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Chapter 14: Broken Wings
By Jes
Sep 16, 2018
19 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HLk70or5XDSWyKB5d3XMposted on PENANA

The smoke detectors were everywhere except the new room.  Thanked their improvidence, Ben and Alex had the opportunity to consume the weedy smokes as much as they needed. Oddly enough, he should feel triumphant (earlier, he was); on the other hand, Ben lost that kind of contentment when his only friend turned queer because of the discovery. Worse and worse, Alex dwelled on the planetarium room since he found the safe zone for smoking, accounting it his private escape, Ben thought this room would be Alex’s deathbed.copyright protection2PENANAjdfv6UhKjx

Alex was a little upset at first when people initially acknowledge about the new room but as they took a small fancy of it (like Ben), not many spent a long time to sit here. Therefore a few days later, there were only a few people visited. Another reason was when Alex started lighting a cigarette, people left (laughing); that was why the room smelt like weed all the time. Alex also found the way to banish people out of his favorite place. He wanted to seize the room as his own shelter without sharing. copyright protection2PENANA20jn8jLzpJ

“Come on Alex! Control your power so you can fly among these fake stars,” Ben shouted and yawned. He was sitting on the chair in the air like the heaven’s king.copyright protection2PENANAciGL2hRgkO

Alex looked upward and started to jump. The tall body flew into the air like a little missile and when the speed decelerated, it was like he floated in the air. His friend began to learn levitation and fought himself against the gravity. “Yeah! That’s right!” cheered Ben. He saw Alex tried several times until his head bumping to the ceiling.copyright protection2PENANA2D1h87cqSw

“Oh man. Don’t’ forget it’s not real.” The tone showed none of sympathy but ridicule. copyright protection2PENANAYUwhhEB3d0

“Shit!” Alex scolded himself. He looked upward and revealed the evil smile.copyright protection2PENANANqjtclL3C5

“Don’t you dare!” Too late, the chair Ben was sitting on overturned. “Fuck you!”copyright protection2PENANASEITWR19iT

Ben nearly fell but his hands could grip on the armrest in time. He gradually controlled it and the chair slowly lowered and lowered until his feet touched the ground safely.copyright protection2PENANAFgOby6Q994

“Fuck you, I’m done here.” His head was boiling and another main reason, Ben got bored of this artificial stars.copyright protection2PENANAaXvtrHPcLr

“Easy man,” Alex lit a cigarette. It was the fourth one he exploited for this morning. He smoked as though he could produce cigarettes from the air or had the magic to conjure it.  copyright protection2PENANAhD60x3Ryca

“How many you have now?”copyright protection2PENANArSqf4ZmU8w

“…Umm, nine, I think. Yours?”copyright protection2PENANAZjtuNUcC6X

“Eighteen.”copyright protection2PENANA4oBbo8egGr

Those dark eyes shone brightly. “Give me five if you don’t want to smoke.”copyright protection2PENANAq8kRnoQKjZ

“No.” Ben ducked one of his brows intending to irritating the buddy. “Unless you go somewhere else.” The corner of his eyes saw the Big Bang he watched ten times. “I’m bored.”copyright protection2PENANAgiiJM6EYJK

“I won’t. You go. Find some chicks as you like.” Alex lied down stationing his position stubbornly.copyright protection2PENANAWN8xZxGeNm

“Trade for five packages?”copyright protection2PENANAFduZ5SoVCH

“No.”copyright protection2PENANAVSZeCMkgL3

“Eight?”copyright protection2PENANA1HR9fQGV4u

“No.”copyright protection2PENANAiKINKNF8Ii

“Ten?”copyright protection2PENANAPEbPSOBc4m

“No.”copyright protection2PENANAf546fjWWf1

“Are you insane?” He began to lose the patience. Alex might consume too much isolation (maybe weeds too?) and probably out of his mind. “Are your growing weeds inside your head? You can’t live here! Come on! Have you ever returned your room? Or take a shower?”copyright protection2PENANAqxL8kvW0EF

Alex turned muted for a while. “Maybe, I’m bored too. You may have fun with girls, with people. My solution is smoking and watching them.” He exhaled a large fume. “They’re beautiful. Why can’t you see that? Their mysterious beauty…who did create all of this?”copyright protection2PENANAjtjujbiUnn

