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Chapter 4: Lovesick Teenagers
By Jes
May 15, 2018
20 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!abOrYlaVDOpq39BnbFNqposted on PENANA

Alexis made her hair in a ponytail. She did not forget to apply mascara and painted lips with rosy pink lipstick that would be matchable for the summer look. The girl checked her final appearance in the mirror. Great, told herself. White t-shirt, black leather jacket, jeans (of course, she wore Lexy jeans), and a pair of grey sneakers. The same old style but it was her favorite look. Sometimes she wore a pretty dress but jeans always made her feel herself.copyright protection27PENANAHzSjHnFxCl

“It’s summer.”copyright protection27PENANANNwBeuWopA

The girl bit her lips when the older sister bluffed with the amused smile. “Hot sun and jacket?”copyright protection27PENANAcP1gYCE9hr

“It’s not that hot,” Alexis defended herself but removed the jacket from her top and roped it on her waist.copyright protection27PENANAAY0tiHRXft

Inside the room, there were two single beds. The room had been separated into two zones, Bryce’s territory and Alexis’s territory. In Bryce’s space, there was only a country band poster on the table desk and one mahogany guitar. Bryce was very good at singing and playing guitar but she rarely showed it because of the shyness character. Alexis played guitar too but compared to her sister, it was like the talent and the wannabe. Bryce’s belongings were in order while Alexis’s was a little bit messy and seemed to intrude the sister’s territory. The younger attached many posters of the singer and songwriter named ‘Carmen’ on the wall including her other favorites actors and actresses. Moreover, on her own desk, there were many photos of her friends decorated. At the corner of the shelf next to the desk, a plastic crown hung on the piles of books and it nearly fell on the ground.copyright protection27PENANAi2hPDvjAUJ

“When I went away, you ruined our room.”copyright protection27PENANAa6ybnxO1H6

“I didn’t!” Alexis denied but started to collect her belongings in order.copyright protection27PENANAsh5tKnbBlq

Among the photos, one that Alexis loved so much was the photo of three pretty young girls wrapping their hands around each other’s necks, smiling to the camera. The tallest girl in the center wearing basketball apparels smiling broadly was Alexis. The auburn-haired girl on the right side named June Joyce, Alexis’s best friend since kindergarten. The girl looked beautiful as Alexis but more maturely gorgeous than her friend who was a little childish. It might be because of those fierce emerald green eyes and the scornful smile that made the girl had the eyes of the grown-up who had experienced many bad things. The left side named Elodie Li, a pretty small girl with dark brown silky hair. The girl smiled brightly like the morning sun. The photo had been taken recently after the final match against Amora Team from Riverland District. Although San Bosa team lost, it was the most memorable match because they had never reached the final competition before. It was the second biggest news reported by San Bosa Post (smaller than San Bosa Soccer Team won the trophy of High School Soccer Championship.) In the photo, the three young ladies might look like very close friends (Alexis also wished too); however, two girls on the left and the right loved each other like cats and dogs.copyright protection27PENANA5Esmt6SNHM

“How’s June and Edie? Do they get along?”copyright protection27PENANAxRT53hDSik

“The second apocalypse still has the brighter future than their relationship.”copyright protection27PENANAYLC3fnrqYN

Bryce chuckled.copyright protection27PENANAQ4sjrVqkJ7

Alexis thought of how Jesse questioned why June and Elodie were stuck in the same group. Well, it was not easy to understand girls’ rationality even though she was a girl too.copyright protection27PENANA7gZ0m2iZVA

The beginning of the trio began when June, who was the most beautiful girl in the school that boys dreamed of, and Elodie, one of the most popular girls and the captain of the cheerleading team made the agreement. June’s mother used to have some big roles in the film industry around twenty years ago and forced her daughter to dream big. As June had to bear her mother’s expectations and gained a small reputation like the other children of celebrities, she had the habit of keeping distance to people and thinking everyone was below her. She regarded Alexis as one and only friend. At the school, although June was the star, she was the kind of a girl that girls hated but wanted to be. For Alexis’ friendship with Elodie, it began in the literature class. Elodie came to sit with Alexis during lunchtime more often. At first, June got paranoid to see ‘the other’ sitting with her but as their group gained a lot of attention because Elodie could call her team and other sport teams to sit with them. That was why June accepted the new member. They became the influencers and the ‘cool people’ of the school society. How cool was it to be a celebrity even in the school? Alexis might not like how they agreed to make the terms of building ‘the image’ but she admitted that being one of the most popular group made her life in the high school be one of the best moments.copyright protection27PENANAkTlWXAjp1i

