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Last Calls and Convenience Stores
Co-Writer seiko_usui*
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Last Calls and Convenience Stores
Alcoholic Eulogy
May 17, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gD5lP4LS5ZNuWEPeQfM8posted on PENANA

(written with J.R.P.M)31Please respect copyright.PENANAiIQUYWUsyP
31Please respect copyright.PENANAwQqi52jEUl
copyright protection27PENANA6ro4LxhmhM

The four of us arrived at Danny's interment halfway through the ceremony, as he was still in the process of burying himself.copyright protection27PENANA3xq8TfdE8i

For some reason, we all know this guy and we hated him to a certain degree. And yet we are still here watching him die and why is this even worth our time? copyright protection27PENANAEWNBADPqSC

We don't fucking know.copyright protection27PENANAyY3X3PvkcM

He wasn't a hero or anything, he wasn't a nice man either. Not even noble enough to at least be a Judas. He's just a man by the bar with sad eyes that we all tried to impress a few times and got free drinks from. He ran out of money and wit, and I guess that's how he earned his friends because when that day came everybody left. He was like a party in the Sunset Strip and he was finished like a trashed rockstar picking up pennies in the beer-soaked couch wondering where the fuck everyone went. He just became a red cup without even beer in it.  copyright protection27PENANA7fkxneNATV

And so there he sat, that empty red cup, at the end of the bar counter day in and day out, waiting for someone to throw him out. But that day never came.copyright protection27PENANATyRH9skYSd

Now a bottle makes for a very poor casket, but desperation makes for many unsettling decisions. Danny climbed in one Sunday evening and refused to come out. And this was a shame unto itself, because the bottle was a very good one, and would've made for a fine display on the wall if not for Danny.copyright protection27PENANABrbFofuTzH

Those colored bottles were items of our fancy when we were kids. We all thought we could be all different kinds of cool in every bottle. But then again, meeting Danny just transformed it into different ways to fuck ourselves over. Take your pick, finally the words "what's your poison?" made sense. You are basically being asked on what's your preferred choice or way to get fucked and you can stay like that for as long as you wish. And that while Sid Vicious was an icon, this misplaced person was not even close even though he is older and better educated than Sid. He didn't even love anyone, meanwhile, Sid had Nancy.  copyright protection27PENANAGHW1ekf2V9

There wasn't even anyone there to defend him on how lovely he could be despite the disaster that awaits in every bottle.  A few women had tried to love him and yet no angel can even save him from himself. And so there's the demon just beside us, having his own fun.copyright protection27PENANAXOHPwQhQPa

And so that was Danny. Traitors and tequilas, sangrias and the Sex Pistols. He was a wandering mess smattered with confusing transitions and alcohol-fueled rambling, much like this narrative. But that was Danny, and at the very least, we could do him this small justice - a forgotten eulogy he will never be sober enough to appreciate. With a final glug, he drowned himself in his old sins, and the four of us covered his memory over one last time, in a soggy pile of dirt.  copyright protection27PENANA3rBf60uBU4

Pretty Vacant as we all are, we just watched him, lit our cigarettes and went our separate ways only to be found in the same pub to talk about this wasted bastard in the next times to come. copyright protection27PENANAiBLeC0yS2t

We'll have our colored glasses and bottles, but it's not for a funeral for sure.copyright protection27PENANA10iIQPz7Fo

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