Ben sighed. “The government, jerk.”copyright protection2PENANAhDtlJJFGFU

“I mean the universse, stupid.” The tall man sighed.copyright protection2PENANAI6stfMZbND

“They’re beautiful and mundane. They’re senseless and liveliness. Alex, you’re going to be one of them.”  copyright protection2PENANAR66aBqlTkJ

The smoke covered all over him as if it could respond to his comparison. “Go. I’m okay. I won’t go anywhere until they tell us why they send us here.”copyright protection2PENANAhCmKY6tEN9

“Like they will!”copyright protection2PENANAzvg1ZwOYIB

Alex was still unmoved. Ben hit his hand in the air and the seats attacked the smoking friend.copyright protection2PENANABzHIJi85ct

“Don’t mess with me!” Alex shouted brushed them away. The furniture flew separately. “Go away!”copyright protection2PENANAOu5be4iII5

“Serve you right, stoner!”copyright protection2PENANAShB8iAE7ym

Ben fanned his head from side to side. You’re mad. The young man exited the room, leaving Alex lost in the imitated universe he created. For almost a month, they were the first residents, using every space the place could provide. And they ran out of activities. If he had to live here for eternally, he would die of boredom, suffocating of extra white color while Alex became one of the stars. copyright protection2PENANAI9WqRFJ0LW

Ben thought of the girl called Alexis but she always stayed with her friends and the Thomas. It was difficult to get to know the target when Tessa and that macho boy blocked him to approach her. Last time of their first meet, he just introduced himself. Her cheeks turned red, trying to avoid his eyes, which also signaled the silver lining. Her hesitation slowed his pace but it was not a burden. There are some basic rules to chase a pretty girl. Do not flirt too much. Don’t act like you are ready to spoil her. Keep being mysterious. Reveal who you are. Reveal the fire inside you. But act like a gentleman even she thinks she knows you. Be a prince. Be a good friend but not let her friendzone. Be polite. Let her feel she is your precious and ignore her. Get her close and keep a distance. Make other girls fall for you too. Fool her. Make her confuse. Until she starts to follow you, until she falls for you, take down her pride, you win.copyright protection2PENANAtzqyLED4nl

He spent an hour courted a girl he minded not to ask her name. For a hopeless romantic, it was easier. They were waiting for a prince and opened their heart to whoever they mistook as their prince. This night was probably not a lone night but the loneliness never left him. Or had he to stay in that room with Alex and let the weeds controlled his head? Why did he begin to feel passionless? It would be good news if there was something appeared on that fucking black screen. But Nothing! So he decided to leave this unknown girl alone.copyright protection2PENANAafDLoWm23U

Or they will leave us rotten?copyright protection2PENANApL4lcW1VWM

They fell into this hell for almost a month. Drinking too much alcohol, in other words, they had consumed a tank of it. Normally, humans with the gift like them slightly got affected by the intoxication which included the effect of drugs. Nonetheless, if they consumed in a large quantity, they would be affected anyway. The intoxication altered their stable c0nsciousness—blaming their carelessness too. That day, with the troubled minds, they’d done silliest thing—showing-off their powers to each other, on the sky penthouse, at the top of the city—there they were caught.copyright protection2PENANASpmiY8XBck

Ben discovered his superhuman ability since childhood while Alex found his own specialty by accident. For Sarah, they did not know exactly when she got it as she had never told. There, they boasted and performed the gifts, without knowing that a close friend would betray them. Within an hour, the cops intruded with the special warrant. Of course, they fought against them and if they wanted to flee from the scene, he was confident that they could. But the authority threatened that they would link this accusation to Alex’s and Sarah’s families. Moreover, Alex’s younger brother became their hostage. So they yielded. Ironically, they surrendered to the police in order to help the one who caused trouble. It was Nik, Alex’s brother, who reported the police. Nik witnessed his brother’s secret with his own eyes and decided to inform the authority.copyright protection2PENANAXmAA8Ywu1z