Alexis still persuaded Bryce to leave the study desk. “Just leave your books for a day…not a day exactly, just three or four hours. They won’t blame you, I guarantee that.”copyright protection27PENANAdSnFbOBC9k

Bryce was really stubborn. She insisted on studying during her short vacation. The big sister eyed on the younger, annoyed, “I cannot leave the house. I have to memorize every word. If I can eat them, I eat.”copyright protection27PENANAJgAIhXLzXG

“Just chill out. You can continue your reading at night. Please, for Monkey. Edie comes too.”copyright protection27PENANA9hAvdx6xX7

“Too many people. You can exclude me.” copyright protection27PENANAPaZdQb1rNa

Alexis placed her elbow on the sister’s chair. “I called Davy but he didn’t answer the phone. Well, he doesn’t know I come back. Maybe he’s busy. I’ll visit his house to check if he’s there. Jesse and Edie will take Charlie to the mall first. You can go with them. I meet you there. Please Please Please!” copyright protection27PENANALxrmfIj0hg

“I can’t.” Bryce moved her chair to free from the younger sister. “You will understand me, Alex. Soon. I know even a brain like you can’t make it easy.”copyright protection27PENANAHryhWMP3jN

Alexis sighed. “Okay, so do you want anything?” The girl raised the white flag.copyright protection27PENANAa9YamOmofa

“Poppy Gelato’s chocolate mint,” she made the order. Alexis groaned, “Grrrr, I love rich chocolate and I don’t want to eat all the quart!”copyright protection27PENANAz1H0oWIIX0

“You can eat it for a week.”copyright protection27PENANAZErxWnjLrD

“You know it’s hard! How can people eat ice-cream and save it for another day? We must eat them all.”copyright protection27PENANAyCMwM9l9xB

Bryce turned her head from side to side. “Stop being dramatic. Rich chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, all you love is only chocolate without anything else except milk and sugar. Boring.”copyright protection27PENANAj7C071XQJU

“I love chocolate almonds and macadamia or added salt caramel.”copyright protection27PENANAQIzhfvFzh6

“How different! Look at the time! Hurry young lady, the two gentlemen may be rooting the floor.”copyright protection27PENANAcQIZnv8IEG

“They may get out already.Don’t worry Mom, see you.” Alexis closed the door. Instead of getting their butts out of the house, Alexis saw Elodie laughing with her two brothers. They should get out right now but they seemed to have the fun time together at home. Sometimes, Alexis thought if Jesse preferred girls, Elodie might be his first choice because they were really getting along well and Jesse liked Elodie as if she was another his sister.copyright protection27PENANAjYNWYVXVLG

Well, another sister.copyright protection27PENANAQBppSEVyec

“Sorry,” Alexis interrupted. Charlie jumped in his happiness. “Yeah, can we go now? Where’s Bryce?”copyright protection27PENANAEr2nqpSz8x

Alexis made the sad face, “She insists on studying so there’re only us and maybe Davy. But tell me why you guys’re still here.”copyright protection27PENANAfrv3ouYlqJ

Elodie stood up, “Oh, I forget to tell you. I’ll go with you.”copyright protection27PENANA2hlrGd6CLk

The girl in white t-shirt looked fixedly at her friend in disbelief because she wanted to visit her boyfriend’s house alone. That’s not the deal. Elodie forced Alexis through her eyes, “Just agree with me”.copyright protection27PENANAOqLRNchGLp

The big boy switched his eyes from the sister and her friend, did not understand what they were playing.copyright protection27PENANAe1RK5fe3AF

“Hey, young ladies, so?” Jesse asked.copyright protection27PENANANDW84Dmag8

“Okay, as she said,” Alexis told them. Jesse was still skeptical but grabbed Charlies’ hand anyway then walked out of the house. Alexis and Elodie followed. Her friend brought her own bicycle. Charlied sat behind Jesse and Alexis used the other one.copyright protection27PENANAv5yhWmte2f

“You said you want to go with him,” Alexis spoke out since her brothers were gone.copyright protection27PENANADhgu1lKgpl

The small girl smiled tiredly, “Sorry Alex, I change my mind. He doesn’t like me, not at all, just a sister’s friend. It’s good to be with him but it hurts too when he keeps talking about his Joshua. And he loves to talk about him.” She paused for a while as if just realized something important. “I’m sorry. I forget you may want to sneak into Davy’s bedroom and whisper at his ear ‘wake up, darling’ so you can see his top naked. Davy may sleep in his boxer. Right?”copyright protection27PENANAVdYSl3wIdM

