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BRYZ Class List
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Writer The Yobanashi Girouette
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BRYZ Class List
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The Yobanashi Girouette
Apr 18, 2018
2 Mins Read
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Gunnercopyright protection7PENANAM47SRYIGGt

A master of full-auto weaponry, the Gunner is the most basic of Martial Controllers.  Tankier than most mage-style Controllers, they can afford to cause mayhem on the front lines, but their versatility does suffer in comparison to the wide range of magic types a mage would have at their disposal.  Generally, the guns they equip have a large capacity for Periapts, allowing them to make up for their somewhat bland skills with upgrades.copyright protection7PENANAWwopsO34cL

Class Skillcopyright protection7PENANAXG1FdmJxih

With every hit a Gunner scores, their accuracy increases.  However, this accuracy bonus decreases quickly if they stop shooting.  To compensate for this, Gunners often swap targets regularly, abandoning any target that goes behind cover in favour of an exposed one in order to keep the bonus high.  Leveling the skill further increases the accuracy bonus increments and max accuracy.copyright protection7PENANAL5mTYdSGTy

Subclassescopyright protection7PENANA9Q4yfxmjBz

Mounted Gunner: A significantly tougher variant, possibly one of the stronger Controller classes, they carry huge crates of ammo with them to go with their equally large belt or drum-fed rifles.  As a Mounted Gunner, reloading takes a long time, and the lack of speed that goes with the class makes them vulnerable, so firing in concentrated bursts is more preferable.  Choosing this subclass makes the class skill’s accuracy build and decay slower, allowing the buff to be kept in between bursts.  Further, the ammo crates that the Mounter Gunner carries with them can be deployed to make cover in even the most open areas, allowing them to make up for their larger hitbox and slow speeds.copyright protection7PENANA4zf5ftsY1L

Assault Gunner: A more lightweight and agile form of the Gunner class, they primarily use rifles that take one or even two magazines, speeding up their reload time at the cost of ammo capacity.  This subclass makes their class skill’s accuracy buff build and decay very quickly, meaning that if they manage to land a hit or two on an enemy, it is usually more beneficial to empty the entire mag into them, moving the aim towards their head or other critical hit locations as the accuracy reaches its peak.  Seeing as they have little armour and cannot construct a portable defense like the other subclass, speed is an Assault Gunner’s best defense, dropping behind cover or stronger allies to reload and dodge attacks.copyright protection7PENANAgNQCGPQyvK

Afterthoughtcopyright protection7PENANA6FAbdQIA9k

Basically the most common Martial-style Controller class, the Gunner plays a lot like a typical FPS character, mowing down baddies while crouch-jumping and strafing to dodge incoming fire.  Although its skills are admittedly a bit bland, I feel confident it would be just as fun a class to play as any other.  A good portion of the fun of the class would be choosing which guns to equip, as compared to any other kind of weapon, there are so many more variety of guns to choose from.copyright protection7PENANA9dTpj8TM7U

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