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Time Machine Angel
Writer seiko_usui
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Time Machine Angel
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Irvine: An Episode
May 17, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bEKys2V4uZHffNxqJ79Sposted on PENANA

As absurd as it may sound, I find myself walking down the back alley of the famous Cubao strip on a rainy afternoon looking for jewelry stores. I have been inside two malls, and yet I couldn't find anything that may fit Alex's finger perfectly.copyright protection19PENANAjxXnQaSnue

Fingers. Her lovely fingers. I've always loved the way she moves them in the air. They were graceful. Those long slender fingers that calmed me down for countless nights, those fingers that lit my cigarette and those long fingers that touch her lips every time she waits for me to say something. Those colored nails that sink into my skin when she wants more. copyright protection19PENANAmFT7el99pE

I have to put the best ring I could ever find on one of those fingers. Something emerald or topaz, even though her birthstone is diamond. She always thought that it was a dull birthstone. I always thought otherwise. Diamonds are forever, Shirley Bassey said. I think it has something to do with its resilience, it's too good to be true glimmer and purity. I've always wished I was a diamond baby. I think it is an honor to be associated with the idea of being resilient, headstrong and pure. And diamonds are a girl's best friend. Had I been born on a fair day in April, a diamond baby, my pick up lines could've been solid gold.copyright protection19PENANA97UoUsPEAZ

Diamonds are Forever, the last James Bond film that starred Sean Connery. copyright protection19PENANAxTwuhmE9J8

Summer rains are hard to come by in this part of the country. And if it does, a strange mixture of humidity, deadly heat and pollution engulfs the whole city. It can be unbearable for first-timers. It takes a matter of getting used to. I ran towards an abandoned building for cover. It is probably the only abandoned building on this commercial street, and there is always beauty in decrepit things in the middle of bustling metropolitan skylines. It's like finding a rusty stone in a crown. copyright protection19PENANAo6Ohd2Dnc3

I reached for a cigarette and watched people open their umbrellas while the sunlight battles it out with the rain. A side of the road glimmered in dirty gold, another light brushed my head. copyright protection19PENANA2laWJ5ozJY

One cigarette later, the rain finally got tired and my search for the ring is over for the day. copyright protection19PENANAygS4L9qpja

16:50 on the clock. It's time for the weekend beer. copyright protection19PENANAxHhmZvoCTA

I walked towards the only pub I know in the area. A lady I used to know talked about it the whole time years ago.copyright protection19PENANAFVWPRFVgeE

"There is a time capsule in the heart of the city. It's a small place, people often miss it. But when you stay there it's like being in a different time and place. I miss that. It's one of the few places where I feel right. It's a universal cliche, but we all need to look for places where we can belong, even for a short bit. Even if it's shorter than a breath. Otherwise, we'll be losing our minds. What's the use of having to deal and live a life you don't even want to begin with?"copyright protection19PENANAeMV6RGgi6z

I can still remember how she grinned and took the small white cup to her lips, staining it with her red lipstick. I envied coffee mugs and beer bottles that graced her lips. I nearly lost it when she took a fine glass of red to her lips, with a lit cigarette in between her fingers. copyright protection19PENANAsEhK0gfoT8

As amusing as I recall now, it was that time I had the most embarrassing erection ever. Sitting in front of her, her cat-like eyes stabbing me raw as she took that glass to her lips, she knew how to take me alive and yet I let her to anyway.copyright protection19PENANAZy4VoVBjcQ

"What can I get you, sir?" a young waiter asked as he walked me to the bar. I tried remembering her photo that was taken from this same place years ago. Silly me guessed where she seated and settled there. copyright protection19PENANAYqDUxuBNMH

"Rum and Coke" I replied as I lit another cigarette. It would've been wonderful to have been here, sitting beside her in this place where she belongs. copyright protection19PENANAnflFZlWfKP

It's not like I belong in here either. From the opposite bar, I can hear "Paradise City" by Guns n' Roses. I was a bit too young to even know the band or at least know their other songs aside from "Sweet Child of Mine". Alex got curious once after hearing it at an office party and we both decided to look it up. copyright protection19PENANAoKnsGMoh6A

Meanwhile, that lady would probably know this song easy. Every riff and corner, every note and lyric. She would sing it as if it were 1989. I can see her now just beside me, swinging a bottle of beer, moving on the edge of her seat as she sings every line.copyright protection19PENANA750LZyfAm2

Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty,copyright protection19PENANAiKhDphZlwK

Oh won't you please take me home?copyright protection19PENANAaUuymalLsr

Shivers started running down my spine. Inside my mind, I was taken by moving pictures of her on bad rewind while the sound of her voice echoed as if it was coming from a broken record.copyright protection19PENANAlzxmkwUA7g

I froze as the humid air turned into some sort of force about to take me someplace else. My heart was racing and for some reason, there was no turning back.copyright protection19PENANACq1U4qb3MH

Her sultry lips, her cat-like eyes, her roaring laughter and even her scent of perfume-laced tobaccos filled me in and it was always dangerous for me to be in this kind of trance. copyright protection19PENANAOXBivYtRJV

Thinking of her, going into her time capsule now appeared to be a bad mistake. All of a sudden this unsuspecting bar located in a back alley of a commercial strip became some sort of my Pandora's box. copyright protection19PENANAj5vQrQnlqv

My mind can't stop. Her images kept on flashing everywhere as one old song played after another. It was already getting harder to breathe.copyright protection19PENANAC3VDXZ483Q

"Sir?"copyright protection19PENANAQRNrajqDaa

I shook my head and found the young waiter standing beside me, cleaning up the ash of my cigarette that missed the ashtray.copyright protection19PENANAyuf3kGTH2j

"One more round sir?" he asked.copyright protection19PENANAdFn8jk8ntb

I nodded as I reached for another cigarette. 17:40 on the clock. Paradise City was all gone so long ago. The afternoon sun had already sucked the concrete pavements dry and here I was afloat for a while, haunted by my very own mind, haunted by every inch of her. copyright protection19PENANAej32LdlbQw

Bruce Springsteen took over the speakers. Dancing in the Dark. I'm surprised that I know this much from a period I wasn't even born in.copyright protection19PENANAlo0Brkhl2k

Staring at the fresh glass of rum and coke, I wondered how a topaz ring would look on Alex's finger. How she would look like in a clean white dress.copyright protection19PENANAFfZ2oimwGP

But then again, it's all but an attempt to keep me from thinking of someone else.copyright protection19PENANAHV8KXTYi5O

17:40. I guess it's going to be a long night.copyright protection19PENANAOrcP2E9k0c

My time machine angel, forgive me if I haven't thought of you as much as I used to.copyright protection19PENANAFFsEHQX4mE

How have you been?copyright protection19PENANAT4z2PwWNP1

And more importantly, where have you gone?copyright protection19PENANABDtOtwtCQt

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