The brunette hair groaned.copyright protection27PENANAQJRp0NLu1O

“Tada! Surprise! Muah-Muah,” Elodie laughed mockingly. “Or…more than a kiss?”copyright protection27PENANAKF50a6mUnM

“Shut up.” Alexis rushed to the bike with her red face. “If you won’t stop, I tell Jesse how you feel about him.”copyright protection27PENANAfiZdalgH3u

Smiling in victory, Alexis knew her friend would not dare. Elodie hit her arm and rushed to her own bike with the red face. copyright protection27PENANAtTekif84Ka

“Oh, almost forget.” Alexis gave a lipstick palette to her friend.copyright protection27PENANATuPZv06RUt

“What?” Elodie’s eyes widened. “I love you!” She locked on Alexis’s neck. “You get if for free? I start to like your job.”copyright protection27PENANAEaLDoWYFE1

“Of course not. You think I’m the big one? I got the discount from the senior. And this perfume is for June.” Alexis showed the small pink diamond-shape bottle. “I saw it on her wishlist.” Elodie closed her mouth when her friend mentioned the rival’s name.copyright protection27PENANA97VoreDAio

“You called her too?”copyright protection27PENANAKcSAbnAifv

“No. I don’t like the cold war between you and her. I just think about visiting her house this evening. Of course, without you. Come on! We already graduated Edie.”copyright protection27PENANALTFxx3uwI8

“So what? She hates me. I hate her. Nothing can fix that.”copyright protection27PENANAySfthHHVi0

“Okay…okay.” Alexis surrendered her friend and dared not mention anything about June anymore so they could ride to Davy’s house together without any quarrel.copyright protection27PENANAj2dbDozdGO

**********copyright protection27PENANAJsIoZgsuMb

Davy’s house located on the south avenue, a little bit bigger than the Davis’. When the two girls arrived at his place, it seemed like there was nobody in the house except that his bike was still there but the car was gone, which meant only the parents were absent since it was a business day.copyright protection27PENANACk3SOlAvgS

“He’s here. Why doesn’t he answer the phone?” Alexis murmured to herself.copyright protection27PENANAwzVJLy8kLP

“He glued himself to the bed,” Elodie said. “Does he snore?”copyright protection27PENANA9viRTh7mMU

Alexis pretended that she did not hear the question. But as she turned her head, Alexis saw the mysterious bike near the garage. It was painted orange, June’s favorite color.copyright protection27PENANAxpeBh2WSyc

Not only the color, but it was her friend’s bike. copyright protection27PENANAK5LGOweXR0

Elodie followed her eyes and muttered, “Actually, I thought about talking about it for a while but since I have no clear evidence…”copyright protection27PENANAN0v5RpnZL9

Looking into Elodie’s eyes, Alexis saw her meaning so the girl slightly shook her head in denial. Davy was her first love and would be the last. They went steady for a year and everything went smoothly. He had no characteristics of being a cheater and the fact that June was her best friend could clear any suspicion.copyright protection27PENANATiy8TQbPIJ

“They’re friends, like you and him, come on…” Elodie restrained her hand and whispered. “Try not to make a sound. Don’t lie to yourself. Why June’s with your boyfriend when his parents are not home and they think YOU-are-out-of-town.”copyright protection27PENANA1tONaDkoBb

“She’s our friend, our best friend.” Alexis tried to deny Elodie’s suspect and ignored the bad thought that paraded in her head. “You’re close to him too. You know he’s not like that.” The girl had not realized how she stressed her words to make herself believe in it. Her heart beat like crazy as if it wanted to break out from her chest.copyright protection27PENANAoobTu3jR34

“Please let me correct, first, she’s your best friend, not mine and since you joined the modeling agency, I don’t think so. Secondly, Davy is just a boy.” The girl added. “And in general, no one stays with best friend's boyfriend in his house, with or without parents.”copyright protection27PENANA0Wmz5fpg58

“They may be talking.” Alexis tried to give an excuse for them but the more she spoke the more she looked stupid.copyright protection27PENANAZ6COUMseb4

Elodie rolled her eyes, “I hate your over-positive thought. You try to deny it, do you?”copyright protection27PENANAqztBtXFMOI