Ben admitted that he was surprised when discovered the fact that it was Nik who betrayed them because the boy was sweet...well as he initially misunderstood. But as he analyzed the situation in Alex’s family, he sensed some clues. The cold-hearted father expected his children’s to have the extremely high competency, owing to the fact that he hoped them to continue all the businesses of the Volcov family. Vlad, Alex’s big brother, was Mr. Perfect and was able to respond to his father’s expectations in everything. Alex could be the second Mr. Perfect if he and his father argued less. The main reason for their dispute stemmed from Fyodor’s disapproval of Alex’s passion for photography. Although Alex’s competency had not seconded to his older brother, he lacked a good obedient character. As the three brothers must help each other governed their father’s business empire someday, Nik had no mind to share the fortune with his own brothers. He regarded them as his rivals. The young boy might see the chance to get rid one of the heirs. So when he found out that one of his brothers possessed the unlawful power, he tipped to the police without hesitation.copyright protection2PENANApqluMyqOun

Ben knew Alex got hurt badly even the fact that Ben seduced Sarah and her betrayal could not wound him that much. Comparing to the betrayal wound, this was just a scratch. Ben always seduced his girlfriend and Alex had been familiar with it. What truly caused Alex’s pain was Nik’s betrayal. And another thing, he longed for reconciliation with his father.copyright protection2PENANABmNXEM6Coi

Who knew? The father who seemed to be strict and cold-hearted finally revealed that he did love his children unconditionally. When Alex had been arrested, as the king of Volkov Corporation Group, Fyodor made every effort to take his second son out of the case. For Alex, it was similar to fall to hell, without the chance of repentance. Even God of Volkov could not rescue his own son. The affection Alex first realized warmed his heart and it might be the major factor that made him turn introvert. As Ben had mentioned, Alex and his father disputed several times, specifically since his mother died. Alex yearned to go back and reconcile any mistakes he had done to the father. Or at least, to speak their mind, they needed to talk but the chance had been taken away. Worse, the pain from his loving brother’s betrayal could not be forgotten as well.copyright protection2PENANAWlFwWNvtiw

“Nik, he’s being used. It’s not his original will. I know him. He changes because of Auntie Kat. She put the bad thought in his head. She poisoned his mind,” Alex told Ben when they were caged in the cell.copyright protection2PENANA3HWpcJXCxr

“If this thought warmed your heart, continue doing it.”copyright protection2PENANA09NO6sAd4Y

And me? Thinking of his own family made he wanted to laugh out loud. Ben was one of the children out of wedlock. He did not know who his real mother was but she might be a whore somewhere. Father said he was the smartest kid and had the potential to be his heir. Since childhood, he took little Ben to all the workplaces. Ben learned from his father and he was so proud, thinking father chose him, father accepted him as his true son. That was why people did not regard him as the bastard but ‘Benjamin Rosier’, the son and heir. And when his father acknowledged the news of the arrest, he disowned Ben immediately. On the second day of his arrest, Julian, a stepbrother, visited him with a jeering smile, telling their father took him to the office. His unloving brother informed the news that now he became the favorite son, not Ben anymore. That was why Julian got a broken nose and lost some of his teeth because Ben hit the loving step-brother’s head on the corner of a table as gentle as a serial killer could be. On the day of the departure, only his old nanny came to make the farewell. Father might be busy to fix Julian’s face. An heir with a broken nose and without some teeth did not totally represent a good image to the business.copyright protection2PENANAw1kbyhZ3Ki

It served him right.  copyright protection2PENANAzN0wdcgaPO

Knowing he was no more the heir but a useless bastard, Ben had no regret for his action. His father had not regarded the children like the other parents did but he regarded them as his products. They were only the nominated successors. Thinking of his family, Ben wished he could go back home and revenged on his own father and destroying more teeth of anyone who became his favorite.copyright protection2PENANACPXqE4SehX

“Hey, you!”copyright protection2PENANAdNZyZyPYCz

The last person he wanted to meet. Tessa’s brother called him, sounded more respectful than the last time. Be polite today? The big shoulders man acted friendlier than the night he mistook him.copyright protection2PENANAhcnhIBtZLi

“What’s the matter? I insist that she seduces me.” Ben, instantly, responded. “And told lies.”copyright protection2PENANANn8LNMPG16

