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Within A Grey Twilight
Writer EndlessMidnightMoon
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Within A Grey Twilight
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May 17, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!vLLDKqp7e0foEgPD1cceposted on PENANA

She could no longer see a future for herself. Not one which she could entertain any longer. She set down the last letter she received from afar. The last one which she will want to read regarding his fate.copyright protection7PENANA3AQmeQBYTV

She doesn’t say a word to her servant, Ayame when they meet. The woman was in her prime, with black hair and dark eyes. Dressed in a simple kimono, but nonetheless she was described as a figure of much mysteries.copyright protection7PENANA5oGQ2rhryv

“Master, what does it say?” She inquired. A soft question, one where it suggested that she harbored no hopes for anything good. And it was wise to do so, as anyone could be overhearing their conversation.copyright protection7PENANAsOU65JK6VW

It could spoil everything. Which by all means, Seika no longer wished it to be so. Besides, if this also failed. Then, all her labor was in naught.copyright protection7PENANAkZxblL1XKV

So, there can be no mistakes. She will have to cover all the leads up, to prevent them from becoming far too disgraced. Not for honor, she swore that honor was simply nothing but principles others made up to justify their actions.copyright protection7PENANATPjAGm1XOA

She doesn’t answer. The woman lifts her own head up, to look at her. “You aren’t going to try and escape, if that’s the way you’re looking at things.”copyright protection7PENANAsgommt66A2

Expected of her to do so, or another more dignified choice was the death of her own children and hers. She was too tired of this world, which took an endless number of things from her. Tired that every scrap of happiness she had was fought with pain, and acceptance that it was just how things were.copyright protection7PENANA3V1A6nm8k6

Besides, what this country demanded of her was something she could not being herself to do. Kill her children.copyright protection7PENANA3eWnOCJQAy

“But that doesn’t mean that I will simply bring them along with me.” Seika looked to her servant, as she stared at the woman. She kept her own sleeve, and looked at her hands. The ring that she held on for so long, ever since she was a child.copyright protection7PENANAq3OPqbjwiT

“Guess it is simply so.” Ayame looked at it. “After all, you cannot be held to do something as heinous as this. When they have not even made their decision.”copyright protection7PENANAymOAXVXj3i

That was right, not all aspired to vengeance. Many did, but not all will.copyright protection7PENANAq7wmulZebA

Besides, who in their right mind could demand a mother who truly loved their children to kill them for the sake of dignity. She will rather throw that dignity away and have them live.copyright protection7PENANAMCDBs3NLA6

“Look for Kazuya, I have something to pass to him.” She took it off a signet ring from her ring finger. After all, she will have no more use for it.copyright protection7PENANAF9suJpqHJu

Kazuya came quickly inside. Perhaps he eavesdropped this conversation, but to Seika it mattered little. This was the one thing which could help him.copyright protection7PENANAZ9Bww5Swk4

And someone followed him, her youngest child. The last one she bore. A girl with black hair much like her father, but inherited much of her looks. And her name was Sumiyo. She looked at the girl, with a look of disapproval.copyright protection7PENANA67HJJ9NwVn

But somehow those eyes saw right into her, knowing that nothing was ever being done. As for Kazuya, her son was seeing the ring.copyright protection7PENANACAw55gvvXe

“Come closer.” She asked that of her boy, still shorter than she was. But in a few years time, he will grow far taller than anyone. Passing him the small ring was the last act she intends to do.copyright protection7PENANAZWoAtVGlr1

There was no room for a farewell, lest he figure it out. Or perhaps he already did, given his reluctance to accept it. But she took his hand and gave it to him.copyright protection7PENANAqy87hSg5ob

He looked at the ring. With a signet that he will never really understand the true weight of it.copyright protection7PENANAs1MZ6SfBnc

“Take care of it.” She couldn’t bring herself to smile. Not anymore. And that it was the one thing which will be of help to him from now on.copyright protection7PENANAQn9fYDaFZC

Kazuya examined the ring carefully, while she looked at Ayame. No words were spoken, but she was a woman who served her for a long time. She knew what her next orders were. What she was going to do.copyright protection7PENANAGpaPwrHMx6

The woman looked at Kazuya, not back at her. Ayame came closer to her daughter. The girl looked up to her. She lets Ayame hold her hand. While Kazuya who has long stopped looking at the ring looks at Ayame. She looks at him, for a brief moment.copyright protection7PENANAYZ8LZfDeQ1

“Follow me.” She doesn’t say anything to placate their fears. Sumiyo looked back at her but continued to follow Ayame.copyright protection7PENANArHpBWne62d

Kazuya remained in the same position.copyright protection7PENANAIJCTz8khVR

“Go with her… I’ll join you later.”copyright protection7PENANAoURwFRLj5C

At her assurance, he left too following the woman as it was. Behind the door revealed her second daughter who didn’t appear, but it seemed that she too was curious.copyright protection7PENANAlxjK8g7nna

When they were too far gone, when the candle light went out. She took another to light again, but this time she took it with her.copyright protection7PENANAA6UdZtmkLh

And let it fall to the ground, before she slit her throat. Dying by fire was painful, and took far too long. But she simply wanted to die quickly, with no hope that someone will save her.copyright protection7PENANAc9c4FSVrb1

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