The sentence was familiar to what Jesse told about her.copyright protection27PENANARPFdoLtO1y

“I’m not over-optimistic! I…”copyright protection27PENANAX1FAQAnjOy

“Shhh, okay you’re not but you’re lying to yourself. I know you see my point.”copyright protection27PENANAne8QQCOwpC

Admittedly, Alexis lost the courage to go inside the house. Her hands were cold and her feet turned numb. Half of her heart believed in Elodie’s suspicion but another half tried not to cause pain to herself because as they were arguing, many invisible needles nailing into her heart.copyright protection27PENANAfgsUuRFXGH

“We won’t knock the door.” The smaller girl checked on the window. “It’s not locked.” She opened it and tried to climb inside the house.copyright protection27PENANAwEIcezMCSB

“Help me!” Elodie urged Alexis.copyright protection27PENANAbfQk6GWUcm

They almost walked on tiptoe but as Davy did not stay at the downstairs, it was easy to sneak up to the upper floor without notice. The more she got closer to his room, the more her heart skipped a beat. Her friend’s logic was making sense but she wished that Elodie was wrong.copyright protection27PENANAxrCZm6R24x

Elodie gradually turned the doorknob; it was not locked again. Suddenly, she pushed the door open. At that time, Alexis’s heart stopped beating completely. She felt grateful that Elodie came with her instead of going out with Jesse so she would not have to see this scene alone.copyright protection27PENANAKBbsNq1A2T

June and Davy were really together as Elodie suspected, on his bed, under the blanket, arms on arms, both naked. Their clothes scattered around the room. They seemed to have a wild night.copyright protection27PENANAbe92ygIubV

A trophy flew to them and fell on his stomach. No, it was not Alexis’s work but Elodie who shouted and cursed them like crazy, “See! I told you! Dave, you’re such an IDIOT! And you’re WHORE” Their eyes wide opened, awake and alarmed. Alexis was not sure how she felt at that moment, to be angry, jealous, mad, or disappointed. The only thing she could feel was the empty space in her chest as if the heart was not there anymore.copyright protection27PENANARIntIKAzNF

I thought we’re in love.copyright protection27PENANA6xgiZ4I1FL

Two best people in her life betrayed her cruelly. Sometimes the emptiness is the worst level of pain. The scene knocked her speechless.copyright protection27PENANAVRZ5TxlB2w

How can they do this?copyright protection27PENANAxTfVnXFYxs

“Alex, li—li—listen to m—me.” Davy hurriedly wrapped the naked body with the blanket so June had to rush to her clothes trying to cover herself. His beautiful hazel eyes were full of guilty tears. “I—I can explain.” His charming husky voice now turned to hoarse. His mouth was trembling as if he was the criminal and Alexis was the police. His sexy bare chest was painted red by June’s lipstick and interesting bruises that she could imagine how he got them and when she saw the kiss traces on his face, she tried so hard to resist her hands not to throw all the anger on his handsome face.copyright protection27PENANADEZUWZYE1E

Tears gradually flew on two cheeks. Alexis tried not to built waterfalls but the dam was broken. How can they do it? Why does it hurt so much? Alexis thought her life came to the peak and might be better and better until Davy screwed it up.copyright protection27PENANApXvo2oWo0Y

My life is nearly perfect. ‘Nearly’ can't be ‘totally’.copyright protection27PENANAVxSatf88dF

Their eyes met, June’s and Alexis’. No tears, no pleading, no apology, June stood still and slightly avoided her gaze, trying to get dress in the calm manner as if they were inappropriate to intrude to their room. Alexis could not hear anything until Elodie spoke to her ears.copyright protection27PENANAAQjALgAKVB

“Alex! Don’t be sad.” Then she turned her eyes to June and cursed again, “Whore! How can you do it? Both of you!copyright protection27PENANAolyTKBiGZi

“I’m sorry. I—I—I” And Davy spoke as though he got an instant tonged-tie.copyright protection27PENANAFUQx5jMdsZ

She did not understand why and how they got together when June never showed any sign of interest in Davy and never took her eyes on him. June dreamed of a man, not a boy, a man who was mature and perfect. Of course, Davy was hot and handsome but June always said he was a big baby boy.  Yes, he was a boy, shy and untalkative. And Davy, he told her he loved her…, loved like never loved anyone before. They would grow old together, share dream and life. Everything he promised to her from the first day they kissed until the prom night, all had been broken. But of course, June was beautiful…extremely beautiful, the most beautiful…my best…bitch.copyright protection27PENANAT3QdDBtdmo