Noel frowned and said, “I just want to apologize for the last time I…was rude to you. I thought you harassed my sister but it was my sister’s that did…trick us...I should be careful to accuse a person.”copyright protection2PENANAEeUEMTcCSO

“Trick? She embarrassed me in front of the public! She abused my reputation, man.” Ben gave a mocking smirk. “How can you learn the truth, young man? Why doesn’t she come herself? I will listen.”copyright protection2PENANAc90zqJaUIW

“That’s not the point. I just want to apologize. You’ll accept or not, I don’t care. At least, I’ve done what I have to.”copyright protection2PENANAdwkmh887Oa

He just came and parted. Ben chuckled to himself. Weird. And then, he realized that to approach that dolly face would be much easier. When the brother realized the truth, Tessa was just a liar bitch. Alex was right; the only fun thing for Ben was to chase girls.copyright protection2PENANAetp87c2kOU

No not one, Alex, annoying you is fun too, he laughed at his thought.copyright protection2PENANA8049AvSLpB

He tried to figure out where Alexis could go. Probably a cinema room because she did not like the club as he saw. It required no time for cheap chicks but for girls with some classes, he must be classy too. Anyway, the first step was to get to know her more. She looks young. Maybe it doesn’t take that long?copyright protection2PENANAHC71Yp97wY

However, he did not found Alexis but another.copyright protection2PENANAiKsHTzTVTH

This time, it was not surprising to see her. Sarah was standing with her back against the wall, smiling gracefully. She was lovelier, Ben thought. Being caged for a long time dispirited them. Sarah, now, was similar to a dying rose. Her lips curled in disgust and delightfulness when he shot a smile at her. Ben knew immediately what she wanted. Yes, she could not pass his test but admittedly, this dying flower still looked gorgeous.copyright protection2PENANAQ2HUbip33P

“You look like a dead battery,” she said, her arms wrapping around his neck. In every class, bitch’s always a bitchy slut. He breathed in her perfume. It was a scent of roses.copyright protection2PENANAFKsMMrbWzI

“My dear, have you ever seen a forgotten expired corn soup behind the dusty shelf?” He pushed her golden hair away from her lovely face. “Use the mirror.”  copyright protection2PENANAVRsnylXshR

“Sharp-tongued.” And she bent her head on his chest. Ben was quick to embrace her. Perhaps this was how Alex saw them comparable, one like a matchstick that was easy to be lit and one was the fire that burns down everything. They worshipped human’s instinct and passion.copyright protection2PENANA97TR259s9d

Her eyes, baby blue, met his ambers. “Tell me. Who is your new target? You wander around to hunt a prey. I recognize the way your eyes gleam, Wolfy.”copyright protection2PENANAhOYKBKbNHK

“Huh? You come to me just for asking this question?” His two palms slid underneath her shirt, no bra again. The warmth of woman’s body was always better than the warmth of fur coat. Fondling her blossoms, she let him doing it without protesting.copyright protection2PENANAvCBY0akXCB

“Who is the unlucky lady?”copyright protection2PENANAPMJIELONeX

She arched one of her fine brows in challenging. He had never despised this woman but had never loved. All of the above, Ben was impressed that she had never bored him when it was time for this. Her scent of the rose’s extract— perhaps red roses, the soft of her smooth skin, and a possession of a female predator, “You’ll see,” replied he. Lowered his head to where her lips were waiting. His tongue searched for the taste of her craving. It was spicy and sweet. The young man wondered which reason could make Alex ran out of passion for this woman. How could he restrain himself when she came close and used the tongue all over his body?copyright protection2PENANA0vMZgnJrar

She tore down his shirt, flinging herself to him. “This place is cursed, Ben. I don’t know why I keep messing with you. I don’t know at all.”copyright protection2PENANAcG4NE4YZ2A

He pulled her close. Their mouths glued to each other whereas his hands moved to the lower part, touching her rose petals, already wet. She was pleased, pleased to be touched. It was not his over-pride but her singing, her breath, and her move. He reached for her tongue, kissing her neck, removing her clothes. Until the nectar glided, the woman wrapped one of her legs around his waist, urging him to do it more. There, he pushed her into the nearest nook beside the drinking machine. There, they prepared to demonstrate the tantric performance in the semi-public place.copyright protection2PENANAARnkA16oPk

