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    Hello all! I'm a Brazilian guy who loves fantasy and science fiction. Since other sites are not being satisfactory to me, I wanted to give Penana a try. I hope it all goes fine! My great intent is to create a fantasy world, a whole world, through long and short stories about different people in different places and times. I want to post in English and in Portuguese, my native language, and if you find some grammar mistake, please tell me. I am also an 'artist' so I make my own covers. Soon I hope to have a cool portfolio.
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In Engoru's savanna, the three tribes of the benti — beings that look like huge non-flying birds — live in a constant war, fighting for territory and food. After uncountable decades of losses, the smallest tribe, the gasami, met the zivar - humans - and found that an alliance could be the key to their survival.  
But only the more capable warriors are chosen to represent this pact, fighting with the benti their bloody battles. They are selected trough dangerous tests, races that cross hostile places and bring up the best and the worst that the humans can offer. The few accepted ones are the respected benti-zai, the benti riders.

Taisa, a 13 year old zivar girl, has an ill mother whose cure depends on a rare flower, a flower that grows only in special places. It is said that the sawari, the gasami's wild cousins and also their mortal enemies, have one of these places in their domains... the Sky Nest. 

Counting with the help of Gawa, an old gasami that is either friend and mount, Taisa intends to be a benti-zai and fight for the ownership of the Sky Nest, becoming one more piece in the war that devastates the benti since immemorial times. 

Hello all! I would like to say some things before we start. 

*I've posted this story in some other sites, but I think here I may get some better feedback. Please give me your thoughts about the story, in any sense you wish. 

* I'm Brazilian and my first language is Portuguese. Please take that in consideration if you see any mistake, and please report it to me.

* I hope to update a new chapter every week. The first act of story is practically written, and is supposed to have 13 chapters. 

*I also hope to be able to make periodical revisions.  

* Comments, critics, corrections and stars are very appreciated. You can also directly message me if you like. 

* Thanks : )