“You love her? Tell me you love each other and I’ll be out. No, I’m out now.” That was the only thing Alexis could say: asking them, sacrifice her love for their love.copyright protection27PENANAOKJnEtYWaY

“No” Davy assured. This time, his speech did not betray him. “No!”copyright protection27PENANAePS5mYp8bR

His answer triggered the conflict between them. Two cheaters suddenly met their eyes and June glared at him furiously. The first word she split it out was, “What? No?”copyright protection27PENANA85UZixBLLX

“Come on! You know why you’re here.”copyright protection27PENANAaAIUXmoWiy

“And why you have me here?”copyright protection27PENANAUxnMDKK2TW

“Okay, I let you guys smooth out.” Alexis grabbed Elodie’s arm while Davy caught hers.copyright protection27PENANAT11O1jmD57

“I’m sorry. Yeah, I—I did like June before. It was long ago before I love you. And I love you, Alex. I love you, I do.” He gently touched her face to regain her trust. “It’s m-my fault. I hurt…you, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. Please forgive me. Please?”copyright protection27PENANAAgHibFFzBX

Alexis could hear Elodie tried so hard not give June a mocking laugh but she did not feel like winning to be chosen. In contrast, it made her feel wasted. Watching around the room, seeing the kissing traces on his body and their clothes, Alexis wondered how many times they did it behind her back? And he said he didn’t mean it? Excuse me?copyright protection27PENANA7vvvi8f3b8

The thing she did not understand at all was why June committed this action. They were best friends for a long time. Was it because Davy became the star midfield, the key to win High School Soccer Championship, and the newest prom king?copyright protection27PENANAZ4a1TclfPr

But...why did she make this ugly decision when she knew well that he belonged to her best friend? Alexis thought her friend loved her like she did.copyright protection27PENANAmqH4JSJosk

“So June seduced you?” Elodie asked, still stared at her frienemy. They had never been friends even they were in the same pact and both claimed to be Alexis’s best friends.copyright protection27PENANAmzPR570lbb

“Shut up, no one asks your opinion,” June scowled, still frustrated with Davy.copyright protection27PENANAubgEc9QyoG

“It’s my false only. I’m sorry.” He turned to June, “I’m sorry to you too.” But her friend could not accept it.copyright protection27PENANAZK6HOPzxd1

“You’re such a prick. You want me. You spy on me. You kiss me. You sleep with me. And you say you don’t mean to fuck me. Coward!”copyright protection27PENANASABIrHQs21

Like another big knife stabbed deeply at her heart, Alexis gave the demanding look to her boyfriend.copyright protection27PENANADwcTbp32Xr

“Yes, it’s just my curiosity, my fault. I’m just a man! I know you use me just to revenge on Alex. Yes, I’m stupid. I’m selfish.” Davy confessed.copyright protection27PENANAIWcPD1EdzS

“Wait. Why you have to revenge on me?” Alexis blurted out. This was new to her. “Why June? What happened to us?” The hand that carried the souvenirs shook helplessly due to the anger.copyright protection27PENANAersQ9UyZmA

Alexis locked her eyes with June’s beautiful greens, there were tears in them. It was the first time the girl realized that she had never understood her friend.copyright protection27PENANA0Z7dTjCWlz

“The bitch’s jealous of you.” It was Elodie who answered that question.copyright protection27PENANAo4vAT9Byma

“Jealous of me?” Alexis hardly believed when the girl in front of her possessed the natural beauty and financial prosperity without effort.copyright protection27PENANAqBCSsMM0L8

“Of course not!” June’s opposed. “Alex, you separate yourself from me. You choose that bitch! Your family loves that bitch more than me! You’re not my friend anymore.”copyright protection27PENANAAM8I021CYn

“I don’t choose my friends. You’re both my best friends. I love both of you. Why don’t you talk to me? Why? Did I do any other thing wrong to you?” Alexis asked but it seemed like shouting. “Because I won that plastic prom crown, is it? Tell me!copyright protection27PENANAcnrIXkRzTd

“Oh, forget it! It’s not that plastic crown. You left me and you take everything!” She scolded in return.copyright protection27PENANAKjPmch8YiU

I’ve never left you!” Alexis threw the perfume bottle on Davy’s bed. “That’s your wishlist, is it? Tell me June, what did I take from you? This is how you revenge me? By sleeping with him? This is how you try to reclaim what I stole you? Say it!copyright protection27PENANA7THgBHiCjh