No one here and no one would care. Sarah unbuttoned her top revealing her full white breast. Ben sucked it intensively. She mourned. He moved up and dipped his tongue in this little mouth then her neck. She grabbed his face and bit his ears. Once their bodies entwined, Sarah arched her back so he made them reunited. He felt her warm temperature and the electricity. They beat the first rhythm and the other followed. It was the ballad first then the rock went on. Sarah was a good partner, obviously. Her voice, her move, her body, everything stimulated his wild instinct. Ben groaned and made she cried harder until her body shook with the slender legs locked him up, he still moved ‘till all of their emotions were released.copyright protection2PENANAmQQ8P6vzyG

**********copyright protection2PENANA0Km4y19w0b

“You two should marry but please don’t reproduce. Your devil offspring will cause the second apocalypse. Thanks Satan for letting me be your friends…I can’t believe it! You guys, crazy?”copyright protection2PENANA7B2uVCw21l

Ben sat with his back leaning on the wall, slightly exhausted, and Sarah bending her head on his right shoulder, the same breathing rhythm. Now, Ben checked his clothes, torn by Sarah’s claws. Alex was sitting in front of them, watching the best friend and the ex-girlfriend dressing up.copyright protection2PENANAmnbcw0j2zR

“Having children with him? I hate Ben, Alex. You know well.”copyright protection2PENANAIAB5E96NG7

“I must be the bent Julius Caesar who wed Brutus.”copyright protection2PENANAZNI1iEEOGG

Alex rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but what the fuck I just heard? The bent Julius and Brutus coiled up to each other.”copyright protection2PENANA933kgAlzCV

Ben shrugged.copyright protection2PENANArkv2q9cxXS

“You’re fucking crazy. I’m the maddest that befriend you two. It’s daytime and people are walking around. How can you do it?”copyright protection2PENANAEWGnYY2DMJ

“It’s called excitement, son. And we’re cavemen. This is how cavemen do. Why you get out of that room?” Ben asked because Alex recently told him not to get out and he was about rooting his feet in there. “Showering? Three days ago?”copyright protection2PENANAjWMnh2XCCz

Sarah yelled, “Ewww, Alex. Don’t skip a shower.”copyright protection2PENANAy3U36kdjRb

“Am I stink?” He jerked his brow to challenge her.  copyright protection2PENANAcw7SU6RWJE

Sarah, bending her head, gave him a cunning smile, then, licked her thumb.copyright protection2PENANAF2BsqSvnv7

His friend raised the white flag. “I’m kidding. Forget it.” Turned to Ben. “Well, I just realize that I’m hungry so I leave that room. Then I heard her scream…” he narrowed his eyes to Sarah including the knowing smile. Alex, certainly, must be familiar with it. They spend their time together a few romantic weeks before Ben destroyed their relationship. At least, now, they seemed to talk normally like the real good friends.copyright protection2PENANAW3bQ7hbkB3

“Is it hard to get a guy? Sarah?” asked Alex.copyright protection2PENANAvNADGuKyrt

“Yeah,” The blondie confessed, combing her golden hair with her fingers. “There are a few hot guys and most of them lose their interest in women…including you.”copyright protection2PENANAc7wNzWG4kb

“I don’t…” Alex bit his lips. “We can’t go back.”copyright protection2PENANAbgfn7mFjHg

“I know. That’s why I’m with him.”copyright protection2PENANAmd4WQKrBiS

Ben gave a chortle. “I think it’s your excuse, Sarah. You addict to me. Even you have men to fuck with but no one is as good as me,” Ben talked with pride. Sarah sneered at him but did not deny the boasting part. Of course, she hated him but not the whole. Their fire of desire corresponded to each other but it was only the fire. When they ran out of fuel, nothing connected them together. It was something serious people like Alex (even though he was not that kind of serious people) would never understand.copyright protection2PENANA5vZCjzzZDT

