gvRUHR

They’ll be green as the hillscopyright protection45PENANAs6NuucFtI4

Blissful as the breezecopyright protection45PENANAk82vnm8tpc

And yes, they sure will miss you when you’re gonecopyright protection45PENANAkpYLzfgq9Y

[Hook]copyright protection45PENANAiC456yiM11

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection45PENANAQm9SSwf00E

Oh-oh, this thing called lifecopyright protection45PENANAck4b6Drn4A

Comments ( 3 )

KeshaDEly - BRAVO!
5 months agoreply

KeshaDEly - It reminds me of a song by Sleeping At Last....sad piano and wise words type.
5 months agoreply

KeshaDEly - I like it!
5 months agoreply