“Don’t force for more. She’s jealous. The bitch should not blame you but her slutty arrogance,” Elodie interrupted the heat conversation between Alexis and June. But it maximized June’s rage. As the former Basketball player, Alexis grabbed the glass of jar, that was flown to Elodie’s direction in time. Elodie’s head was saved.copyright protection27PENANAZwEreCM5cF

“Shut the fuck up, big mouth!”copyright protection27PENANAjWY9jaqs9I

“Thanks for your skill, Alex,” said the girl behind her. “She’s mad. Just a toy for your boyfriend.”copyright protection27PENANAmhC4xdLPQ5

“Not a toy!” Alexis unintentionally corrected Elodie’s word. “He’s not my boyfriend anymore,” The girl concluded.copyright protection27PENANA6QBLhPn3Vz

Davy moved closer trying to beg for forgiveness.copyright protection27PENANAJewIoPTOi2

“You know what she thinks?” The one who had been cheated asked the boy while left the jar on the floor. He nodded. “And you still sleep with her instead of telling me?”copyright protection27PENANAxEj9JQnuGd

“Alex…it’s just sex,” Davy gave the excuse and it was the bad one.copyright protection27PENANAAM4byl1VpW

“Can I say that when I sleep with other boys?” she hit back.copyright protection27PENANAv9b1RzRKo9

After a short analysis through the fact that he knew how June thought of her but still jumped into the trap, Alexis found the answer. It was not the trap but his own insufficiently sexual greed. The fact that he knew June was her friend, instead of remaining faithfulness, he took the knife and decided to help June stabbing the girl he declared his love to. It was about sex only that he wanted to say. Yes, Alexis agreed with that but it was not the acceptable excuse.copyright protection27PENANAMWO66xXt2D

It did not make her feel better at all. I should believe what adults say! Davy who was standing facing her at this moment was not the Davy she loved, not the one that she sacrificed her innocence for.copyright protection27PENANAHCqLNY7OUx

Alexis did not want to hear anything so she threw the other souvenirs to his face. “I bought them for both of you. Check it. Have to go.”copyright protection27PENANALqGWsxvkhU

Davy was blocking their way.copyright protection27PENANAt4QibWQ9qS

“Please, we can fix it,” he begged.copyright protection27PENANAM7udTic077

“Get dress.” She told him, “Don’t waste more time, Jesse and Charlie are waiting for us. I don’t want to ruin Charlie’s day. Please excuse me, Mr. Montes.”copyright protection27PENANAxSxeP0Llk3

His tears dropped but they could not move her mind. The mascara on her eyelashes might ruin her face enough. Davy knew he could not fix their relationship. The coldness Alexis gave him made him backed away.copyright protection27PENANAfO856j1Xsr

Their relationship had come to the end.copyright protection27PENANAPfzkssCFtK

**********copyright protection27PENANAM1Ckfrk0MF

Her view towards the town changed. The day was not as bright as she had seen it. Alexis had not noticed the clouds before going out.copyright protection27PENANA42tc7Av9xY

“How long did you suspect them?” She asked Elodie. They were walking, with their bikes along with their side.copyright protection27PENANABndbHGDkl7

“A month, after the soccer team won. I should tell you earlier but…I’m sorry. Hardly believe he joined her doom.”copyright protection27PENANA488Gsn8NoV

“No need to say that. It’s not your fault.”copyright protection27PENANAssXVE5wae4

Alexis tried not to look back at Davy’s house. Jesse and Elodie were right. She had no clue at all, especially for June. Over-positive, over-trusting, she was. It was too late to pull out the knife. This knife was sharp and she would run out of blood.copyright protection27PENANA8Qrm183Fsp

“He’s fool,” Elodie said.copyright protection27PENANAMxxUd0imNG

“He’s not. I am.”copyright protection27PENANAif8fbMkIXz

Alexis laughed to herself but the laughter sounded mad rather than funny. “You know? I even imagined my wedding dress and a flower crown. I’ve never thought I’m so daydreaming and stupid.”copyright protection27PENANAM5pdsrmw6P

Elodie shook her head. “You’re not. I used to dream of me and Jesse too.”copyright protection27PENANAVSmtMAu4Wi

Everything turned upside down within an hour. The short period of time that Alexis learned the truth and it cost two important persons in her life.31Please respect copyright.PENANApeJPscgPIm
copyright protection27PENANALeyTuJGPsD

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