And Alex whispered, “Trista,” Ben clenched his fist right away. copyright protection2PENANAaP9pchMRAt

“Actually, I thought you’re chasing the silver head? I see many girls die to bed him. Could not win him?” asked Ben.copyright protection2PENANA7XGbUxWl8f

The boy with the silver hair was the boy that Ben surrendered to that kind of flawlessness. Even though he dyed his hair, the silver color maximized his divine appearance unless he was a weirdo whom someone muted his voice. copyright protection2PENANAeeKdQ3Mp2q

“He’s the real robotic humanoid,” Sarah replied.copyright protection2PENANAidfsDrKpjk

“You give up on him?”copyright protection2PENANATqizCc6zyf

She rolled her eyes. “He might be handsome but too weird. My new favorite is the blond, the newbie. He seemed to receive my message but…he has a girl beside him, very pretty girl.” Her eyes turned blankly as if she looked for him inside that little mind. copyright protection2PENANAOMty0jBMJE

Ben thought he knew who this boy was; who acted like Bambi’s bodyguard and the girl Sarah mentioned must be that Alexis.copyright protection2PENANAd1SsuvUeVd

“Your taste disappoints me, Blondie.”copyright protection2PENANAzOERnh4uQC

Alex switched his eyes from Ben to Sarah, hugged himself, and sighed.copyright protection2PENANAKEoddpxPcg

“Alex…” Sarah murmured. “I know we really can’t go back. We’re not in love anymore.”copyright protection2PENANAtpilSMRM1M

“No.” he repeated. “Maybe…not from the start.”copyright protection2PENANA0BAFsYWxsN

“Last time I asked about going back. I didn’t really mean it.”copyright protection2PENANAadrzqEYYta

“I know.”copyright protection2PENANAfXzxjrkaem

“I’m lonely, Alex.”copyright protection2PENANAXeXxTqwQXZ

“I know and I’m sorry I keep away from you. I did tell you I forgive.”copyright protection2PENANAD7c5GDJFBd

Oh, come on. Good ending scene.  copyright protection2PENANAPQapouQIE5

“I think we can be good friends if you allow me to be your friend.”copyright protection2PENANA4Bj29dsG4p

“We can and I love to,” Alex smiled warmly at her. “But as your friend, I suggest you avoid Ben. D0n’t you remember what he did to you? To us?”copyright protection2PENANAFHxSMevwT6

Sarah stared at her laps but Ben felt like she was spying on him and then her voice changed. It was not bell-like but…sad. “I know Alex. Thanks anyway. I promise you, soon.”  copyright protection2PENANAJIXU7loY43

What the fuck…Ben became paranoid with their newest friendship.copyright protection2PENANA49EobOBEuF

Alex looked at them and said, “Let’s get some food. The longer I’m lingering here, the more I’m evil. Come on, two fallen angels.”copyright protection2PENANA3anB29PxFI

Alex stood up and encouraged them to move quickly. Sarah still concerned on his words, “At least I’m an angel, even the fallen one,” she muttered leisurely.copyright protection2PENANAEprCjzYIy2

The man with the amber eyes laughed at her innocent suggestion, “The fallen angels are evil spirits, babe. And the evil spirits are demons.”copyright protection2PENANALCcq0ofB2J

“Oh please, you’re no Lucifer.” She totally disapproved. “He’s devil but angel too, even the bad one.”copyright protection2PENANAh5UEHWOwut

Ben sniggered at her. “Of course not. I’ve never been an archangel. But many told me I look like his son.”copyright protection2PENANAf9TGLcgJVO

“That sounds likely. What is your name, my demon?”copyright protection2PENANAMGqZ6qnl2p

“Elm. My old nanny told me that.”copyright protection2PENANA5kv0ZcXNJs

Sarah glowered at him. “I’m not that flower girl.”copyright protection2PENANAhYBaFnnV7i

“No, you’re not. You’ll never be her.”  You’re just a rose. copyright protection2PENANAJUZaT5AgrD

But before they moved their butts, Alex running back to him, eyes gleaming with delightfulness, shouted, “There the message on the TV screen!”6Please respect copyright.PENANAX15zcKWzG4
copyright protection2PENANAFxXayWnvJ6

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