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BRYZ Class List
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Writer The Yobanashi Girouette
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BRYZ Class List
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The Yobanashi Girouette
Apr 17, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!QCaug1V2cOux6KhRQi9Eposted on PENANA

Minioneercopyright protection54PENANAuYjpJo0qFG

The Minioneer is a highly strategic class that summons small “minions” which fight for them instead of executing skills like other classes.  All minions have only 1 HP, meaning that any successful hit will destroy them.  This is again where strategy comes into play, as a Minioneer has to maneuver their miniature army carefully, allowing them to attack in the way that most suits their function, while keeping them out of danger.  The minions that a Minioneer controls have no set look, and are entirely based on the whims of their creator. copyright protection54PENANAzvjJ0zKWBX

Class Skillcopyright protection54PENANAL6uSQLJH4T

The unique class skill of the Minioneer is the ability to summon a minion when a skill is used.  Further leveling the skill increases the max number of minions the player can have in play at one time.copyright protection54PENANAlzRFYA4Z1J

Subclassescopyright protection54PENANAFAfYjfx4c9

Monarch Minioneer: In this subclass, the user plays BRYZ almost like an RTS (Real Time Strategy) gamer.  Each skill has very low TP costs and summons a minion often capable of more than one skill of their own.  The player then controls these by instilling them with a variety of subroutines, such as “Shoot on Sight”, “Patrol”, “Hold Position”, “Guard”, and many others.  They further control their minions using a console which can range from a HUD visor to a hologram-projecting tablet.  Utilizing this, they can select their minions using “drag-and-drop” controls, and tap locations on their birds-eye view map, causing their minions to move to that location.  These Minioneers often prefer to keep well out of combat using their unique aerial perspective to flank and surround foes with their minions while slowly amassing a huge army.  Their weakness is their utter lack of personal combat potential, as they rely on their minions completely to fight. copyright protection54PENANA1XfwP6izNm

Battalion Minioneer: Has a wide variety of skills ranging from gun skills to magic skills, and everything in between.  The difference between their skills and those of other classes is that whenever a Battalion Minioneer uses a skill, they can choose to activate it themselves, or to summon a high-spec AI minion capable of repeating that skill.  These minions respond mainly to verbal commands, either in person or through their headsets, allowing the user limited control over them.  However, unlike the other subclass’s minions, they are capable of taking independent action, including but not limited to alerting their leader of hidden enemies, prioritizing certain foes, or sacrificing themselves to take an attack in place of their leader.  Battalion Minioneers fight on the frontlines with the minions, but often don’t summon too many at one time, balancing between using their skills themselves and creating minions to use them for them. copyright protection54PENANAs9VkPTVTSW

Afterthoughtcopyright protection54PENANACyxSwR84Vk

The general ideas behind the Minioneer class were two things; #1, what would an RTS-based class be like in BRYZ, and #2, I always loved the Battle Droids in Star Wars as a kid, and was upset that they never really appeared all that effective.  The Minioneer is essentially how I think Battle Droids should have worked.  All in all, it’s still one of my favourite BRYZ classes, hence why I made it the main character’s class.copyright protection54PENANAdXitt8zLHn

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