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What will you do if you're an hacker?
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What will you do if you're an hacker?
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Such...power xD
May 17, 2018
3 Mins Read
554 Words
No Plagiarism!ch25YQkNlnvE10SjvJN0posted on PENANA

So, first, I should make note that this is a very bad idea. What would I do if I had the skills of a hacker? Hehe...oh the world is going to burn. copyright protection25PENANAPIMoO1WxiySo this is my idea. Know all those rick folks out there who can get away without paying taxes and such? Well, they will get taxed. Only it won't go to the government and there won't be a penny left xP And just so we play it all safe, I will make sure the money goes into an overseas account that the government can't touch. 

I can use my newfound riches to do a number of things! We will start with an isolated manner. Add some personal security and I will be set there. Personal matters out of the way, I will use the remaining money to fund the opening of several hotel like buildings across the US to house and feed the homeless. Under the condition, they actively search for jobs. They can earn a small wage aiding in the upkeep of these buildings. (Dishes, cleaning, stuff like that). Should they choose, I would even offer to help fund education. 29Please respect copyright.PENANANSP48KWcJJ
copyright protection25PENANAbvPdBN4VAq

I will continue to fund money in the development of community projects. restoring polluted land, removing abandoned buildings (or repurposing them), and pushing to improve the education system. With all this public support and the continued income from donations, I would then turn to a massive campaign for President. Relying on community support across the country, I would push the campaign with a vow to put an end to the poor economy we have today. 29Please respect copyright.PENANAR9PDDex5i3
copyright protection25PENANAi64j7XDDGr

To do so, I would establish new system immigrants or low-income citizens could apply to. This program would house, feed, educate, and medically ensure the safety of all members. In exchange, said members are asked to work reasonable hours under safe conditions at factories and other places to produce capital goods, cutting down on the need to outsource goods.copyright protection25PENANAEw9qVXrSvK

With all this free labor now being generated and with the sudden growth goods to be available on the market, the economy would see a comeback. To make this more effective, I would be willing to allow companies to apply to share in the source of free labor under the condition they meet a monthly inspection of all work and housing conditions. These companies will be expected to maintain the housing of these employees along with food supply. copyright protection25PENANAqHggVR3ZNE

With all this being done, and my actions having possibly generated a mass amount of public support, my victory in the elections would be guaranteed. Yet, while all this goes on, under raps I will also fund a massive research project into the process of storing a human consciousness in a computer. One day, this research will allow me to be rid of this mortal body and achieve true immortality. With a vast well of knowledge to boot. I could then one day use all of this to bring down the corrupted nature of the politically torn government, establish a reliable monarchy that stands in favor of the people and create an empire that would shame the Emperors of Rome!copyright protection25PENANAp5LupTr3w8

...all that just because I learne how to hack some dudes back account overnight...so...too much? Hehe...if only this ever worked xDcopyright protection25PENANAuaEEBAC3s7

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